Blood work results and cholesterol. Should I be worried? Please help.

  1. Blood sugar levels and insulin resistance are about 589 times more important than cholesterol when worrying about chronic diseases.

  2. Its true. I have seen it my own eyes when a guy with diabetes ate a lot of sugar got some weird bumps around the face. It looked very awful.

  3. No, your triglycerides and HDL is amazing. What's your hA1C? If you're worried about your LDL, you should find a clinic that can check your level of oxidised and glycated LDL vs intact and uncompromised LDL. But considering you're carnivore a raised LDL isn't surprising, and is most likely composed of good LDL.

  4. You should check out Dr. Paul Masons presentation on 'High, cholesterol on a ketogenic diet(plus do statins work?)'.(you can find it on the YouTube channel low carb down under) It's extremely enlightening on the subject of LDL and HDL, and why LDL might be good or bad depending on your diet. Long story short; your LDL is fine, and don't take the statins

  5. Those numbers are very similar to mine. Out of caution I went for a CAC test (coronary artery calcium) and got the results..a big fat 0! You could do the same and assuming you get similar results, show them to your doctor and hopefully that will convince him/her not to put you on a statin.

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