I'm doing the worst shit in my life I want to die

  1. Lol i was like “oh man someone is really going through it”. But it turned out to be….wholesome? Either way it killed me

  2. Probiotics. Send one or two down. It's like putting Rid-X in your septic tank. It puts in the GOOD bacteria. It will put back the balance you need to stop this shit. Literally.

  3. this is the god shit that has woken the part of my brain from slumber that is making me eat like shit and now I'm gonna try and change my diet 🙏

  4. Aw man. Did you eat something spicy? I get volcano butt after eating really spicy stuff. I built up a tolerance but sometimes I take up to 11 and eat something so insanely hot the food fumes peel paint. One time I ordered really spicy wings and threw on some Carolina Reaper sauce on them. The bottle had the grim reaper riding a horse with the caption "this is REALLY going to hurt."

  5. Are you from the U.S? I live in finland and taco bell here tastes like water. Why the hell does taco bell destroy your stomach in other places?? 😩

  6. I think we’re in the same boat guy. I’ve been vomiting and get extremely strong waves of nausea along with full on super soaker diarrhea. I feel like I’m going to pass. I can actively feel my muscles feeing more and more fatigued.

  7. Did a huge shit earlier then some tiny shit came out and it stung so bad had to wait a minute before clearing up. The whole thing took 3 flushes. I called them tripple flushers

  8. Lmao the first thing I did when I realised the type of dump it was is going on Reddit looking for people with similar experiences.

  9. …The beer you spilt as a result of my laughing at this. I was able to save a quarter of it, but I can’t stop laughing. God, I needed this. Lmao Thank you.

  10. I know the feeling brother. When you’re pushing so hard your sweating and tiny bits of lava shit are seeping out. I’ve been sat on the bog for hours with those kind of shits. I’m praying for you

  11. I sympathize op, ate some spicy kfc once and oh lord on the toilet at 3 am my feet felt fucking numb with my bum on fire

  12. …actually wholesome… (in a sort of poopy way…) if it helps… My mom used to tell me to elevate my knees with a tiny stool and hit your knees are the best things in your time of need…

  13. I actually read about two people recently from Reddit that had god awful shits and they were sweating and shaking and puking and diarhheaing all over their bathtub. They both went into the bathtub to shit. Well a couple days later, I too was hit with the worst shit of my life. I thought I was going to die. I was taking antibiotics and I woke up at 3 am, puking burping feeling shit. It took me like another hour to remember the Reddit stories and crawl into the tub naked. Then I lay supine in Child's pose and felt such relief as my ass shot out a mountain of shit. I am still in awe that I had sooooo much shit. it was the biggest shit of my life. Child's pose. Bathtub. Do it. BLEACH BLEACH BLEACH

  14. Red pepper will do that everytine. The dish might not seem that spicy but it will on the way out. My dad used to get this chip dip mix from somewhere in Texas that was amazing but 5 hours later you would be cursing every chip you ate. it would lite your ass on fire liberally.

  15. I'm so sorry. Right after you shit, start the bath and full it until it reaches 3 inches, then take an ass bath. You'll feel better quickly

  16. I don’t eat hot peppers often, but I once ate a Carolina reaper strait up. I know your pain brotha, deep breaths

  17. Rn I’m dealing with something called an “anal fissure” you don’t know ass pain until you’ve dealt with this

  18. Same brother! I'm so incredibly constipated, and because I can only pass one small piece of turd at a time, I have to go number 2 every 30-40 minutes. My sphincter has gotten a bigger workout than a pornstar doing an anal gang bang scene. I'm taking a medication that slows my digestion, so the poo gets backed up in my gut, and dries out while it's just sitting there. It feels like I've been shitting baseballs, when I get the urge I never know if I should try and force it,or let the urge pass. The problem with the former is that it can literally feel like I am going to tear my hole apart. The pain is unreal. Ive found that actually standing up when trying to pass these rock hard poops brings a little relief, but then you have the added problem of ensuring that your aim is true and the turds make it into the bowl. All the while I am grunting with pain and drenched in sweat, my legs shaking and my knuckles white from the death grip I am deploying on the towel rack. I let out something close to a scream as my anus approaches maximum dilation. I am afraid that it won't make it out, that the pain will be too much and I will cease the clenching, preventing the turd from escaping and causing it to be sucked back into the rectal canal. This has happened more than once and is a supremely uncomfortable feeling, as you are forced to move around with the poop crowning out of your o-ring, squishing on your cheeks as you walk. The problem with just calling off the movement if it seems like it will be too painful is that I have become so full of shit that I think I am in danger of impaction. I actually can feel the pressure of the poo on my lower intestine and have experienced excruciating spasms more than once now. I fear that if I am not able to pass a significant amount of feces I will have to be manually disimpacted at the E.R, and I might seriously rather die than have a stranger dig around in my ass with his fingers. I just want you to know that this stranger can feel your pain. I am having excruciating poops myself and I stand with you in solidarity.

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