College Baseball Nation's Way-too-early Top 25

  1. Just on the strength of witt and Gordon and trust in pierce I think it's fair, but definitely has some projection on what we'll have outside of those two

  2. pretty sure I saw some early season polls last year that had the ducks ahead of us 😂 so funny considering what always happens when the actual season rolls around

  3. Yeah, we actually debated that. Hjerpe and Pfennings could both be gone as well as Melton and Boyd. There are a couple contributors in the transfer portal as well. That could mean 4-5 new guys in the lineup and 2 new guys in the weekend rotation for the Beavers.

  4. Southern Miss not ranked number one flies in the face of the Mississippi threepeat narrative I've crafted for myself

  5. Being ranked #1 pre-season is the kiss of death. Fly under the radar. Pulling for you (just not against us.)

  6. I feel like #8 is too high for us. Our Saturday pitcher is graduating, and our Sunday pitcher (Waldrep) is transferring out (Florida is the last rumor I heard). If someone has better info about the rest of our arms, I'd love to hear it. I live in the PNW so I'm slow to get any news about my Eagles.

  7. I mean I'm shocked we're 24 considering we will most likely lose Sonny, Howell, our two best bullpen arms(Burkhalter, Skipper) and maybe 2-3 starters(Mullins, Barnett, Bright). Maybe more.

  8. I think that is too high for my Rebs. We are definitely losing Elko and Dunhurst and probably Graham and Bench. We need some really good transfers in the off season.

  9. Kemp steps in for elko. Burford for bench, Harris for dunhurst. Mccants, leatherwood for graham. Don’t necessarily need to look to the transfer portal. But I do believe we are going to get some juco guys just like we did this past year. I also love our team USA meddling

  10. Personally I’d wait to around August to do a ranking. You get the picture of who’s leaving for MLB Draft or going to/staying in college and who is transferring where.

  11. We have a decent amount of talent transferring in and we had talent last season as well, I think #23 is a good spot for us right now and if we have a repeat of last season, we'll drop right out

  12. We're worried about the loss of some key leaders from this year's team. It'll be interesting to see how Texas State can bounce back.

  13. I’m new to college baseball. How much talent is Virginia Tech losing that they’re not in the preseason top 25? Or did they just way over perform this year so they aren’t expected to do as well next year?

  14. Top 3 bats are gone, probably Biddison as well. Firoved is gone, Hurney and Higgins are likely gone as well. Pitching should still be in a fairly decent spot next year with Green and Hack back, my guess is that Worley will step into the Sunday role. Bullpen is a question mark currently, but we have a big transfer that hasn’t been officially named to the public yet that should slot right in as the closer. We won’t be as good as we were this past season, but I wouldn’t be shocked if we ended as a top 20 team next season.

  15. Putz and Prajzner are coming back, and Findlay will be the Friday guy. Now that Swarbrick sees that our team can be good, he’ll put high expectations for Link’s successor.

  16. Coach seemed to be the driving factor for ND due to them way outperforming expectations — and he’s gone.

  17. The last few years have been really hard in the world and I think getting LSU back to Omaha is a step towards recovery.

  18. The only ranking I'm concerned with is the final one at the end of the regular season, and then the goal is to be anywhere in the top 8. After that the results on the field are what counts.

  19. Surprising to see us in Top 10. Basically a whole new infield, and outfield. Only real good news is some good pitching coming back with Tygart, Smith, (a hopefully better) Wiggins, and some others I’m sure I’m missing. But, seems pretty much like a “In DVH and Transfer Portal We Trust” next season.

  20. Really need to get over to College Park and watch the Terps, had no idea that they had built a pretty decent team. Probably the best baseball I am going to see around the beltway right now.

  21. Ready to buy in for another season of hype for East Carolina’s first ever trip to Omaha, only for them to choke in the super regionals.

  22. Hurd, Tebrake, and Little could be the best rotation in the country next year. The fall will be important in terms of development/injuries.

  23. Lmao LSU has 2 transfers who could legitimately be the 2 best players in the country, plus another 3 transfers who could be comfortably above average SEC starters, plus an all-time level recruiting class, PLUS returns the vast majority of a borderline t25 roster. If LSU gets half of its prep class onto campus, this will be the best roster in college baseball. They could have 7 first round picks on the diamond at once.

  24. Surprised to see Arkansas in the Top 10. Only return 1 starting fielder (Stovall), should have some solid arms in Smith, Tygart, Wiggins, and potentially McBride and Morris.

  25. Curious about y'alls assessment of the Texas Aggies. Losing Rock, our leader in OBP and HRs, Claunch, Palisch, maybe Moo and Micah too.

  26. Despite my bias. Miami seems a lil too highly ranked considering how much we lived and died by our one good relief pitcher and home runs

  27. How anyone can put Arkansas out of their top 5 is beyond me. They've been too good over the last 5 years and longer really to deserve anything less.

  28. 8 of our starting 9 from the postseason will likely have left the program by next year, either to the draft, graduation, or transfer. We’ll probably be good again, but with that much turnover it’s hard to say HOW good.

  29. Trust me, that’s fine with us. We really don’t like being in pre-season top 5s. We do WAY better when we can play the victim card haha.

  30. I know baseball isn’t the driving force behind the addition of the LA schools, but it’s a nice perk that the B1G is upgrading its baseball, basketball and Olympic sport portfolios

  31. I don't think you can disappoint them any more than last year. They were so disappointed that even I became disappointed for them, and I'm not even a Tennessee fan

  32. Hard to be disappointed about 2 trophies when we were predicted to finish 4th in the division. But keep bragging about the Omahogs with zero titles

  33. Looking over the roster, Maryland returns a lot. We're losing Chris "Bubba" Alleyne and Nick Robinson, for sure. Not sure if Maxwell Costes is gonna use the extra year of eligibility (COVID) or not, not sure if Ryan Ramsey is gonna leave for the draft. Still should have a lot of key pieces coming back. Would love another season like this last one.

  34. The loss of Bubba will be big, but manageable. Schreffler can play center and we will fill in another outfielder. Thankfully our hitting was so well balanced this year; we have threats all throughout the lineup. The pitching is the biggest question mark. Which starters returns? Can our bullpen improve? We will see

  35. I honestly thought y'all would lose Checketts this offseason. It'll be interesting to see what Jordan Sprinkle and Cory Lewis decide if/when they get drafted. My instinct is that UCSB will be the favorites in the Big West. I'm interested to see what LBSU does as well.

  36. Preseason rankings for this past season were actually pretty good. Over half of the preseason top 8 ended up making it to Omaha.

  37. Vandy seems like the only thing it could lack is infield hitting next year similar to this year though their pitching should actually be better.

  38. Because while everyone was playing baseball late into June, Jay was working. Made a couple nice pulls from the portal and this lineup will be loaded. Also #1 recruiting class. If half of them make it to Baton Rouge it will still be a great class.

  39. Vanderbilt has THREE! Top 10 commits from this year's high school graduates. Of course they could lose them to the draft, but damn that would be a good haul

  40. We lost a lost of talent and will have to replace Link and Rich Wallace on the coaching end. Gonna have a lot to prove.

  41. I thought it was too low. You think USM and Wake Forest are more likely to be in Omaha than Arkansas? History suggests otherwise.

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