CMV: Abortion isn't morally acceptable

  1. Once again: yes, anyone has the right to their own body, but if I'm weighing that against the right of a possibly feeling individual to literally be alive, that prevails for me.

  2. If I don't believe the fetus is a person until well into pregnancy (~26 weeks) where's the moral quandary before then?

  3. If a mother gave birth to a child. That child had a birth certifcate, a social security number, was all legally what we would consider a person. Fully formed everywhere. Was even really good at the violin.

  4. Hey, I personally changed my view on abortion. I put a very short summary as to why into my post (as an edit), but I encourage you to read through the things everyone here has to say about it, inform yourself and maybe reconsider your view, too. Yes, it's hard not to get defensive but it's the best thing for all of us if we at least consider what others have to say.

  5. For clarity, you've said that the foetus has a heartbeat at six weeks and that you consider its life to start at that point. Why have you chosen that starting point of a beating heart as life beginning, and would it be acceptable to you to intervene before that first heartbeat?

  6. It is quite possible that two opposing views are both morally unacceptable. You may be right in that abortion is immoral, but one could argue that forcing a woman to carry a fetus to term is also morally unacceptable. Who should decide how to act in these situations?

  7. I think abortions can still be acceptable under certain circumstances when the child won’t have a good life anyways. The foster care system is overflowing and most foster care kids who don’t get adopted end up imprisoned or dead not long after being released. So i don’t think putting the kid up for adoption is a fair solution for the kid. And in times where the parents are not in a good financial or mental state to take care of the kid. Then making them support the kid just ruins 3 lives instead of 1

  8. Cool story. I could save you keystrokes next time. Morality is not nor should ever be legislatable.... one mans morals is anothers sins.

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