Favorite Movies from the 1940s-50s

  1. Excellent list. I would add Harvey (because I just love it) and Arsenic and Old Lace. And for musicals, you can't go passed the Road movies (Morocco and Rio being my absolute favorites). Oh, and all of Hitchcock.

  2. I watched The Creature from the Black Lagoon on the big screen a couple of days ago in Melbourne, Australia. It was presented in real 3-D and was an absolute treat. Best 3-D effects I've ever seen and the film still holds up well!

  3. I wouldn't say "for some reason." I mean, they're two of the greatest decades in film history according to most, and most of my favorites come from those decades as well. The '30s absolutely IS hit or miss for the most part; it really depends on a lot of factors during that time period, as the industry was in a rapid growth phase and things were changing fast. Some movies are just amateurish and bad, while others heralded great times to come.

  4. Shadow of a Doubt is my favorite Hitchcock movie. Surprisingly not a lot of people have seen it. Joseph Cotten’s finest role, as well as Theresa Wright’s finest role. Henry Travers’ second finest role.

  5. Awesome choices! If you're feeling adventurous there's the English filmakers Powell and Pressburger. Their best, in my mind, are: The Red Shoes, Black Narcissuss, A Matter of Life and Death (Stairway to Heaven), I Know Where I'm Going and The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp. In keeping with the English theme most of the films from Ealing studios in the late 1940's and early 1950's are some of the best films ever made: Passport to Pimlico, The Lavender Hill Mob, The Ladykillers, The Titfield Thunderbolt, The Man in the White Suit and Kind Hearts and Coronets.

  6. Some things you might enjoy ifnyou have not seen trem yet Stella Dallas Blue Gardenia Rear Window The Nancy Drew series with Bonita Grandville The pair of Hardy Boys mysteries from Walt Disney (hard to find) Dead End To Have or Have Not The Big Sleep ( try to get the version with both the cut and uncut versions) Bringing Up Baby Front Page... I'll stop here because I could fill out several pages with recommendations 🙂

  7. Great list! I'd add another outstanding Bette Davis classic, Now Voyager, which TCM replayed over the weekend. Hope to find time later tonight to list more recommendations.

  8. I’ve seen all but 1 of these - The Long, Long Trailer. There’s a great user on here, Kayla, who says this is favorite movie. So I definitely need to check this one out.

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