an update on my post from this morning- thank you all for the help!

  1. she sleeps and lays eggs the blue bin at the moment, but we have an actual chicken coop on the way that’ll be here this week and the bin will be taken out. and thank you!

  2. Dang this kind of made me tear up because I had an exact chicken like that named güera or "blondey" and she passed away about a year ago, she was one of my favorite chickens...She's very beautiful!

  3. Thank you for giving us a much needed Daphne update. Now a bunch of us are fully invested in her tale :)

  4. Yeah, our hens all like / tolerate being spoken too and it's adorable when they respond (though you can't be sure what they're saying is polite conversation).

  5. I'm glad she's doing so much better! Thank you for rescuing her & working so hard to give her a good life. I so often see the sad/upsetting side of how people act while working in rescue, so people like you who care & are so kind really warms my heart. Welcome home, Daphne! 💜 Only good times now, you lucky girl.

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