(ON, Canada) Unvaccinated healthcare workers face termination, yet COVID-positive healthcare workers may soon be allowed on the job.

  1. Also on the table for Alberta. Just before Christmas the government said it was going to "temporarily" call back unvax workers under certain stipulations Jan. 10th.

  2. Fcking insane isn't it?! Gotta love libtards thinking they're on some moral high ground because they're complying to every single thing the government wants. These people are toxic to our communities as they don't have brains. They've been hijacked and filled with misinformation and propaganda. Every single nurse and doctor that got fired due to the mandates should laugh in the faces of their previous employers. I'd never ever work for the system again after the way it treated you fellow health care workers.

  3. Hey guys so new rules, if you have Covid but you've been vaxxed, you can come to work even though you're contagious as fuck. But if you don't have Covid and you're not vaxxed, we don't want you here because you're a danger to everyone hurrr da durrrrrrrr

  4. Vaccinated people are allowed to spread the virus because they're considered immune, lots of people get sick because vaccinated people still get sick, they blame unvaccinated people.

  5. The responsibility of these health care workers is to say no to coming back to work when they are contagious which forces them to rehire the terminated employees. That's what should be done.

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