1 Cat vs 2: Behavioral Differences?

  1. Most pairs+ will be far more independent than one cat. I had a pair for about six years before one passed away, then the one that's left is much more attention seeking, I have decided to get her another buddy in the near-ish future.

  2. Ah that’s interesting/good to know. They are also very shy (one more than the other) so I’m trying to decide the best way to acclimate them. I’ve read about setting them up in their own room for however long it takes for them to want to leave the room. Also I don’t mind if cats are independent but also kinda want a snuggle buddy every once in awhile too. I’m kind of like a cat myself… I like my space but want attention every once in awhile lol. Foster mom says they are shy but sweet so I hope they will fare well with us. I’m nervous! But excited. Just never adopted a cat or cats as an adult before lol

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