Objective thoughts on Lukaku?

  1. Been good at the start of the season, then (after injury and interview) he’s been absolutely dogshit, now he’s starting to look good again. Also I think he has lost some weight

  2. I also think the lack of WB depth has hurt his game this year. Recently he seems to be the threat we remember when he plays with Reece.

  3. I’ve maintained that he needs to lose 10-15 lbs to help with his work rates, especially in pressing. He does seem to look like he’s shed a few.

  4. My problem with Lukaku is that he always seem to be 1 second late or 1 meter behind where he should be. He should also be bullying centre backs more, but that has always been a problem. I hope these are just mental/confidence things that a good off season will bring.

  5. This is just what Lukaku does. Haha. When he’s on he’s an amazing striker. When he’s off, well he’s just all the way off.

  6. This is it. Also we think rhese players should be fully thick skinned and deal with shit but i am sure in locker room etc he cant have been popular after the interview and it cant have helped him morale wise. Of course it is his fault he did it and with the media we see the worst side of him, but man looks finally up for it again, i think teammates are starting to believe it and tuchel of course and i think we should trust him to move past this and work with him to ideally be a top striker for us for at least 2-3 more years. Despite the interview (and all the memes about his allegiance), i genuinely believe he wants to be a great at chelsea football club like drogba and is capable of doing it if we mesh him into the system (his pl goalscoring record is not an accident!). Key is we gotta keep him sharp and fit and pass the ball to him more in those positions lol. Considering personnel changes we are making to DF and MF this summer by looks of it i think last think we want is another st drama so stick with him and prioritise our CB and wingbacks/fullbacks and CM/CDM this summer imo

  7. From the last two matches I think now he understands how Tuchel wants him to play earlier he used to just stand there and wait for the ball, now he looks more involved and kept moving around

  8. lol bruh it just looks like he’s trying more. maybe he knows that he’ll be staying next season and he wants to get back on track, who knows tho. im all for it, i’ve always been a fan of him on the field, he just needs to figure some of his other baggage out

  9. It's not "now he understands how Tuchel wants him to play", it was Tuchel who told him to play that way to occupy the centre-backs so our wide forwards/wingers could create (since they all struggled to produce numbers), that's why at a certain time during Jan to March all we did was cross to Lukaku in the box. That's never been his game in any of the clubs he's played for and for country. He's fast and wants to use his pace, his strength to hold defenders and bring his teammates in but importantly he wants the ball as the vocal point in attack etc. I mean look at his first game vs Arsenal, Liverpool at Anfield, Aston Villa home and then away when he won the penalty running through Villa defenders at the right flank etc... It wasn't Lukaku hiding it was all Tuchel.

  10. Why does everyone always say lukaku used to sit in the box. Isn't it obvious that it was tuchels instructions instead and now he finally understood how lukaku performs best

  11. He ain’t leaving. Besides Mount, he’s the only one who can score. Reinforcing the backline is more critical than replacing him.

  12. It certainly helps when our guys (Wing backs, Mount) actually pass him the ball. For a long while there he was being ignored like he insulted their mom before the game.

  13. I don't think he's ever going to be a good fit for a side that's heavy on possession, and there's simply no way around that for the top clubs in England. He will score goals and have good games against more open teams, but the league is ultimately decided by who can break down deep blocks most reliably. That's not, has never been and will never be, something Lukaku is good at.

  14. I do agree to an extent, but I also think that he is good against sides that sit as well. I don't think he will ever bag a lot of goals against them, but I do think that our players don't really use his presence enough. You need to have a player on him at all times, as well as another player who will help out if necessary, which opens space for our other attackers and it should for a midfielder too, but none of our midfielders have that feel for the space and none of them even try to attack it. Put Lampard in some of these games and he scores goals for fun from the edge of the box, just by having Lukaku drag players away.

  15. I think he’s a good player but we’ve got to build around him. He doesn’t fit the system that we run currently. And if we don’t plan on doing that, he needs to go.

  16. I don't think system is as big of a problem as the personnel. Give him a midfielder that can find him, along with a winger, I think you have a top 5 striker in him again.

  17. 8 PL goals for a player who cost €112m is awful. Plus apart that game against Arsenal it seems like he hasn’t beaten the top 6 allegations from a few years ago. He’s a good player in transition, I think he’s gonna stay for one more year and then be sold back to Inter

  18. He hasn't been good but if he finds his level he'll be our best attacking player by far. He deserves a second season but I think we should still keep Broja in the team even though he's been more disappointing in the 2nd part of the season. Lukaku, Broja and Havertz is the way to go next season.

  19. Hopefully he keeps it up, wouldn’t be surprised if he starts Saturday. Ideally we keep him because of his ability and there’s no way we recoup that fee. That will be up to the new owners.

  20. Needs to keep this performance. We’ve praised Havertz & Werner for scoring about 6 league goals. Lukaku is our highest goal scorer.

  21. He was great yesterday and should've scored 2 or even 3, but this was against Leeds who play right into his hands. I'm still quite skeptical and think Havertz should start the cup final for his pressing game.

  22. I'd say that a fit James, with Pulisic/Mount and Ziyech at the end suit him a lot better. Leeds are obviously not a great team, but you can see that he is a lot better with the right players around him.

  23. even if you ignore all his personal faults, we cant win a champions league or a premier league with him. shoiuld just sell asap

  24. I think we'll get a better impression of his limits from the upcoming FA Cup. If he performs well, I think there's still a winner in there yet, and we shouldn't give up on him as you really can't tell whether the next striker will be worse.

  25. Two decent games where he has been gifted goals doesn’t change 6 months of horrific shit and an interview saying he’d rather be at his old club.

  26. If he maintains his attitude, not even form, from the past few games then we should back him. Nobody else is coming in this summer with the same credibility as this dude, so let's see what we can do with some new offensive players to help out up top

  27. Season has run its course, lukaku has no pressure on him so he can do as he pleases, i still stand by him leaving if we can get a backup for havertz

  28. Awkward athleticism akin to Demba Ba. He can be great for us, but his headspace dictates everything for him. I hope he becomes a legend for us. There is no point in us ragging on him while he is a Chelsea player…

  29. Objectively he cost £100m and has 8 league goals. Tammy had similar if not more subjective hate thrown his way from Chelsea fans and still had a better first season than Romelu. His addition has not improved the team unfortunately.

  30. He's acted like a diva all season, but he did play well against Leeds fair play to him. Would really like to see him do the same against Pool in the final. Time will tell if he's to have the chance.

  31. Like many of our other attackers. Good in patches, completely ineffective in others. At times held back by our ponderous football going forward but has also been too stationary and looked unfit at times too.

  32. Goal of the game is to win. Lukaku scores goals. Play system around him and he will score goals. Simple.

  33. Very happy that hes scoring goal. Can put havertz on the bench for quiet awhile. But need timo acceleration in the game too.

  34. Objectively he's a top level player who's had a difficult first season back at his old club after arriving with sky-high expectations. The early injury didn't help, the infamous interview didn't help, and he only seems to be finding some kind of form now at the very end of the season. We may need to tweak playing style up front or add a player who can bring out the best in him, but I think it'd be foolish to try and offload him now as we wouldn't get our money back and would still need a new striker, on top of needing a bunch of new signings in defence. Plus I genuinely think he can come good for us.

  35. He doesn’t fit the system, he is a good player but not for this team. He constantly throws his hands up when he doesn’t get the ball and blames others. He is incredibly lazy, I would take Kai 10/10 times, solely based on the effort and willingness to be a team player that he shows

  36. I think several periods yesterday showed how he can work well in our system - our players need to try to find him more often, look up more often, play earlier passes and be a bit more risky. The way I see it, we have a lot of periods in games where most of our possession is with our center backs and we struggle to find a penetrating pass - when this becomes an overwhelming majority is when we really struggle. The easiest to counter to this is try to shed a few milliseconds off by reducing touches & making quicker decisions.

  37. 3/10 season. Massive waste of money that will hamstring the club going forward. Not entirely his fault but he doesn't fit possession or counter-pressing football.

  38. He is only striker on the team who can play one-two and hold up the ball for team he knows how to play attack

  39. His refusal to use his right foot is frankly embarrassing. That pass by Ziyech for the 3rd goal was a one touch finish on his right which he somehow managed to fumble his way into the goal. He is not good enough at the top level

  40. He needs to move more and not be static. This season he seems to be content in just occupying the CB's, whether that's by design or his own will is not known. But I just feel if he moves around a bit, come deep, go wide etc he will be a better influence on the whole team. His strength seems to be running in behind or running at defenders, he can do that more effectively by coming deep laying off the ball to oncoming players then running into space again.

  41. There is a good player in there but he isn’t a 100 million pound striker because he is mentally quite weak. And the idea that we need to build around him is a joke, he needs to make himself useful to the team. Everyone should play for each other, there is no use for passengers in this chelsea side, certainly not under TT

  42. He is good when he gets the right service. Still not worth the money we paid for him, but he still gets his fair share of goals as a striker. I think he can be the starting striker on a contending team.

  43. He’s getting back to his standard, he had a really tough period after injury, covid and that damn interview but I really liked him last 2 matches

  44. I think he needs a preseason with Tuchel and the squad. He has the chance to be very important for the club but they need to repair their relationship and he needs to figure out how to work within the style of the squad

  45. Football supporters will back you when the effort is there. Since his injury until the Wolves game it has not been there. If he continues with these levels of effort great.

  46. I think he’s been pretty shit for the most part, but good in the last two games. I think because of the interview, and the form of Havertz, there has been little effort from anyone to try and work it out. But now Lukaku seems to at least be trying to work harder and adapt, and Tuchel and the squad seem to be trying to find ways to help him thrive. I do think it’s too early to say too much about him yet, as playing against Wolves and Leeds (who were all over the place and down to 10) isn’t exactly the biggest test. But in the summer our defence is the biggest priority, so we need him to find his place in the team and find some form

  47. Right now my objective thought is that I love him at Chelsea, but tomorrow when he stops scoring, my objective thought will be that I hate him at Chelsea, by this logic, I am a typical fan.

  48. He’s playing good but I’m still worried there’s lacking chemistry between the team. They’re finally passing to him more which is a sign in right direction. If he’s gone in the summer I won’t cry but if he stays I hope he puts in the work to develop into Tuchel’s system. End of the day, right now he’s a Chelsea player and I will root for him 100% while wearing the badge.

  49. Hes threatening when he gets the ball played where he wants it but struggles if he isn't, though the players haven't really accommodated that and rarely play the pass he wants which you can easily see in games

  50. Been vocal about my distaste of Lukaku well before we signed him. I don’t like his attitude and I don’t consider him to be good enough for Chelsea. Objectively he’s not been anywhere near good enough this season and I don’t think he’ll improve enough to have us competing with City and Pool. Arsenal & Tottenham are starting to look not awful, Newcastle is on the horizon and West Ham/Brighton/Wolves are threatening for top 6. The PL is about to have a pretty crazy stretch of insanely wealthy clubs competing for players. City getting Haaland is just the beginning.

  51. My opinion is and always has been that confidence is the most important thing - more important than quality.

  52. Something ive noticed is the worrying amount of balls into the channels behind the defence we play. Look how often liverpool do it and even city who play against low blocks more than us yet when the opportunity is on they'll play it. Werner/rom rarely ever get through balls to run onto even playing out from the own half with space in behind

  53. Huge improvement in attitude and playing . Looks like he is enjoying himself and gets along great with his team mates . I was all for sending him packing but now i think he should stay .

  54. He is trying and looking to be improving even with all the trolling, so I guess it is good for Chelsea.

  55. He looks to be trying at the moment but his movements only seem to work when Ziyech is on the pitch. I'm not sure it'll work in the long term.

  56. Always slate his work rate as opposed to him missing sitters but the last 2 matches he has seemed to make improvements in those areas

  57. I thought he looked a lot better yesterday and actually contributed to the overall buildup which has been missing. He also pressed a tiny bit but that’s an improvement on not doing it at all

  58. He's been gaining form recently. The biggest thing to me is it seems he's trying harder and has a better attitude now. Hopefully it continues and he fits into the system.

  59. Havertz had his weeks when he was in form and when he scored goals. So did Ziyech, and Werner too. Lukaku has it now, give it a few weeks and it’ll stop, just like with the other players.

  60. He is a good striker... started well... had a very shit run after the interview and got deserved backlash after it... now he's about to end the season on a good note... just needs creative players around him and maybe his success will continue... and hopefully he gets to play with Reece and Chilly next season to get even more results

  61. He's pretty effective if we actually play to his strengths and he's mentally right, but he was definitely a waste of money. Having said that, now he's here I think playing to his strengths is a good idea, because so many of our other forwards would thrive under the same system. Timo kai and pulisic are all pretty nippy and I think would really enjoy being found sooner over the top. Part of the reason it's so hard to be a Chelsea striker is we don't give them the fucking ball.

  62. He will be great next season, if we can finally fix the linkup play with our wingers and midfield which has been a problem for a long time.

  63. Our most talented attacker by 100 miles, we need to be more conducive to his strengths because a) we won’t get a better 9 and b) we have a fortune invested in him. He’s been a cunt at times this season but willing to forgive

  64. Of course would of loved to have him back. He's stats when he was younger ranked him amongst Rooney folwer and co. So obviously was on he's way to be world class.

  65. Objectively, yeah, hes a beast, but his attitude and form for the large percent of the year has been dogshit. I, as a fan, would like to see his commitment until the end of the season to get back on his corner tbh.

  66. He is regaining his confidence. We know that he can be world class, he just needs to unlock it in the system.

  67. I think he could turn into one of our best. Definitely has the killer instinct we sometimes lack. If he adapts fully, he could be a great

  68. Hope he can be as good as at least 75% of what we paid for... Wish we would have the scoring problem solved with him and focus only on the rest of our problems

  69. Seems like selling him could be difficult, if we want to recoup anywhere close to what we spent. Supporters are fickle, they’ll forgive him if he’s scoring goals and he’s starting to do that again. If he wins us the FA cup this weekend I think that could completely change attitudes towards him. We have other areas of the pitch that need pretty drastic investment, so part of me hopes he stays and brings his Chelsea career out of the ashes.

  70. Honestly feel like he is a huge disappointment for 100 mil. BUT his recent form is decent, he’s getting more active on the pitch, and the other lads are passing more to him. Let’s see if we can see a better lukaku next season

  71. How many times have I seen him in a decent position and he screams for a ball, but nothing happens or he gets the pass very late.

  72. Maybe i’m crazy but it seems as if the games he puts in the off the ball effort he tends to get rewarded in one way or another . However sometimes he makes great runs and nobody feeds him so it diminishes his impact on the game.

  73. I'm still hopeful he could be the man. Team is going to look very different next season and I think it could be a fresh start for Lukaku.

  74. I think if he wants to be a success at chelsea it can still happen. It will be interesting to see how tuchel uses him next season

  75. I think we need to keep him in the squad and build our attack around him. It just feels like the chemistry between the players isn’t where it could be for him to shine. He just needs game time with the boys tbh. Clearly he can be a top striker, I can’t stand this mentality of offloading players within a window or two before they have time to fully integrate and understand the style of play of the managers and players around them.

  76. I don't enjoy watching him play. I really hope he regains his Inter form and bags massive stats, but I fear I'll never really enjoy his playstyle.

  77. Idiot. Giving a second chance. Hopefully we get somebody who can feed him balls next season and the rest of our attackers

  78. He’ll do good if we strictly play for services into the box. Other wise I think he’s kind of a detriment to the system. He’s a liability outside or with the ball anywhere outside the 18 really (bar hold up play). Man is a truck and dribbles like one. Plus he just takes up space in the middle. Yes, that is his role BUT we rely on a lot of movement to drag out defenders and create space. If he stays central in a game when we can’t create and are stagnant, he doesn’t spark life into the team. There will always be one CB, maybe two, marking him and holding that space.

  79. Literally only care about right now because I’m focused on Saturday, that’s all. I say play him and I’ll think about the rest of his time with us after we win the cup.

  80. I think he needs to be told what to do by Tt. It feels like he plays his own game instead of being in the team mentality. Games where he looks like a team player like last night,he shines. Could turn it round next season and should be given chance. Saying that I reckon mentally he’s a weakling as was proved by his I’ll advised interview. If he wants to truly be a great at Chelsea he has to start behaving like the man he thinks he can be.

  81. Just needs to play. Every player has ups and downs and yeah we paid a lot so there is a lot of expectations I understand that; however, there is something to be said about the drama and tension around Tomas and him. I think he needs to gain the trust of his teammates again but hopefully the three in two will he enough for them to play with him again.

  82. The best strikers in world understand the naunces and liberties of the position within their team. They drop alittle deeper, move out wide, generally come close to the ball to help progress it, or position themselves in the most optimal space to help the team. Everyone talks about how much more fluid we look with Havertz, and that's because he generally moves towards the ball. He makes himself an option and wants to be on the ball. Lukaku on the other hand seems to only want to be in the end of the ball. He'll wait for the ball to arrive to him, make runs that have little to no chance of being completed because he's inbetween defenders, on the wrong side of the pitch. For a man with the luxury of staying high and watching us defend from afar the least he can do is be ballside of the pitch. That way our players actually have an outlet that can be played in, or someone to play off of.

  83. Confidence is massive. Proven goalscorer. When your price tag is 100m… you’ve got to perform. Glad to see him happy & fit these last two matches.

  84. Posts a thread asking for “objective thoughts” in a subreddit that only exists at the extreme end of every scenario. Only gets subjective comments. Shocking

  85. Lazy but very talented. When he feels like it he can be very dominant and clinical but also the rest of the time he won’t move at all.

  86. Everyone’s been quick to give up on him, the stupid inter comments didn’t help. (Werner as well) I think both are going to contribute a lot going forward. If he stops whining about the system he’ll be fine

  87. I've seen lots of people saying Lukaku, Mount, and Puli should start. What about Havertz? Haven't really been able to watch the previous games, has he not been playing well at all?

  88. 5/10 season honestly. Started well, then was injured and out of form (yes its an understatementbut im trying not to be biased), looks like he'll finish the season well given the recent goals.

  89. Didn't exactly work out as we all wanted to, including Rom. Good start, then injury and that interview along the way definitely didn't do any good (even if misunderstood or taken out of context).

  90. I know he's playing better but I think it might be better the team let him go to a club that can fit him better

  91. Tuchel spoke about Lukaku ability to play the ball from the back (from both directions) or hold up the ball like when he playing for Conte, but now he is just wanting WBs to provide balls to him, just like when he just started with Chelsea and United.

  92. he shouldve had a hattrick last night, if he can continue to offer what he did last night in the last few games and shut up and play football. then id be interested in him staying another season.

  93. Hopefully he has a good end to the season so we can recoup some money on him he doesn't fit a possession based side and we've played our best football without him

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