No more heartburn thanks to carnivore…

  1. I had the same experience! We were really doing more of a meat heavy, no veggie Keto and almost totally cut out soda, but I was able to stop daily omeprazole.

  2. This how it feels to return to a way of eating which we are supposed to follow as humans. After a life of feeding your body the wrong stuff, i Had the same experience with heartburn even Had to take medication because of it in my early 20s. Its completely gone since i started carnivore 5 years ago, and it only returns for brief moments when i cheat a lot. Your Body Always tells you the truth. Best of luck for your other issues!

  3. My carnivore friend said its not so much constipation as a meat only diet does not leave anything behind to poop out after it uses all the fat, protein, and vitamins, etc i have stopped pooping once a day and now poop only every other day maybe (I've only been strict carnivore for 1 week but previously keto)

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