Just an interesting theory regarding the vaccines. If they start to promote 2-3x annual boosters, you probably know why

  1. What doesn't make sense is that if this for example was to be true you would think that they would vaccinate more in over populated places like China and India. Or in continents like Asia and Africa.

  2. I came across a documentary that indicated that certain factions are trying to rid the world of their greatest competition & equal.

  3. A lot of conspiracy theorists believe they want to end the white race, and there is a lot of evidence to support that. They would happily import people from other racial communities who are so socioeconomically oppressed that they will accept slave-class jobs.

  4. Fuck me is this why interracial relationships is also being punted so hard in absolutely everything we hear and watch ? Makes me wonder.

  5. SS: Has been posted here before (a long time ago, like months). Reposting because I want you to remind it and for the ones who haven't seen it

  6. I am not surprised. The obsession that everybody must take the jab. How they are willing to deploy the police to silence any opposition, the constant fear mongering and wanting to vax the kids too.

  7. Not just the schedule. They licensed the lipid delivery system used by the vaccine from the animal sterilizer as well. Animal sterilization biotech is in the vaccines, literally.

  8. It would be pretty convenient that msm pushed so hard on the ivermectin propoganda in order to prime the populace so they would absolutely not see a connection between sterilization and what we do to horses.

  9. Sticking with the animal theme; Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, medical credentials extend as far as a 1985 Veterinary Degree, and that's it 🤷‍♂️

  10. If this were the plan the sucky part is that we would never be able to attribute the damage directly to the vaccine. The MSM articles would be "Why can't Gen Z have children?" in twenty years. Just as vaccine skeptic doctors with real data are silenced now they will be then.

  11. This is just a theory. However we can't deny the fact that something, probably evil, is going on regarding these vaccines. Why else would Bill Gates get turned on when 'mass vaccination' is mentioned to him?

  12. They certainly have a lot of paralells in this article with the "population problem" certain people see in humans.. and with a lot of present day things. You could pretend it wasn't about horses at all, but priming / and dry run on human reaction... And how to thin 80 percent of the herd..

  13. I think these vaccines are not for covid, but something else. What if these are vaccines are for a virus not yet released. The people with the vaccine would be fine and those who didn’t get it would die. This way they could purge the earth of the ungovernable, of people who refuse to be sheep.

  14. What an interesting theory. I thought about it as well! Maybe all those effects like myocarditis etc. are production mistakes or are used to thin out the population with specific genes.

  15. Resource depletion. We're using up their resources. For example, there's only so much oil in the ground. No matter how hard we dig and drill, we are going to wind up in less rich and less forgiving ground. It will get harder and harder to just jam a pipe in the ground and have liquid oil blast its way to the surface.

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