If you were in Cobra Kai from the very beginning what would make you officially quit and leave cobra Kai?

  1. Cement mixer would have been out for me. That shit could not have been great for them to be in like that, and it’s so unnecessary.

  2. I'd argue that Demetri was being a class-A prick saying that Johnny works for them and has to do what they say. He didn't treat teachers of his public school system like that citing that his parents pay taxes, so why we he do it to a different teacher just because it's not dealing with academics?

  3. Just like Hawk I imagine I would leave when I realised all my friends were gone and it was just Kyler and a bunch of other goons. Then again if I found out Hawk had stolen the medal of honour I might have left then

  4. When Kreese took the dojo out of Johnny’s hands. Even before he got bad again, I never liked Kreese or had a good feeling about him. I’d ride with Johnny for a while, and eventually probably swap over to Miyagi-Do.

  5. Season 8. Sensei Kim realises I'm failing to block her kicks on purpose. She is grossed out. I am politely asked to leave.

  6. When Johnny release a stray of (maybe rabid) dogs to his student. In real life he would be put in prison real quick for child endangerment

  7. The Miyagi war medal theft being made known backed with Johnny being booted out. With Eagle Fang appearing on the scene, I'd already picked up an Eagle Fang shirt to match that season's end. Now I'd swap over to Miyagi-Do since Chozen officially backed it last season, though I'd probably wait until the next season for a new shirt with the unified dojo logo.

  8. Probably after the school fight when Kreese takes control of the dojo and the students turn on Johnny. Yes, Johnny's teachings are pretty brutal but I feel he's just trying to run a business and bring a bright future. also him running Cobra Kai convinced me to join his training

  9. Yeah, staying would come with benefits tbh. If I were to stay till the bitter end, I would just stay out of the trouble with the main characters.

  10. Nobody’s being realistic here. It’s clearly when Johnny literally released junkyard dogs on everyone. They all could’ve literally died

  11. Prob when Krease showed up but I’d prob join again when Silver took over, he def cleaned them up and wasn’t as openly extreme as krease

  12. I guess when terry silver is beaten by that car salesman, how embarrassing would it be if the local car salesman beat your sensei in front of everyone then had him arrested. Before that thing would be gravy, kings of the school, all the smoothies you could drink

  13. The moment Johnny left I would also leave As much as I like Silver as a Character I don't like him as a sensei nor do I like Kreese as a sensei

  14. Work got too busy. Kids started picking up their own after school hobbies. You take a break for a while. You never really intended to. It's been a year now...

  15. As much as I like CK under Johnny in S1-2, I’d have probably left earlier (around the lining up to be punched in the face by Aisha thing or the MOH theft), but if I stayed, I’d leave with Johnny when it was going out of control like a cult.

  16. I had no problem with Johnny's style, I would have if he'd just been tough on me and treated others more calmly. It would come out just as Kreese started to intervene.

  17. Johnny leaving for sure would do it, but idk I'm probably a pussy, probably woulda left at the cement mixer, or the dogs chasing us.

  18. Probably when they trashed the Miyagi dojo... or when they chased Demitri in the Mall, or if any of that made me leave, I would definitely leave after the school fight (in which I wouldn't have participated)...

  19. I'm with Demetri here, Johnny's attitude would have been enough on its own, but seeing a new student beaten up for pointing out we don't have to fear the dude because he has a snake on his wall, would be a clear sign to quit now. No need to wait for cement trucks or being thrown in a swimming pool with your hands tied

  20. The all-out brawl on the first day of the semester, probably. That's when I'd know for sure there are straight-up psychos in Cobra Kai.

  21. I’m not a tough love person. I wouldn’t ever have felt safe being a weak newb there, and as hilarious as I find watching it, I DEFINITELY would’ve bounced the minute Johnny started any kind of chauvinistic/sexist banter.

  22. I love Cobra Kai in the show but if I'm being honest I would probably quit straight away and join Miyagi do because it's a much more peaceful and friendly environment. Then Terry Silver's luxury version of Cobra Kai would probably attract me enough to leave Miyagi do and join them. After a few sessions with Terry I would probably be too afraid to leave lol.

  23. Would’ve been gone with Johnny. I’m overweight and not really athletic. Johnny would probably try to push me hard to get me into shape. Kreese would just say I’m too weak for Cobra Kai and kick me out of there (probably after letting the other students beat the tar out of me).

  24. Johnny was an asshole and a fairly bad teacher at first, so I would leave and find another dojo. If not then, then 100% the cement mixer scene. If not then, then Kreese would kick me out when I refused to kill the mouse. If not, I’d leave when Terry became sensei, because I wouldn’t be able to focus haha 😉

  25. When they insisted that dickheads like kyler and his gang come in and be the top, at that point it’s not even about learning the art, don’t get me wrong, I believe you should be hardcore as fuck when you take on combat, but they got that whole douchebag “bro” skip leg day except football drills Chad wannabe sort of style, I think the best example of the perfect Cobra Kai desciple is hawk, he was wicked skilled, badass, angry and all kyler is is the so called “perfect specimen” with the biggest shit eating grin in the place, he’s only dominant in fights because of his prior athleticism, he doesn’t have the fire in him, the will to fight, he’s so full of himself, he doesn’t even care about the art, or the sport of combat, and that’s just sickening, and the same goes for his posse

  26. Always finding Sensei Lawrence’s toenails in my protein shakes. And the strangest thing with my catching this mysterious 4 year long reoccurring pink eye from, and I quote “stop laying on the floor of the shower and trying to listen for the sound of the ocean in the drain holes”

  27. Kreese's existence, Eli turning into an asshole and the school fight. Like seriously who tf tries to kill someone who kissed their bf? Like being pissed is understandable but trying to kill/injure Sam was too far and I blame Cobra Kai/Kreese.

  28. When Johnny was kicked out. My Sensei was kicked out of our old dojo by the biggest prick ever. She now has her own dojo and I will stand by her side forever.

  29. The karate. Aside from the fact that it's karate, which I get that some people enjoy, the level of karate they're teaching is what I would expect if an 11 year old was teaching. It seems like that would become apparent before the fucky attitudes.

  30. Leave with Johnny definitely, Johnny Lawrence's Cobra Kai was the best... He taught the 3 main rules of Cobra Kai BUT with the exception of not being an asshole and teaching the kids the difference between no mercy... and no honor

  31. Cement mixer training, when Johnny just unleashed a pack of dogs at the students. That would have been it. Now if I managed to stay through all that, then I would probably leave with Johnny.

  32. When hawk left. If HAWK, the biggest badass of badass people in Cobra Kai, says it’s too much and leaves, that’s how you KNOW it’s gone too far.

  33. Probably as I realized, how Kreese brainwashes everyone. Depending on my connection with Johnny, either after Miyagi-Do gets trashed or after the school fight, as Kreese takes over.

  34. If I don't leave after the school fight, which I'd honestly just stay out of or pull the fire alarm like in Mean Girls, I'd definitely quit when Tory starts planning the home invasion. Just nod along, smile politely, slip away and then call the police on the Larusso Home and let them sort everyone out.

  35. As soon as miyagi do started. Free karate by a local celebrity known for their martial arts or pay for some talented drunk who hasn’t grown from his teenage years and puts me in danger multiple times.

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