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  1. I wouldn’t quit your ADs at the same time as starting this. Your body will have enough issues trying to adjust to just meat without the addition of no ADs.

  2. I actually been reducing the dose for a month now and I doing keto at the same time. The surprising thing is that I don’t feel depressed I just feel lethargic.

  3. I found that adding more fat helped, specifially adding some butter to my ground beef or steak. After a week it started getting better. I never used to drink caffeine or take any other meds but for what its worth it might be worth staggering those so you don't go cold turkey on everything at the same time.

  4. I actually eliminated dairy and I fry eggs using lamb tallow. I think quitting coffee is the reason why I feel lethargic

  5. I was on them for almost 6 months and I spoke to him about the diet and he just dismissed the claims. anyway I was ketogenic for almost a month before that and reduced my dose. I remember feeling shitty and depressed again but it wasn’t as bad as before

  6. It sounds like a lot is changing quickly. Maybe try one thing at a time. Maybe stay on AD for a while longer. Same thing with coffee.. Quitting coffee can fuck you up, anyone who says different either hasn't tried or is lucky. If I were you, I'd stick to meat only with coffee and AD. Then, after a few more weeks, decide if you want to get ride of those things. Remember: it took your body a long while to get out of sorts... and it will take it a while to get back. Yes results are quick, but not 1 week quick.

  7. I think quieting coffee is the reason for the fatigue not quitting the antidepressants. I’ll try for a month if it didn’t work I’ll go back to taking antidepressants

  8. Try too pump up the fat, usually is 2:1 ratio. And watch the electrolits. Don't be scarce with the salt

  9. make sure you're getting enough electrolytes... magnesium, potassium , sodium , etc...use pink salt on the food & watch your water intake ... to much will wash all the electrolytes out of your system

  10. Saw an advice to increase the protein amount. And also that the easiest way to test this was buy variations of groundbeef with 70-75/30-25 and 80/20 ratios and alternate between 2-4 days and examine if theirs a difference between the variants and your energy levels.If it does comes out to be a protein defiency then eggs seem to be your best friend.That said also read due to cutting carbs completely out you kinda get a "disease" keto flu but it probably would go away in 2-4 weeks as your body gets used to its new diet.

  11. I was on a ketogenic diet for almost a month when I transition to it that didn’t happen to me and regarding eggs I eat plenty of them properly 8-10 eggs a day. It could be the fat thou. The problem is that I feel satiated from all that and I only eat once probably twice a day.

  12. For what it's worth, I've been doing the carnivore diet for 6 months and still drink lots of coffee every day - even right before bed!! I wouldn't dream of giving it up and yet I still noticed an improvement in my sleep quality once I switched to carnivore from keto. I go SO DEEP when I sleep - like a baby polar bear who is hibernating. I think the diet causes the body to increase the generation of melatonin. But it does take some time for this to happen. I think I didn't notice this change until week 3 or 4. So hang in there and keep it up. Just don't feel like you have to quit coffee though. To me that's more radical than this diet! Haha.. All the best to you.

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