I'm recovering from covid and got rejected for my top uni this week I need some positivity 🖤

  1. Kay so you hair is my goal - your makeup is on point - LOVE THE NECKLACE and that color really suits you!...also great brows and complexion...just overall 10/10

  2. If you're going in for your AA just think if all the money you're saving, you can always reapply! Recovering from COVID means you should be safe for a bit~ You have such a pleasent face but I can't put my finger on why Do you curl your hair or is in naturally like that? Because damn, it's so pretty

  3. I'm sorry I don't know what an AA is! My hair is curled like this, naturally its at that 'not quite wavy and not quite straight' state

  4. Well you can always have a career in modelling or acting with such stunning looks and a smart brain to apply anywhere

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