My wife of 2 years revealed she has a kind of weird fetish and we gave it a shot.

  1. I read it first andy reaction was immediately "oh shit they bought a dog to fuck" . Reading the actual post didn't seem so bad after.

  2. And eating ass too. Like eating ass is gross and all but no one cares. You want to act like a dog and suddenly that's weird.

  3. lol reading OP's post i thought it would be something controversial but finding out it's petplay I was confused for a second at how that could be considered a weird fetish. guess it depends on the kinda groups you hang out with.

  4. You should ask your wife if she'll share with you any erotica or porn she liked on this. It might help you piece together what she likes as it's such a out of left field concept to you.

  5. Communication is important, and remember to pre-set boundaries! Nothing kills the mood like a line being crossed when everything else is going well.

  6. This is awesome! You’re really a great husband for helping her with this. I know you get your “reward” at the end but what you’re doing for her is reward beyond that! I hope you two many years of happiness! This story made me smile and at the same time sad I don’t have such a loving man like you anymore 💕

  7. This is what a healthy relationship with your partner looks like everyone. She wanted to try something that obviously took her a VERY long time to ask, which means it was extremely difficult for her to do so.

  8. Awesome. I'm envious. Not for the new pet, but for the fact that you have such a good relationship she would be open about this and for you to go along with it. That's fantastic. Glad it seems to be working for both of you.

  9. You really are are a team player; good Job. Ohh, she is also building the courage to tell you about another thing she is into.

  10. Hahaha I don’t kink shame. I’ve been a dabbler in many a kinky thing, even pet play. As long as you keep it safe and consensual, enjoy yourselves and don’t worry what other people might think.

  11. Rarely do I read a post where I laugh and smile as I keep reading. Hilarious post, thanks for sharing

  12. I fucking lost it at "playing fetch right now" and tl:dr got a new doggie, just the whole mental image of being cozy in the couch reading Reddit and playing fetch with the doggie is fucking wholesome in a weird way

  13. Dude, what is a relationship but 2 people being really fucking weird and feeling safe about it when they are together?

  14. Pet play ain’t my kink at all but I’ve been around puritain types like you enough to know that the strongest detractors of weird but ultimately harmless sexual practices are generally the ones whose actual preferences border on jail-worthy.

  15. People are fucking weird. I understand most kinks but pretending to be a dog is some kinda mental shit that needs to be unpacked and worked out. 😂

  16. I used to be into this, it's fun and freeing. There's a lot of scenarios you can create. Thank you for being kind and open to your wife.

  17. Next time she goes after your leg, roll up a newspaper and smack her on the ass and call her a bad dog. She probably also wants you to assert some control and that means you control when you have sex (in a fun way). Make her work for it. And if you don’t believe me, ask her. I mean that sincerely. Communication is key.

  18. Sounds to me, that regardless of your previous interests in this particular fetish, you are open and down for whatever turns her on, and vice versa. Which is awesome. Seems to be a twist on the sub/dom dynamic IMHO. Enjoy yourselves while exploring this. Also, take this as a chance to pitch some ideas of your own that may have been kept to yourself. Willingness to explore and experiment with each other should not be taken for granted. I'm pretty willing to bet that you have good communication and conversation about most subjects. Nothing is "normal" and nothing is "weird" when it comes down to 2 consenting adults whom love each other and care for mutual fulfillment in all aspects of a relationship. If you both get turned on by what turns each other on....I'll be the first to wish y'all Happy 100th anniversary, in advance. Tell her she's a good girl, and I'm sure she'll keep making you feel good too!

  19. I have a puppy and a few cows. The excitement they feel from being their "true self" is what turns me on the most. You can see them really enjoying themselves and feeling comfortable. Good luck on your future endeavors, and don't forget how much puppies like pets!

  20. As with most kink confessions on this sub, I doubt this story is remotely true. OP is the one with the pet play kink and just wants to talk about it in the guise of a wholesome "confession".

  21. Bi man here. Pup play is big in the gay/bi community and are big part of the scene. As long as everyone is consenting then why the hell not. Give a dog a bone.

  22. I’m picturing Dave Chappelle saying, “can you stop barking at me? You’re making my penis soft!”

  23. I experienced this with a woman who enjoyed being a cat. I did the same, leash, cat food, and even the little tiny mice she’d chase around. And of course the mouse on a string was great too.

  24. I wonder at what point fetishes can be considered mental illness. Is there research/documentation on this?

  25. Please never get an actual dog. And tell your neighbors to keep their dogs away from yalls place. Put her on shelters red list, for animals and kids. Never hangout at a dog park. Ask your relatives to board their pets if y’all are coming around.

  26. Good for you guys. How do these fetishes start though? I’ve read a bunch of peoples stories and they are always so unique and interesting

  27. hah awesome story. i won’t lie, the whole pet play outfit is kind of a turn on, like, the ears, tail plug, and matching lingerie is hot to me, but i don’t know about the whole actually acting like a pet thing. at least not to the extent of leg humping, eating out of a bowl, and being walked on a leash.

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