Massive floods in the interiors of Oman, UAE and surrounding areas. Flash floods are usually seen in the monsoons but this is new, and EXTREMELY worrying.

  1. Oman is not part of the UAE and is not an Emirate- it is a Sultanate. Oman also has far less oil/gas than other countries on the Arabian peninsula.

  2. It's hard to say, research in the region is tightly controlled by the governments and barely accessible. Cloud seeding was voiced as a factor but dismissed, believably in my opinion. They wouldn't try to flood their own countries. I would go with, its possibly climate change, but really hope they open borders to academia and climate journalists so everyone can have a more nuanced understanding.

  3. So the fossil fuel industry causing MASSIVE CATASTROPHE on a global scale. Could we please stop subsidising and start prosecuting them?

  4. Hmmm, massive floods in UAE. Three "1000 year" rains in USA in one week. You know, those climate scientists might just be on to something... Mostly harmless indeed. I don't believe the denizens of Earth are going to like very much the updated entry for their planet. Say bye to the mice for me, and don't forget your towel!

  5. I don't live in say Kentucky so can't say if they never flood. Phoenix actually had rain this week or two and places flooded. Partly because ground is so dry can't absorb the moisture as quick. But nothing I don't remember from say the 90s or even the 70s when I was young. In 70s rember parents driving us across an interstate bridge .When we got home watched news next day it had flooded out and at least one death of a car taken out. Was in middle of night and rainstorm plus 70s Arizona so not the traffic we have now. But stuck in my mind happened probably with an hour or less of us crossing. So even though newbies it never floods in Phoenix they are wrong.

  6. “We need milk and bread will you pop to the shop babe?” “Errrrmm! It’s raining I better give it an hour.” “Babe we got no milk for cereal!” “Fine, pass my coat.”

  7. As I see it, the only way to start to reverse climate change events like we're seing around the the word is to convert our energy sources to "fresh" energy, as direct from the Sun as possible ASAP, and stop depending on "fossil" energy, where sun's energy was accumulated by ancient plant life in carbon molecule bindings, converted to hydrocarbons by geologic processes, time and pressure, which when burned release energy from the carbon molecule bindings, but also put carbon into the atmosphere.

  8. Wholeheartedly agree with your points here but will add that nature developed very efficient processes using sunlight to absorb carbon from the air which humans have set ourselves the task of completely rewinding. I hold little faith that ‘science’ will be able to develop anything that would work at scale and even if it could, we’d be too busy arguing about the economy or our red/blue team to actually do what’s needed.

  9. This isn't really uncommon as it is being made over here. And also this is in the north of Oman where it is mountainous. This is the same as Fujairah in the UAE. And this is what happens when water runs down slopes.

  10. You have a point, but the UAEs own weather department acknowledges that what they received last week was their highest rainfall record for 27 years. Combine that with the volcanoes in Iceland this week, heatwaves in EU, floods in central US and likely so many other weather abnormalities that aren't being discussed and you have a dangerous trend. Climate change denial is a slippery slope to nowhere, no pun intended

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