Why is Robert Malone so highly praised?

  1. I agree, and the fact that he is being censored by most outlets is an obvious green flag. However, Spotify is still a massive outlet, with a large percentage owned by companies such as Morgan Stanley. I understand they want as many views as possible, but why would these companies allow this information to be disseminated on a radio show when it conflicts with their friends in the pharma industry? This situation is so complex, it can be difficult for me to decipher who is opposition and who is controlled opposition.

  2. I don't get you people at all. So let me get this straight, the MSM cannot for the life of them admit any actual truth, or support any actual data, but someone/people speak out and immediately the narrative is "who are these guys, what's their agenda?"

  3. Malone didn’t create anything by the way, you’ve already bought into his manufactured authority on mRNA vaccines. He made an early contribution to the field of mRNA over 30 years ago, and said contribution had to be improved upon considerably for it to be viable to be used in vaccines.

  4. The first combustion engine was patented in 1806, it used dry plant spores in an airtight copper device. It wasn't until almost 70 years later that a patent for what more closely resembles a modern ICE engine was filled. In the following century and a half the ICE engine has undergone countless revisions and improvements as our knowledge of metallurgy, stoichiometry, mechanical efficiency (etc) increased. The fact that today we have V12 supercharged DOHC engines doesn't mean that the original design wasn't absolutely pivotal in getting the whole thing kicked off. And even then, just like Malone's work, the principles of the first combustion engine were founded on work/research that others had conducted in the centuries preceding the 1806 patent.

  5. Fair enough, and I appreciate the reply, however I haven't seen an interview yet where he has corrected the host when introducing him as the inventor of mRNA technology.

  6. He is the inventor of mRNA technology. He is the expert. It’s really sad and extremely disheartening that his motives are questioned. It’s pathetic he even has to defend himself.

  7. In my country they more or less forced most people to comply or stop coming into work. When they complied Jan 1 came around this year and they are back to working from home and if essential back to two weeks in two weeks at home. Only the vaccinated are getting sick now. Zero was accomplished other then destroying the economy and destroying peoples lives.

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