When I’m visiting my parents, I sometimes watch them sleep

  1. The fact you’re doing it out of concern for their health makes me feel like your intentions are good and it definitely isn’t psychopathic

  2. Im a registered nurse, and if I were in your shoes, I honestly would be doing the same thing. I had to in order to wake up a patient because her O2 sat dropped dangerously low every time she fell asleep. Doctor literally ordered me to walk in there every couple minutes and check her. I had 5 other patients. Please try to get them on cpap again, or to look onto prescribed OSA mouthpieces !

  3. Not creepy at all, it sounds like you care. My dad has sleep apnea and sometimes you really do have to watch him because it seems like he skips breathes more and more. Even though he sleeps alot, it seems like it doesn't help with his tiredness. I resonate and understand your concern big time. Please continue to monitor your parents but also mind their privacy when need be.

  4. My cat snores. I love when she sleeps on my bed and I also watch her. It’s very peaceful and comforting for some reason.

  5. I don’t know how many times I’ve done that lol. It’s usually met with “That wasn’t us, you were just making that sound”.

  6. I feel like a monster now, because sometimes I would gently touch them or do something, which will make them readjust themselves; they stop snoring for sometime.

  7. They once watched over you while you slept, too. I bet they still do when they get a chance. When you were a baby they probably watched you sleep for hours.

  8. When my dad passed away, whenever I walked into my mum’s room to get something I used to just pause for a minute or two to make sure she was still breathing. Not exactly the same as your situation, but what you’re doing is not psychopathic at all.

  9. I do this with my dad as well. I used to do it with pets. My dad falls asleep on the couch really easily because he gets exhausted at work so I sit and stare at his chest to make sure it’s moving so I know he is breathing. This is a regular concern for me so it’s mandatory I check he’s okay

  10. The way you will know if they do have sleep apnoea is they will appear to stop breathing for short periods and then splutter coming up for air. Loud snoring can be signs of other problems but the stopping and starting breathing is one sure sign. another is how sleepy they get during the day when they are awake. If they regularly find they are falling asleep in the day that is an additional flag.

  11. I live with my mom and I watch her sleep. Sometimes I get anxious that she’s not resting enough so I make sure she’s actually sleeping. We all have habits we developed to check on our loved ones. I hope you can convince them to get a sleep study. P

  12. I didn’t think I’d snore either. Then I got a snoring app that records the sounds I make when asleep. I snore … a lot. Maybe a snoring tracker would be able to open your parents‘ minds, too.

  13. Watching people sleep can be very peaceful and almost adorable. It's just been made creepy by people who do it for ''the wrong reasons''. Back when I was with my ex I loved seeing her sleep, same with other people I've been with. It's just so calming, and it gives a sort of feeling of protectiveness. Like me watching them is making sure they're safe and they'll sleep well

  14. My daughter does this with me because in 2018 I died of a heart attack. Was clinically dead for 20 minutes and had to be shocked 5 times before I was revived. Then flown out flight for life. She witnessed all of this and it affected her deeply. She's 18 now and does not live with me anymore. So now I get random phone calls through out the night and day. "Just checking in on you, Mom." I don't mind because it helps her mental health.

  15. I watch my neighbor from 3A sleep all the time. She doesn’t know that I know about her key under the mat. These things are perfectly normal.

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