Has anyone considered dropping a not shit speaker in a shoebox?

  1. I'm honestly tempted to drop in a newer, better speaker first and if that doesn't solve it THEN I'm gonna play electrical engineer. On the upside, the headphones out sounds pretty good, so if I need to drop a new amp in, I'll add a stereo one as well as a stereo head. For sure tho, mods for now are gonna be

  2. And the mech. And the cavity that the speaker is installed in. But yeah, as a project it could be fun just to modify it as much as possible until either it sounds better than a typical shoebox or you hit a wall.

  3. Do it. A: it’s a fun hack. B: if it helps, you’ve just vastly improved the fidelity. I’ve upgraded speakers on cheap solid state guitar amps and have been pleasantly surprised at how much fuller they sound after losing the stock speaker.

  4. Truly, seeing as there's always a few floating arround the local thrifts and pawns, and I've already got my Walkman anyway... just need to find one of thr proper amperage/wattage so I don't blow it or the circuit

  5. Look at old school (literally, for classrooms) players. They were built to take abuse. Their chassis would give you more room for a circuit board big enough to work on. You'd want room for a larger speaker with the interior space for decent throw to get a bit of bass. I don't know, just an idea.

  6. i tried dropping in a better speaker in my modified Sony TCM-818 but there's so much you can do. Oftentimes the amplifier circuit can also be a bottleneck. But I'd give it a go. It will still improve audio quality considerably

  7. I understand you guys are into cassette tapes but why do people buy these kind of units? These were never really intended for music listening. This thing was for recording meetings and doctors notes and shit.

  8. While you're in there you may as well replace the crappy audio circuits. And the terrible tanashin mechanism. You know what, just don't buy a shoebox if you want anything that even remotely resembles quality. There is nothing in them that you can upgrade without having to rebuild the entire machine.

  9. Why try to polish a turd? At best, you'll end up with a mono, limited frequency range player with wow and flutter that you're not going to want to listen to.

  10. I have always liked shoebox players because I think they look cool. But from a technical perspective, here's why these units aren't great. First, most of them were inexpensive when they were new. So you gotta figure the transports are not great quality in most of them. But the main thing and like others have mentioned here, they were made for voice recording and playback. Most of these units had a frequency response of like 100k to 15000k which means that you aren't going to hear any bass frequencies below 100k. So your missing out on a lot of musical information. Even if you replace the speaker, you still will not get good performance for music...

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