So I’ve had a theory recently on how to stop the damage being done by the Covid shots. Dr. Robert Malone just confirmed my theory on Stew Peters.

  1. Thank you! I posted it several times and it was removed instantly every time. Apparently if you include a rumble link your post is deleted instantly.

  2. I felt like I had the flu for one day then the rest just felt like a sinus infection/common cold. When I was diagnosed with Covid I was written and order for the monoclonal antibody infusion.

  3. Do you think the virus spike protein does similar damage too? Do you think the spike protein continues to damage or just for a brief time? Really interesting topic brought up.

  4. Yes the spike protein from the virus can damage us as well. The vaccine spike protein is just a little different. Malone explains this in his video with Rogan.

  5. Very interesting indeed, considering the rationing and distribution. Will keep an eye out for more info on this subject, see if it pans out.

  6. Ivermectin will do the same thing - it bonds with the spike protein, disabling it. That's why it's very effective in preventing covid when given in very low doses before infection. Of course it is also very effective at higher doses (12-20mg depending on your body weight) once you have covid. It has other "mechanisms of action" against covid too, but disabling the spike protein also helps you avoid damage from the vaccines.

  7. Yep. I actually just filled a prescription for it as we speak. I first heard Pierre Kory talk about ivermectin use when he was using it in the ER. I have been pushing it since then. It’s amazing how they have pushed the whole “horse dewormer” nonsense to act like it’s not a safe drug when it’s on the WHO list of essential medicine and billions of doses are donated every year by Merck for river blindness.

  8. This is only if the damage is done via a spike protein. I'm just thinking out loud here: if the vax hurts your body in another way then monoclonal would only protect against one avenue, right?

  9. Yes the main damage done by the shots is from the circulation of the spike protein. The other damage done is from the lipid nanoparticles that are residing in bone marrow and ovaries. My understanding is the monoclonal will only help with the damage being done by spike.

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