Why is Robert Malone everywhere?

  1. So was Dr Peter. But what does Malone has better than Dr Peter? A title, "Inventor of mRNA tech" A title that can make believe masses. The same title that was stripped away when he interviewed with Bret Weinstein a year and half ago.

  2. You guys are WILD if you really are going to discredit the ONLY credited man putting his life’s work on the line to tell you that the science is far from settled. He has never pretended to have every single answer, the man has the ability to say I DONT KNOW. When has Fauci ever said those words? He says he IS science, and that the data is clear when it’s Anything BUT clear!

  3. Again, I personally like Dr Malone. Nothing about the point he presents. My only point is he is being given all the stage while he was ostracized for the same things he said for two years. Nothing about Dr. Malone personally. But when something or the other goes mainstream it is either because it gets views or it has ability to drive the narrative. And almost all of the time it is both. Do I believe he is telling the truth? I did for last 18 months. The same MSM who didn't even look in his direction are now trying to give him voice. Now that after two years and vast majority of people have already lost faith in the current people, they will have a fallback guy and new messiah. How many times has this happened before? You tell me.

  4. You can’t divide and conquer without an opposition to narrative! And you just use moles such as Joe rogan to appease the opposition and keep the fuled. This has been perfected. Note how brexit on the uk was literally 50/50 almost. Same with the American election almost 50/50. The use of social media and tabloid newspapers targeting people with manipulation propaganda is done so perfectly they divide us almost equally! And people say this isn’t done purposely

  5. I came to the conclusion a few days ago that Malone is controlled opposition. It only makes sense. I learned that term from this sub. We know division is in their best interest. This stokes division. I’m talking division at the family level. Let alone everything else. ( Side note, can you think of other time in modern history where division at the family level was a means to an end? How’s that play out?)

  6. Malone seems to be Rockefeller Syndicate controlled opposition. Overlords might be setting up the “rug-pull” described in Johns Hopkins’ SPARS exercise that some have spoken of. If it goes that way, the masses will be angry and it would lead us into the overlords’ “Great Reset”.

  7. SS: Robert Malone appearing anywhere and everywhere seems like a sign that they want to gain confidence. On a similar note I see a lot of "awakened" people who are double/triple jabbed. This is all just to please the masses.

  8. Agenda's at play. What exactly I don't know, but it is tooo much. Even though he speaks truth, to be on Rogan, and Fox and whatever... agenda.

  9. I'm glad you're awakened to the contrast. It appears to me to be anecdotal evidence that the long game of this is eventually to flip the script/narrative, and we are at an inflection point of the curve.

  10. I think you are right about this... I'm not sure if you read about the SPARS pandemic exercise but that was kind of the end scenario- many vax injuries and distrust in government.

  11. Probably because now people are beginning to understand that when the government and big tech censor someone it's not because they are wrong, they are damaging the narrative being pushed. If what they were doing was actually scientifically sound then they could easily answer the questions with evidence. That they just ban it shows they cannot argue it.

  12. The people calling him controlled opposition are probably the same shills attacking him the past couple days on here.

  13. Agreed. But when I say I have known him, what I mean is I know how he was censored and called a fake. Even to the extent that he isn't mentioned anywhere as even being a member of the team who led mRNA technology.

  14. I think it's important to find the people who are not "for" or "against" shots, but rather for informed consent. Malone got the shot. But he's serious about informed consent, especially for young people. Calculating risk reduction for INDIVIDUALS is the key here. Not blanket policies where we end up with thousands of kids with cardiac injuries, who would fare well against the actual virus in an attempt to give 80 year olds another 10 years. 80 year olds who got to have their lives, their education, etc already and honestly should be the ones sitting this one out at home and or getting vaxed. I think most elderly people agree with me here, honestly. The ones I know do, for sure.

  15. He’s being pushed so hard, I’ve yet to listen to the joe rogen podcast. I just don’t need another expert to preach to me things I’ve already observed and found out for myself. I don’t need “experts” to verify my every decision. The constant push feels like the lefts constant push to “listen to the experts” It basically just feels like an agenda to not think for yourself, no matter what side of the aisle you sit on.

  16. Thanks for putting my thoughts into the words. Malone has been only repeating what he said, maybe might have added something new as well. But for me if something is applauded and held high by the masses, I tend to be critic of it. Especially when it is only seen on the internet. Malone making it on the fox was a big red sign. Along with the term, "people are waking up" it always sounds sinister.

  17. If you watched the movie don’t look up on Netflix, you’d see it’s always about ratings. We all want to feel validated. By likes or by ratings or whatever. Remember Trump? I get the best ratings

  18. This I realized in around 2016, the same time I left the social media for good. But thanks for putting this up here. I tend to miss out such points sometimes.

  19. They are using him to cause confusion. There may be a narrative coming where there is a backlash coming to those pushing the vaccines. At the end of the day its about reshaping society to usher in a new age.

  20. I've always had a strange feeling about Malone. I can't even specifically say what the issue is...just a bad/off/strange feeling in my gut.

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