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  1. Trust me this ain't a ooh lets go back in time for fun deal honestly I'm desperate my condition is beyond help with home remedies and there is a moment which I want to go back in time when I first developed my illness to get rid of it on its early days because I have now learned about it which I said in my post. If I didnt need to go back in time trust me I wouldnt there is nothing else I would go back in time for and I have tried everything else it seems like but thanks for the advice.

  2. Instead of travelling back in time, it's easier to alter your past. The idea is that there are convergent and divergent points in time. Like a river that splits from itself, then runs back into itself. Try to imagine that the river diverged at the point where you developed the chronic pain, then converged on a moment in the future. Like, there's a self that never developed the chronic pain, but exists in a parallel timeline to yourself. I wouldn't suggest trying to merge them forcefully because of the wonky effects and dangers of space-time manipulation, but imagine necessarily that you exist within a paradigm where these rivers can converge seamlessly.

  3. It's not going to be a Future Trunks type deal where you pop through the portal and warn everybody about Goku's heart virus if that's what you mean. What I'd do is find an aspect of something in the past that happened that clearly affected you, but is impossible for you to know -- if you can accomplish this by inducing amnesia, then okay -- and then work on that to make it have affected you in a more favourable way. Make a sigil tailored to that service, charge, and cast -- info on sigils is pretty easy to find online.

  4. I should also mention that there are probably techniques in other traditions to improve your health more generally or help you manage the illness, or what have you, that you might want to explore. Chaos magic does fuck up your mental health because it's basically self-induced psychosis, and sometimes it's worth it or even desirable, but it's not like nooblet let's fuck around first resort magic.

  5. I don't know anything about going back in time and I've seen nothing to suggest that it might actually be possible but if your aim is to live in an alternative reality where you didn't develop this disease, you could take a look at

  6. You really think that, even if magic like this existed, you could find it on reddit? If it was that easy, everyone would do it.

  7. Wasnt looking for time travellers. I was looking for advice which I actually got. Thanks for your commentary but I'm still looking for any way to help myself. I still have hope.

  8. I'm so late to this thread, but a very spiritual friend of mine who enjoys playing with the elements and dimension hopping says that while time travel is possible, it's extremely difficult and takes a long time and a lot of opening all your chakras/third eye.

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