Is it just me or does she sound like a traitor? | BREAKING: Maxine Waters Says To Hell with the Supreme Court. We Will Defy Them!”

  1. Most of those on the left welcomed that kind of violation on our civil liberties. Why the pro-choice side didn’t seem to care about forced vaccination is fascinating to me

  2. if you listen closely to the false victim narratives she's speaking of it's a call to arms bc they can't garner support for their ideas only hatred for the other

  3. How many of those years did they have full control and 60 votes in the senate? I can think of 1.5 years when they had exactly 60 votes and who knows how many of them were pro life.

  4. So to hell with the judicial branch and the rule of law? I'm seriously stunned. Where's the line... The standard... Like where is an ounce of responsibility or accountability here? Should those of us who own guns and support the 2A just say screw gun laws and do whatever the hell we want?

  5. I’ve heard thousands of people make statements along the lines of they can have my gun when they pry it out of my cold dead hands, which is another way of saying they won’t go along with the rule of law. So clearly this is an issue on all sides.

  6. All pounding their chest now. Forget the fact that these elites just robbed the poors of billions upon billions of dollars by way of inflation, taxation corruption on Wallstreet. Let’s get the poors to hate eachother while we steal from them. Real smart guys. Don’t buy into this crap

  7. She is worse or maybe equal to. The evil in Congress on both sides is to the point that when they hear them on the news they just mute it or change the channel, personally I don't watch the news ever. The Media, the Leftist Democrats, and RINOS are all a bunch of liars and hypocrites always blaming someone else for their problems. Well the whole Nation is about to start making them pay for their blatant treachery. Not one of them has done a damn thing to better our Nation they only grow their bank accounts and stock portfolios makes me sick

  8. Well, maybe after she's called to explain her insurrectionist statements back in 2020. So, I guess we'll be waiting for a while, eh.

  9. Checks and balances call for 3 branches of Government people. Legislative, Administrative and Judicial.

  10. We lost the civil war. It happened in 2020. And we lost. We sat at home and did NOTHING while they took over our country. What did you expect?

  11. Because these aging boomers have learned that it’s the only way to get attention. My grandparents are a prime example.

  12. Because, by the numbers, the women most affected by this will be women of color. That's by the numbers alone. She is saying it is the women of color who will feel the effects more than white women.

  13. People love fascism when their team is in power. Arguing against women controlling their bodies is the same thing as arguing against everyone controlling their bodies

  14. I’d say a traitor is a bit far…how many times have I said “fuck the Supreme Court, I’m doing what I want”….does that make me a traitor? Are we as Americans bound to support the Supreme Court?

  15. It's provocative and deliberate because they want a merger for permissibility monopoly. They want you to appear to rip them apart so they can force a preferred ultimatum for themselves.

  16. The only time I see this dumb bitch is when people are outraged about something, and she comes out of her coffin to yell at a camera.

  17. A political strategic campaign to distract the main issue which is what it's affecting our pockets. Ask them what are they doing about the financial crisis. They are all hiding on that question.

  18. She’s not a very successful politician. She just gets votes from one of the shittiest areas in the country and all the years she has been elected…it’s still shitty

  19. I’m pretty sure the allegiance is pledged to the US, not to the unelected lifetime appointed politicians of the Supreme Court.

  20. Same people who scream respect the decision and trust our systems when it comes to claims of election fraud completely disregard the system when a menial decision like this is made.

  21. I support women and anybody who decides to make a choice on their body…. But can someone point the camera at someone who actually has something contributive to say, instead of riling up the collective consciousness of the country to be mad at this? We have a few major problems with this country. The economy being the biggest one. With this timing, it seems like they don’t want us to focus in on the market crash that they(the FED) has created for us. Maybe we should find a way to stop away some of the Supreme courts power, then find a way to severely limit the actions of corporate interests in politic. Things are getting too out of hand. We have to find a way to put more money into the economy without it being fake or bad money. Corporations/ Corporate Entities aren’t your friends people! Wake up before they eat us like how time eats all.

  22. They should already be out in droves with them have being a target of the destruction and f the black family ever since the 70’s when they got the man out of the house and made the government their “man” with public assistance aka welfare.

  23. What about the Supreme Court being traitors? They (the majority conservatives) gut the constitution to make corporations all powerful, to allow gerrymandering, voter suppression and don’t forget Clarence Thomas’s wife promoting insurrection . And their stupid originalists ideas that they cherry pick to prevent all progressive initiatives. THEY are Hell bent to wreck our constitution and peoples rights. Think about this; those originalists must believe the founding fathers somehow thought of and approved AR-15s in the hands of 18 year olds. Originalism is a joke.

  24. This woman is nothing but trouble. Every topic she discusses is full of hate and violence. We don’t need any of that. We need peace.

  25. Traitortots always projecting, it’s like they can’t help themselves. What these conservacucks don’t realize is when you point one finger you have four others pointing back at you.

  26. You know what…long as nobody messes with my guns and ammo and body armor idgaf. Fuck around and find out what happens if u tread too far on peoples rights. Any time now guys, we’ve been waiting long enough

  27. Arrest this treasonous traitorous c***. She fancies herself a Queen dictator, berating one of the equal branches of government she swore an oath to protect and participate with.

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