We’re not gonna take it

  1. But america is all about being subservient to authority thats like americas WHOLE thing thats what they do its what they are about

  2. Twisted Sister. The band name was Twisted Sister and had make-up on the same level ass KISS and he thought "We're Not Gonna Take It" was about standing up for conservatism. Did he only read the lyrics in absence of everything else and thought "we're right" meant they were politically Right wing?

  3. same with Rammstein and "America". I think this are hints american didnt get, because you need a proper translation and ALSO need to understand the scenes in the music - video in context to the lyrics and i think most americans didnt get the clues.

  4. It’s stuff like that tweet that convince me we need to teach media literacy in schools more effectively than having kids read Great Expectations or The Scarlet Letter and calling it a day at that.

  5. What even are “traditional American values”? Whenever I see shit like this, I think it’s got to be deliberately vague and ambiguous in an effort to basically just madlibs (meaning fill in the blank of whatever projected meaning you want on it to fill in the vagueness) their regressive agenda in the public conciousness.

  6. For a good number, I think it's a dogwhistle for how things were in the 50s-70s. You know, the "golden age." Women in the kitchen and home, Caucasian men running the world, America being the alleged biggest big bad on the international corner... all of that.

  7. They really think the guy who stepped before Congress to give Daddy Ronnie's wife a big fuck you was ever on their side?

  8. Conservatives love telling people what they meant to say, Martin Luther King Jr, George Orwell the list goes on

  9. Bit of free advice, Jerrod: You don't need to distinguish yourself from the other Republicans on the "knows fuck all about the music they like" issue. You're not going to win anything. Just go on, like all the conservatives, pretending that "We're Not Gonna Take It" is a good, conservative anthem, that "Born in the USA" is a nice jingoistic song for you to wave a flag to, and that "Bulls on Parade" is just a badass song to headbang to that doesn't repeatedly accuse cops of being members of the Klan. The only alternative is to learn a thing or two about music and discover that the only rockers on your side are Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and a bunch of openly Neo Nazi bands that no one outside their subculture has ever heard of, which is something that would probably destroy you.

  10. It must be awful to create art that espouses values important to you only to have it commandeered by people in opposition to those values.

  11. Now that you mention it, "we're not gonna take it anymore" does sound like someone who's happy with the way things have been, and want to keep them that way.

  12. Just a reminder these people are in show buidness. Tgey ding what sells. It isn't their values but their pocket they care about.

  13. I never took it as being a “pro conservative” or pro any political ideology song. Moral Majority/PMRC was a bipartisan effort lead by Tipper Gore and filled out by both sides of the aisle. But now it is all abt raging against 1/2 the machine. Sad….

  14. In the past decade, US conservatives have spun clear round into what can only be regretfully described as a counterculture. They see themselves as "the rebels" now. And so this misunderstanding of an old rebellious song from the counterculture that I grew up with doesn't surprise me one bit. But it does depress me a lot.

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