Why, people, Why ?

  1. It's essentially just people not wanting to see him face Magnus again. Nothing against him personally, people just wanted to see somebody new.

  2. And peoe tend to forget the time period between last candidates and WCC. Nepo was put on a pedestal here because of his + classical record against Magnus.

  3. Personally it’s just an annoyance with the format. I get that round robin vs knockout has their pros and cons, but it’s not very interesting or fun to watch candidates when the winner is all but a foregone conclusion half way through the tournament because of results from the first half.

  4. Look, I’m happy for Nemo having a chance at redemption but let’s not kid ourselves why people don’t want to see him again against Magnus. He had a poor showing in the last one and people don’t want to see that again. That’s not hating on Nemo. Its just what happened. It’s a reasonable feeling given his performance last time.

  5. I'm seeing more people complaining about people hating on Nepo than anyone actually hating on him.

  6. Yeah, this is the third post defending Nepo in a handful of days. Post a comment in the daily threads, these repetitive hot takes don't need their own post.

  7. One compelling reason to expect him to do better than last match is that last time he was playing below his usual level for the second half of the match. He doesn't necessarily need a lot of growth in a year, he just needs to have a good match from start to finish. He isn't as consistent as Magnus, but there is still a lot of uncertainty here. Magnus himself has called Nepo "criminally underrated by pundits and betting odds".

  8. We all knew that Nepo could play good chess, he did after all manage to go head to head with Magnus for a solid six games. However, the real question is how he responds to losses and if he can keep it together and come back. Something which he hasn't had to deal with at all this candidates because he's dominated so heavily.

  9. I would have liked to see someone new play Magnus but I think people are underestimating Ian. Lets not forget prior to the WC match Ian had a positive record against Magnus. I think losing that grueling game 6 was the biggest factor in Ian losing last time. It's just hard to rebound from a loss like that mentally and physically. Obviously Magnus is the better player but I think Ian gets an unfair rep from that match.

  10. he tilted, but before that he was playing very well against magnus and are getting slightly better positions constantly. He is definitely a match for carlsen if he can keep his endurance up.

  11. he didn't get 'completely crushed' by any real standard lmao people keep saying that but it simply isn't true. he held draws for like half the fucking match before a record-breaking slog of a game seemed to throw him off and it was his first time competing for the championship. there's no reason not to expect his nerves will be steadier this time round

  12. Why wouldn’t he perform better this time? Last time when he won candidates they said he only won it because there was a break after game 7, now candidates were normal without any special breaks and he won it very convincingly. I don’t think that he or anyone can beat magnus but you can’t say that he will be much better and make the match more interesting

  13. Agreed. Have only seen such comments on YT or in the Lichess broadcast chat but they literally hate on everyone. And that said, Nepo probably doesn't care at all about what random people on the internet think about him.

  14. There have been plenty of posts in the game threads, especially in the early rounds, calling Ian’s wins “weak” and “hollow” and saying it’s just luck that some players played bad games against Ian and strong games against Nakamura and Ding.

  15. My dude googled "nepomniachtchi sucks monkey nuts*, went on some obscure forum and then proceeded to post this trash here.

  16. People say ding or fabi would have a better shot at taking down Magnus (I also thought fabi would win the candidates) but let's be serious. Magnus would absolutely maul either of them if they played him like they playing this trny.

  17. For the rematch, I believe. I’m team nepo. But what will the championship look like? There’s a lot of speculation, but what shouldn’t be speculated on is that if someone can take down magnus today, the only real answer is Ian Nepomniachtchi.

  18. Can mods remove these posts? Every single day there is one post like this. Even during the last WC there used to a Nepo-appreciation post everyday, that he might have blundered but he's such a gentleman in the interview I have become a fan of him etc etc.

  19. Yeah, I'll admit, the second part is more of a personal opinion from my side, but why are people dumping on Nepo for other player's relatively worse play ?

  20. Looks like many in today's chess don't enjoy a redemption arc! After watching Fabi's and Alireza's performances I am still not sure how can someone justify they are better opponents than Nepo

  21. It might be an unpopular opinion elsewhere, maybe less so here, but I am excited for the Nepo rematch if it goes ahead.

  22. Me too, the trodden over rises once again to take on lord ruler ? Oh, how so fantastic !! Nepo deserves his shot at the redemption

  23. My take is a little different. I think people are responding to Magnus' statements, whether they realize it or not. Magnus does not want to play Nepo. He has widely promoted this. It might be because he already beat Nepo. It might be because he knows Nepo will be much stronger this time around, with the benefit of experience. Magnus unleashed some very direct, strong psychological warfare on Nepo during the last match. He continues it now. It makes me more interested in seeing him play Nepo this time around.

  24. I am pretty sure nepo is going to play better this time around against magnus, he was doing great until game 6 and then he crumbled but i don't expect to see this pattern repeating.

  25. Personally, I am very excited. I hope to see him perform much better for the next championship. Last one was kinda brutal (no surprise, I suppose), so I do want Nepo to have some revenge match.

  26. I think they hate that Nepo will be the challenger again, and will not pose a legitimate threat against Carlsen, given the last showdown.

  27. A lot of people hate on him because he collapsed on Game 6. Thing is, most of those haters would have collapsed 60% into Game 1 against Magnus lol

  28. Is that really hate? I'd say that hate would be something closer to, "Nepo doesn't deserve to be playing against Magnus, he's not good." While being critical over his past match against Magnus being one-sided, and thus boring, isn't hating, it's just a preference for the best matchups possible.

  29. I also don’t like the narrative that it will be the same result. I think that Ian has improved a bunch. Also if you are the champ it’s your obligation to face the winner of the candidates e.g. the tournament that determines the rightful challenger of the champ. There should be no discussion about this at all. It’s either you do what you are obligated to do and shut up about it, or vacate the title now and let everyone get on with chess.

  30. Because, you see, Caruana and Karjakin had closer scoring losses against Magnus several years ago, and Magnus said Ding is a tough opponent, so those are the only people allowed to challenge Magnus again (besides our memelord and savior Hikaru of course).

  31. The reason Nepo gets " Can Ian beat Magnus?" questions to a magnitude he does is because he played a match against Magnus half a year ago and lost 7.5-3.5. And I don't know why you are acting like this skepticism of his chances is unique to Ian. Naka would absolutely get more of it due to his record in classical against Magnus, and any of Rapport, Duda, or Radjabov would have also suffered about as much skepticism had they pulled it off.

  32. I think people are more concerned that we may get a repeat of last year. Where Nepo appeared to simply give up and stop trying soon after the tournament began. If he shows up and plays at a 2940 rating or whatever he's playing at, then I think people would be happy to see him play Magnus.

  33. Because most chess fans are just that fans. Unserious players rated under 1100 that don’t compete in official tournaments and are fools. Nepo is clearly #2 in the world. I think nerves got the better of him in the last championship.

  34. Because we ultimately love Magnus the most. We want him to beat all the best players right now. And we want magnus to have tough time so it is entertaining to watch.

  35. I didn't follow the Candidates last time but I did hear the narrative about what happened, and it was all about how Nepo blundered and was in poor form and was not the person to put a dent on Magnus Carlsen. So given the popular narrative, people don't find a rematch exciting.

  36. ah, that's the WC you're talking about. The candidates Ian won to play that match did have some controversy though, as it was delayed several months at the midway point due to covid. Prior to this delay, MVL had been winning the tournament and it's widely argued that this delay ruined MVL's momentum. I kind of agree, though of course Ian had no control over this.

  37. I wouldn’t call myself a Nepo hater and of course he deserves to win; he won. And, I think a rematch between Mognoose and Nepo would be interesting, certainly much more than the previous one.

  38. It’s because he doesn’t stand a chance against Magnus. We saw him get beat down like a kindergartener trying to fist fight an adult. Why would we want to watch that little kid get back up for round two? He should have just stayed down and allowed somebody else to receive the punishment.

  39. I can't speak for everybody, but I just think nobody was rooting for Nepo, whether it was because of the match last year or something else. Most people had players that they wanted to see at the top, and their favorites aren't at the top. For me it was Ding, Caruana, and Firouzja, all of whom fell short. I'm very impressed by Nepo and have nothing against him, but I'd be lying if I said I was rooting for him to finish first.

  40. Do you have the brain of a toddler? You really can’t figure out why people don’t want nepo to be the challenger when he was the very last time in the WCC which was only a year ago and he got absolutely destroyed. Does that give you a clue?

  41. Why? Because we've already seen this match. We know how it will turn out, if Magnus decides to play - which he probably won't.

  42. No I want to see someone new face Magnus. And I’m still not convinced he would be the strongest opponent despite his performance.

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