I’m brand new to Spawn… wish me luck.

  1. Spawn was like every other Image Founder book, all about making the artist bigger than the characters and story was optional. I collected maybe the first 25 issues back in the 90s before giving up.

  2. I think I only lasted 4-5 before I gave up. What made Spawn popular among kids in those days was that it was the first comic printed on glossy paper with a glued square back.

  3. That’s what appealed to me. Kind of a unique character. I actually love odd characters like Swamp Thing. I figured I’d give spawn a try.

  4. If you end up liking it, Compendium 3 going up to issue 150 comes out later this year. I don’t have an exact date, but I saw it available for preorder.

  5. There's an early issue written by Dave Sim (before he lost his mind) and another by Alan Moore, not sure how they hold up but at the time I thought those two were really good... The Gaiman and Frank Miller issues didn't really do much for me and the rest was written by McFarlane, so... You know.

  6. The Spawn/Cerebus crossover was awesome. I had never heard of Cerebus before that & ended up getting into that comic soon after

  7. The Alan Moore issue was always my favorite. I didn’t even really know who Alan Moore was til years later.

  8. I read compendium one last month. It’s a slow burn. Decently solid. Artwork is really good. Hoping it gets less wordy as the compendiums progress. Overall tho I would still recommend it! Have fun!

  9. Oh god, the nineties.... the horror, the horror... the devil is coming and he brings McFarlane that will walk among us...

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