[Telegraph] The Government has accused Roman Abramovich of putting Chelsea at risk of "going under" by allegedly refusing to accept ministers' new sale structure | @Tom_Morgs

  1. Won't panic still and should wait from other sources reporting to know more clearly on matters. At this point I am just tired of the whole thing. If they want Chelsea to go bust then do it. Would help a lot with my mental health.

  2. Ministers are looking to change the sale structure this late in the day but it’s Roman who is jeopardising the club. Make it make sense.

  3. Those fucking ministers keep on changing the sale structure like Christensen's agent and then blame Roman lol

  4. Tory propaganda I imagine just to apply some pressure. Nonetheless it’s still concerning that the club I’ve supported for almost 40 years will cease to exist in 2 weeks if there’s no progress.

  5. Tod’ll get it done. Can you imagine the fallout for the tories if they fuck us? I think every other premier league team will be on our side as well…we didn’t choose to be in this situation, we’re just fans who love the game and our team. KTBFFH forever

  6. If they want Chelsea to die so badly just fucking say it. The club can go out with it’s head held high and these politicians can cover themselves in ever more muck.

  7. Honestly I’m at this point myself. I love this club with my whole heart whether we’re in the championship or winning the European cup. Chelsea will exist in some form, whether it’s this, or whether we have to go the FC United route.

  8. Basically Roman doesn’t want the loan repaid. The Govt is forcing Chelsea to pay the loan into escrow, however why would they if Roman doesn’t want it? This is the Govt being completely incompetent as usual. They’re talking about the loan amount here, not funds from the sale which will already be going into an escrow account.

  9. Reminds me of a abusive partners who are toxic af. The kind of person that says look what you made me do, this is your fault (after beating his wife).

  10. Isn't the government the ones putting the club at risk of going under? I mean what can you expect from Tories though but to lie and blame others for what they are doing themselves

  11. The government do not care about Ukrainians being white, they care because the situation is a perfect opportunity for them to use it as a distraction in order to try and deflect negative attention and criticism.

  12. This Tory government are the worst. But it's just a PR move to make noise. I'm sure this is being resolved behind the scenes

  13. Lmfaoo, Roman has? The sanctions the government has done has effected its own people more than Russians. I don’t get how people put so much trust in government.

  14. Greedy fucks, want money for themselves, fucking ass licking clowns thinks we believe them, like they are known for their truthfulness. They want the money for themselves, as much as they can get, they keep leaking things to put pressure on Chelsea and turn fans view by creating hysteria and panic to force club's had to agree to Govt deal and they don't care if the club burn for it. So greedy fucks, willing to hurt their own club and people just to pretend to be tough. I am not buying their bullshit, if this club goes down it will be on Govt no matter what they leak.

  15. Not surprised after the billions they gave to their Tory donor buddies for things like a track and trace systems that amounted to just about an excel spreadsheet.

  16. This is literally all it’ll be. Abramovic legally has to take the debt repayment, but that means the gov fuckers can’t skim the 1.5bn loan repayment on its way to wherever. Physically disgusting.

  17. There will be regular reports like this till the sale is done. Appearing tough on Russian oligarchs is easy fodder for MPs. They will show how they have screwed Russia through their squeeze of Chelsea then hopefully let the sale go through when they feel it's been milked enough. We have no choice but to be patient and hope for the best

  18. The government will not let the club go under. This would cause them to lose a significant voting block so I just can’t see it.

  19. You know what, you go Roman. Let the club flip if you want. Fuck the UK government. Let them sit in their own shit as they play chicken with things they can't control. Let them wallow in the cesspool they're so eager to create.

  20. If true (I swear this was reported last time and turned out to be bs?) I don’t see how ppl can blame the govt, they’re simply not going to do things without legal guarantees he can’t access the money

  21. No they want it to be in some shitty account that the grubby bastards can just acquire at some point due to more bullshit reasons. As stated many times no billionaire is a saint & at the end of the day are any of us? but the prem stinks of dodgey money I personally couldn’t give a shit where it comes from, we all enjoy watching the sport & that’s just life.

  22. Just like with christensen bs, you don’t suddenly change your mind at the last minute, it’s unprofessional and may tick off the other partner. Also prove you’re fickle, too.

  23. Course, they've been stealing from the public throughout this government. Not a surprise that 2billion landing in their laps isn't a wet dream.

  24. The UK government will not let it go that far. They will be heavily punished at the polls if they did. And they will be a laughing stock for the entire world too. The greedy Tories will have to back down at some point, or be exposed to further scandal. They will not get away with using the Ukraine war as an excuse to fuck over Chelsea FC.

  25. Believe these journalists at ur own risk. The same people that told us we are going to fold? If boehly is not sure he would get the club, he wont be coming to stamford bridge all the time.

  26. Chaos FC. Can’t wait to smash Leicester this week while this goes on in the background, but once it’s resolved take a loss on Sunday.

  27. Ok Roman another statement please, set the record straight and if government are the ones moving the goal posts please say so.

  28. Wanna bet that in 20 years or so we'll learn that some of them got some pocketed some scharole from this sale?

  29. This is a joke, everything is signed over to the new owners. Let them take over the damn club. The UK government needs to take some blame, it ain’t all Romans fault.

  30. After watching all this unfold and seeing how disgusting the UK government has treated Roman, Chelsea Leadership, and us fans. This unfair treatment after all the great that Rom has done for the community, staff, NHS, philanthropic organization and Chelsea football club is ridiculous. Oligarch Lives Matters

  31. opening up a chance for their Brexity mate Ratcliffe to get another shot at buying the club by screwing up the sale.

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