Just Starting,

  1. Well, as a guy who started about 70 days ago, at a huge 358lbs. I’m now hovering around 312-314 and most of the time I only eat meat. My BP is back to normal, my skin condition (eczema) is all but gone, I’m sleeping much better, haven’t had a migraine in months, I have tons of energy now, and my ravenous food angry has all but disappeared.

  2. Best tip I can give (I’m a week into carnivore) is to go on Instagram (if you have an account) and follow the hashtags #carnivorediet #thecarnivorediet and you’ll see what other people eat on a daily basis. It’s hard to get creative in this but there’s definitely meat inspiration in those hashtags.

  3. Hi - I've been doing this diet for 6 months now. If you're just starting out, I do have a few suggestions. If you're coming from the "standard" way of eating, I would actually recommend to slowly reduce your carb intake. Give your body a week to adjust before going zero carb. Your body is basically switching fuel sources and if you switch too abruptly, I have heard from others who did this that they experienced intestinal distress. So once you feel you are acclimated to low carb, then cut out all plants and go basically zero carb.

  4. Same here.Shopped yesterday and kinda started with weird breakfast.A tuna egg omelet fried with tallow.Still suprised of how full I felt after what I considered was a snack.

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