SEC Transfer Portal Tracker

  1. Great list here. For those of you who care about the Stuff+ numbers on guys, I’ll try to roll them out tomorrow for each team’s commits.

  2. Fantastic list (and a lot more up to date than what I’ve been seeing on other websites) The only thing I noticed is that you accidentally said Koty Frank came “(From Arkansas)” when he was Nebraska.

  3. As much as people hate on vitello, he built a good culture based around competition. If you don’t feel like you can compete for playing time as soon as you step on campus, he doesn’t want you here

  4. I was about to comment on that. I truly think he's built a culture that makes players want to be there and one where the players feel like they are developing under him. He may come off as an ass, but the players know he goes off so much because he cares about them. Obviously they still need to tone it down a bit.

  5. In all seriousness, I do hope Ed Johnson does well for you guys with the standard caveat of not against Auburn.

  6. Believe he’s visited Tennessee, Mississippi State, and LSU. Is planning to visit Arkansas when Team USA Camp wraps up in 2 weeks.

  7. And here I was a little worried about all the other schools getting transfers. I guess you don’t need them if only the graduates and draft guys are leaving. CTV bringing them in and developing them right. I say keep up the show. You only get to do it for a few years and then it’s off to the real world. GBO!

  8. Per Mike Wilson, Tennessee baseball beat reporter for the Knoxville News Sentinel: Tennessee Fr. LHP J.D. McCracken and Tennessee Fr. RHP Grant Cherry are in the portal.

  9. Tenn fans, hope to see Denton play well for yall. Really hurts to see him leave. Happy that hes actually going to play for a good team though.

  10. The only one of the transfers that bothers me is Dylan Leach. He was going to be our starting catcher for the future and hit for the cycle earlier this year. And he's going to Mizzou. YUCK.

  11. Davis Heller (Bama) , Grant Smith (UK transfer), and Shane Wilhelm (Missouri) all play for the summer ball team I work for in Macon, GA. Grant’s the real deal, Shane can sling it, and Davis…. well, he must really swing a metal bat well.

  12. It's surprising to me how many guys are transferring out of Fayetteville... we're losing like 3 or 4 starting position players, iirc; you're telling me nobody wants to compete for those spots?

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