Help! we're moving and the cat is pregnant.

  1. Context: this sweet baby walked into our lives. We took her to the vet. She doesn't have a chip and no one has responded to found cat posters. We would like to keep her. We think she is pregnant and we are moving across the country in 3 weeks. The hotel and Airbnb we're staying in for the first month will allow cats but I feel like they probably will not allow for her to give birth there. I would like to keep her. Is there a way for us to have her give birth somewhere else and adopt her after? Or and organization that can help us in the meantime? I'm at a loss and I don't want to lose her.

  2. Cats don’t make any huge mess when they give birth. Won’t harm the hotel or rental at all. Get mama a large cardboard box, line it with a soft blanket and she will do the rest.

  3. Simple solution. Don't tell them she's expecting. How are they going to know, unless they're pressed up against your door listening in.

  4. You could try contacting some rescues and shelters near you, but most of them are overflowing right now and I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for that

  5. How would anyone know about the kittens? They're so tiny for the first couple months. They stay very low on the floor, they wouldn't be up in any windows. Your secret is safe with us. Shhhhhh.....

  6. So...she's a stray. You don't know her history. You can't "permit" birth, so their preference is irrelevant. No matter the species, babies are just going to be born whenever they are going to be born. Make sure that you have birthing supplies before you leave. I would sugggest an under bed type plastic storage bin so fluids wouldn't damage carpet, some cheap towels, fleece, or pee pads. Also, maybe some kitten formula and bottles just in case Mama doesn't produce enough milk or you have a runt who needs some help. And maybe a larger carrier so she has options. You don't want to have to figure out where to source everything right in the middle of your move. Good luck.

  7. I think all you can do is research. Find rescue organizations in Tampa, look on facebook or instagram, call around. Some people may not be able to help you at all, some might know the right person to call though.

  8. I follow a guy on Instagram in tampa who does cat rescue. After the kittens are old enough I bet he will help you rehome them. Catmanchrispoole

  9. If it's not too late in the pregnancy, you can still potential have her spayed. I'd definitely see a vet to determine if/how far along she is.

  10. if she is due a month later i don't think it will be an issue spaying her (spay+ abort). poor girl has probably already given birth several times being on the streets. there are two many feral kitties already, and adoptable ones. there might be animal shelters in Tampa who will agree to keep her at a cost.

  11. The people at the Airbnb won’t even know that your cat gave birth I. The place if you don’t tell them. Just put a box with towels in it, then put it in a quiet place for her. Done and done!!

  12. Don’t tell them! I am a momcat foster, and usually, the mother will birth them totally okay by herself. However, do some research and get some supplies just to be prepared! The experience is magical, and I would highly recommend it. It sounds weird, but it truly is beautiful and an amazing memory. Seeing the way your girlie can take care of her babies is sweet. Usually they don’t start “showing” until 5-6 weeks in my experience, unless she’s expecting a giant litter, lol. You can adopt out her babies through your local shelter, or even sell them, or keep a couple! Best of luck. If you ever need help/advice with her, my PMs are always open and I’d love to hear from you. We’re rooting for you and that sweet mama!

  13. Practically speaking, they won’t be able to stop her from having her babies if she goes into labor in their Airbnb. If they allow cats then they might end up with this occurring.

  14. If you mention in which country and city/state you are, a redditor here might help you to either foster the cat and her kittens and/or give the name of an organization that can help. With the limited information you have provided, there's nothing much we can do.

  15. Please get her an abort spay asap. It is the best option for her, your situation, and the thousands of unwanted cats that are already in this world. I’ve seen abort spays and cats and dogs. Honestly, for a cat I think our charge is only $30-50 more dollars than a regular spay, the same as if they were in heat. A low cost clinic or shelter might not even charge you more.

  16. Depending on how far along she is, you could consider getting her spayed while she is pregnant. We did it for our cat since she came to us pregnant too but wasn't very far along. We chose to get her an abortion since we couldn't take care of her kittens and we didn't want to end up giving them to a shelter where they might never be adopted. She is now healthy, happy and kitten free!

  17. I am in Central Florida, and unfortunately this is kitten season. A local county volunteer organization recently posted that they have TNRd almost 600 cats since January and that the kitten population is exploding all over. My kid and his gf fostered 3 kittens to be socialized that have been adopted, and just got two more tiny angels this week. Anything that can be done to help the sweet mom before you bring her here would be best

  18. Maybe reach out to the Airbnb owner. If they will allow one cat, then they might be reasonable in allowing kittens being birthed there as long as you assume responsibility for cleanup etc.

  19. Hi, jumping on as a native Tampa resident who regularly deals with strays and rescue organizations. Please get her spayed, tomorrow. Pregnant spays are very possible and most places will do them even up to quite late in gestational. I assure you that Tampa is, and has been, OVERFLOWING with cats and there are simply no fosters or rescues that aren’t overcrowded. We are full.

  20. Yes a pregnant spay may be the most humane option if there's not already a plan for where the kittens will end up.

  21. Good animal husbandry requires that you have her spayed tomorrow. It may seem harsh but it is ultimately the best.😞

  22. Please please please consider doing a spay-abort! As a kitten foster mama, this kitten season has been hell. I’ve had a feral mama I trapped get a spay-abort and she was fine. There are too many cats and kittens waiting for homes already, I promise you this is a safe and good option for this baby

  23. Edit: Also find rescues in Florida who could foster while you get settled. Lots of wonderful rescues on Instagram. Get in contact with them.

  24. Honestly it is the best option, there are millions of kittens already born and waiting for homes. I've spayed pregnant cats, they don't know any different and go on having healthy lives , without the burden of pregnancy, heat, increased risk of mammary cancer and pyometra.

  25. Pregnant spay is the best option. I know people don't always like the idea of it, but there are so many kittens struggling outdoors and dying/getting put down daily—75% of homeless kittens die before they're 6 months old. Rescues have limited resources, and pregnant spays can increase the % of kittens who get help.

  26. Possibly just shorten the time at the air bnb? Start looking for an apartment immediately. Your landlord doesn't need to know she's pregnant. Do you have any family in either location that can help??

  27. Or maybe place an ad at the local Craigslist/fb market place or similar that you need a place to stay from then till then and explain the situation. Lots of people rent out their apartments or spare rooms when they are away or the old lease overlaps with the new one. Or maybe look for other Airbnbs and reach out to the owners. I mean even if chances are low maybe some person has a heart for cats and is willing to help you out with it. Maybe worth a try

  28. It will be fine. I would just make sure you have it’s bed set up etc in the new place before you take your cat, that way she has something familiar straight away.

  29. You’re moving to Florida? A pregnant cat in a hotel is not the worst thing that’s happened in that hotel room. You likely have nothing to worry about. Plus Florida is ridiculously red and prolife; especially the Tampa area /s but not really. You’ll be fine

  30. If you’re moving then honestly my best recommendation would be to invest in a larger dog crate, line it comfortably with lots of towels & blankets & get her used to going in it. Cover the top with a blanket & make it feel secluded, when the time comes to have the babies she can have them in the crate. It’s not very messy when cats have babies though so you could suffice with a box or something as well

  31. You can do this! Mama picked you she looks so happy, and moving her into a foster might actually upset her. Mama helps them go to the bathroom for almost 4 weeks. I’ve litter box trained all my kittens starting at 3 weeks. It takes a few days not more than a week. I use a cat tent, waterproof mats or even a tarp under the tent, and a kitten litter box. Cats naturally want to bury their poop, they are cleaner than puppies if that what you are worried about. Feel free to message me with any more questions.

  32. I never had a cat with kittens but you might want a “pet portable foldable playpen” or something similar to contain the kittens when you’re out of your hotel room, etc. I used one with a built-in floor and zippered removable roof (if you need to contain the momcat too). When I was moving crosscountry with my cats I used these to make sure they didn’t bolt out a door while staying in hotels. It should be larger if you’re trying to include a litter box in there. I put whelping pads on the bottom for cleanability.

  33. Just let them know that plans changed and you are traveling with a cat. Don't tell them she may be pregnant and make sure to tell them that you do not want any kind of housekeeping in your room. The thing that's on your side is that a vet has not officially informed you that she is pregnant so ignorance is bliss as someone mentioned in the comments. Thank you for giving her a home and a safe place for her to give birth when that time comes.

  34. Based on your comments about the place you're moving to not allowing kittens I think you should consider sending her to an adoption agency. She's a stray you took in, her kittens will come eventually, and you cannot accommodate them. It's better to place her in a situation that can care for her appropriately.

  35. Explain the situation to the hotel and Airbnb, and offer money to cover their concerns. It's amazing what cold hard cash can solve.

  36. I think you should take her with then try to find a foster family through a Tampa shelter for the kittens and mom until they’re old enough for you to take her back. Also maybe consider telling the Airbnb owner and seeing what s/he says

  37. FWIW, you can keep her and babies in a bathroom for for the first 5-6 weeks and no one would know. All my fosters give birth in a box and the babies stay there, momma comes out to eat and use the litterbox and back she goes. The mom also cleans up after them so there really isn’t an added mess or smells during those weeks. You can surrender them to a rescue or local SPCA to get vaccinated, altered, and adopted.

  38. Most shelters have an easy time adopting out kittens. So if you contact a shelter where you were moving to and tell them that you will adopt a mom but need them to help with the kittens odds are they will take care of the mom for the eight weeks till the kittens are weaned.

  39. Not this time of year they don't. This time of year is called kitten season. They get completely overwhelmed this time of year and end up putting down a large number of them.

  40. The trick is to stay closer to your cat like two days before the journey. Pet and care for her more. And stay with her during the journey. This will help to ease her anxiety during the moving process.🙂

  41. So I took in a pregnant stray right before we moved. Thankfully she gave birth a couple days beforehand. But, for transport, we got her and the babies a large dog type carrier. Filled it with old towels, tshirts and a blanket for them. They stayed in it for the drive. This can also work for birthing as she will try to find a warm and dark place to give birth(my girl gave birth in the bottom dresser drawer)

  42. your own fault. you should have had the cat done years ago. we dont need more kittens in this world, there is already 5k of them in the streets for the few miles of your house and 5k in shelters waiting to be gassed because no one can have them

  43. She literally was crying at our doorstep 3 months ago. We took her in. And took her immediately to the vet. You're way off base.she picked us and we're trying to stand by her the best we can.

  44. I sent something amusing but read further that you’re in distress. I’m sure you’re worried sick! I hope you find her

  45. Don’t tell them she’s pregnant. Make her a place that’s going to be warm, kinda dark, enclosed, and quiet. I don’t know if you’re driving, but if you are, make frequent stops for the night and let her mellow as best as possible. Your vet can give her calming vitamins to help with the stress.

  46. Female cats stay with the litter for the first two weeks, other than to eat and use the litter box. No one will ever know if you give her food and have a litter box in the house. Give her a good home, being yours and she will love you forever knowing you rescued her in her toughest time!

  47. Are you able to speak directly with the person owning the Airbnb? Explaining the situation? Maybe they can sympathize with you and allow the cat to give birth there. If they say no, maybe you can ask them if they know of anyone or any organization in the area that can help you?

  48. They don’t have to know kitty will have babies. A lot of cats are fat, you can just say she’s fat and then take her with you anyway. Then once she’s about to give birth confine her to an area where she won’t make a mess so the hotel owner doesn’t suspect anything, if they do realize she’s had babies then I imagine you could probably pay them to let you keep the kittens, I really can’t imagine them passing up potential extra money.

  49. All she needs is a safe place for her little ones similar to a whelping box Cardboard with higher sides is fine. Believe it or not kitten birth is actually quite clean mom takes care of everything. You just need to be there for support. Make sure you have a carrier big enough for mom and babies if you're still traveling. Congratulations! Sounds like you're gonna be a grandparent!

  50. Kittens and mom cats are self contained. They’re just gonna be in a large box for a quite a while. It’s not going to be an issue.

  51. Personally I would stay with her thru her pregnancy Leaving her at a place unfamiliar may cause further abandonment issues A larger pet carrier with a familiar cloth something with your smell as for the Airbnb doubt they'll even notice Pls keep us posted /pics Safe travels

  52. Bring her with you!! Or if not CONTACT LOCAL RESCUERS AND get her to them! Please !! Why didn’t you spay and neuter in time???

  53. Get her a cardboard box and she will be just fine. It really shouldn't be an issue cats don't make a huge mess. She will also be so busy with her kittens she won't cause much trouble.

  54. A b&b should be fine with her having her precious kittens while with you. Everyone has given excellent advice so without knowing anything about the Tampa area I would just take a “leap of faith” and stop worrying about the whole mama kitty situation! You got this! Easy peasy. All I ask is that when you’re not in your room (for their safety) that you be certain to leave a sign on the floor so once opened the maid will see it. “Don’t let the mama outside!”and then (get her chipped) soon as ya move into the new place! No worries ok?

  55. Please please do not get rid of her or let her go in Florida! There are so many strays in Florida and they suffer horribly or if you send her to a shelter they will euthanize her and her babies. Please keep her get her fixed and find good homes for her babies.

  56. You could possibly post in a community forum where you are moving to see if someone will foster her while she nurses her babies and once they have all found a home you can get her back. I’d consider working with someone who already does this so they can help you find the kittens homes as well as fixing them and giving them their kitten shots prior to sending them to their new home. I made the people who adopted my cats kittens pay for this before they adopted them to make sure they’d go to a good home. Also, make an appointment to get her spayed as son as her kittens are 7 weeks. That way she has one week to finish nursing them and a week or two for her milk to dry out. Cats can go into heat right after one litter, and though it usually doesn’t happen it’s better to be safe.

  57. If you are in a hotel room, when she is about to give birth - trust me- 9 times out of 10 she wants a dark quiet place to deliver and will go under the bed- somewhere safe and dark- not good if she runs into probems birthing, or when you want to get her (and her new family) out of the room to leave, and not good for the hotel carpet! As a retired responsible cat breeder (many years ago) and former animal rescue volunteer, I feel the momma kitty and their kittens safety comes first. I learned that the best place for mommas to give birth is when you give her limited, safe area that is a perfect option for where to have them born. Momma cats have preferences! I suggest this: purchase a 3' by 4' softsider- a canvas and steel framed kennel at the pet store, or second hand.(A large dog carrier will do but not ideal.) Since you are on the road, she can travel in it with some food, water and small litter tray! It's less cramped than a cat carrier. Use towels underneath the kennel to balance it on your seat for level flooring. At your hotel room, you can keep her in the bathroom, door shut, with a small portable dim light on for her, and the litter box can be in the shower area if it's a small room). Have this soft sider in the bathroom for her as she'll be familiar with the space after traveling. Kennels come with a floor insert so wrap a small sheet or beach towel around this liner, ends tucked under ( not just placed on top as kittens can get lost in the bedding!) for her to give birth upon. Have an extra 2 -3 sheets/towels around so she has fresh bedding changes about 2-3 hours after birthing: it may be messy from fluids and kitten tinkle. Change bedding daily. Secondly, have a light weight blanket draped over the whole soft sider so it is darker inside- except for one end where you have the side zippered flap velcroed open half way. This is so she can come and go to food, water and potty. Now she has the perfect spot that is dark, comfy, safe, and access to her needs like potty, water, food. This gives her a quiet safe space where she can't do something "predictable" like having them under the bed. The blanket will keep the sun off her and make it safe for you to go in and out of the vehicle at rest stops. Be sure to bring her with you in a cat carrier if you are both out of the car. Be sure sunshine isn't on her while traveling so keep the blanket ontop all but one end, zippers closed during travel. Birthing supplies- Have at least a small scissor, string, paper towels, damp warm face cloths for washing little messes, etc. (Kitty birthing supplies) available. Also check for 24 hr emergency vets along your travel route in advance. Best wishes for your little momma to be! Thank you for taking this beautiful girl in and helping her through birthing- even if on the road. It's wise to spay her 2 months after she has weaned her litter, and the kittens can be spayed (and get two rounds of shots) by 12 weeks, before going to their forever homes. Please do consider keeping her indoors at your new home especially as she just moved and has a family to raise. An indoor kitty lives a wonderfully, safer longer life! And if possible where you move, a catio will bring her much joy too! Good luck!

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