Selling Collectibles on Facebook Marketplace vs Facebook Groups vs Ebay

  1. I’ve noticed in some Facebook pages that there have been a lot of scamming around (buying, selling, and trading) and it discourages me from selling. I’ve bought from fb pages and tend to get good products at reasonable prices. I tend to trust eBay a bit more and haven’t had issues with them. As far as ghosting I’m guilty of that. My procedure is asking for a price on something and trying to use that as a “marker” of sorts and see if it’s a reasonable price or if I can find it “cheaper” else where. If I do see that it’s a reasonable price I’ll go ahead with the deal.

  2. I’ve tried to sell on fb market but my listing gets lost by everyone else’s listing. Kinda like a shotgun shot that goes everywhere. I’ve sold in fb groups because it’s easier to see n keep track of your item (that you’re selling/buying) (kinda like a pistol shot) eBay is easier to sell because you’re selling something specific (like a sniper rifle). If you post on fb groups you have to manually go in there and write “bump” or something to bring your week old post back to the top of the page for it to be seen. Hope it helps

  3. Strategy....may be what ur already doing but my ztrategy is always price 5-10$ higher and come down immediately as if I'm desperate to sell it. Good Luck

  4. I'll add to this...I rarely comment on anything Interwebs...eBay bears out a market price. The other venues Do Not. Ebay has it's downsides. I'm a long term seller and the change since it started has been disconcerting. If you have "something", and you don't know exactly what that "something" is...put as much information as you have with a good picture(s) and Seekers will Find. Start the price at a level you are willing to part with the item for. Don't do "Buy It Now". Let the auction run it's course. Good Luck!

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