Texas RHP Aaron Nixon transfers to Mississippi State

  1. Looks like this kid has some great stuff and was a freshman All American but his walks went up by more than double this year.

  2. That’s pretty much it. He forgot how to throw strikes. Got to the point where he was basically unplayable.

  3. Seems to be a mental case after the TTU steal home. Lots of walks and then even when he got stuff over the plate it was hit hard

  4. Even this year where he struggled a lot with fastball command. Which is odd considering he had good control with his slider. But couldn’t locate his fastball for crap usually high misses.

  5. I've got both his FB and SL as being 65 grade Stuff+ pitches, with below average Command on the FB. If he can figure that out, he figures to be a solid weapon.

  6. Thanks for the insight. Do you have a website where you have this info or are you like a scout or something?

  7. What velo do you have for his FB? Last year it was more effective in the low 90s and controlling it well, but he was sitting mid 90s more often this year and had the command issues

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