Stuff+ Request Thread

  1. Very disappointed in the lack of curious hog fans. If I may request a lot: Connor Noland, Hagan Smith, Brady tygart, will Mcintire

  2. Tanner Hall - Southern Miss. interested to see how that change up rates. Tyler Martin - Nebraska. Transferring to USM. Not expecting anything great but curious what he has. Hunter Elliott - Ole Miss

  3. Not a request for a specific player, just wondering which players have A) the most impressive Stuff+ and Command+ numbers B) the best pure Stuff guy you’ve seen (perhaps with low command+ and C) the most impressive command+ guys with low stuff+ perhaps

  4. A) The most complete overall guys are Dalton Rogers from Southern Miss, with his fastball being a 80 grade Stuff pitch with 60 grade Command. Landon Sims from MSU, also on the back of an 80 grade Stuff fastball with 55 grade Command, but he also possesses a 65 Stuff/55 Command slider that was also a weapon for him. Will Mabrey from Tennessee is all about the 80 Stuff/70 Command cutter that he has.

  5. Can you do Mason Nichols, Josh Mallitz, and Brandon Johnson? Interested in them after their late regular season to post season run. All of this is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Maryland's 2022 weekend starters Jason Savacool (So), Ryan Ramsey (Jr), and Nick Dean (Jr) all have eligibility left. I don't think Dean is headed for the draft this year, but after the incredible year Ramsey's had, I worry about him leaving for the pros. How are they, and who among the rest of the roster do you think has the most potential to take Ramsey's spot in the rotation if he does go?

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