I made this meme myself. Save and hold for when the election overturns, market crashes, and Covid turns out to be overplayed.

  1. I really ought to start a betting company, where I put bets on certain dates that the election will be overturned. Like, turned over by this December 1:5 odds. Or evidence of election fraud 1:1000.

  2. You could also do a point system where you get point based on how close you get it, most points at the end of the year gets the “kitty”.

  3. Everybody understands that if the election gets nullified that Nancy Pelosi becomes President right? There is no mechanism for Trump to be installed in office unfortunately….

  4. What’s the mechanism for overturning the election? The only path I see is Trump runs for Congressman in 2022 and wins and gets named Speaker AND the Republicans take both house AND 2/3 of the Senate. Impeach and convict both to get the Speaker as Prez. A very unlikely outcome that’s worthy of a WWE level storyline and twist. Then again Trump is in the WWE Hall of Fame…

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