To all those people complaining about why we keep talking about COVID in this subreddit....

  1. It is the culmination of everything that’s been said here for years. Federal reserve, Kennedy assassination, military industrial complex, media control, psyops, 9/11, spying on citizens, detention centers, legal corruption, medical establishment take over. It’s all part of the whole, anyone telling you this sub has lost its touch for focusing on this current issue does not understand what this sub represents.

  2. Damn't, I just posted almost the same thing, even using the word "culmination" lol. You beat me to it!

  3. Agreed, and even all the horrible MK Ultra "research" that was done is also being leveraged, every conspiracy is evolving around this one, they want unlimited slaves to abuse and use as weapons, and so forth, with them and their "god" (Satan) as ruler. The Christian's book of signs, Revelation, and everything talked about on this site, it's here, now. Just a few things have yet to happen, the beast (666) has yet to show himself, they'll claim he's an alien or some crap, they are nothing more than demons, alive because the true God permits it, for now, but that will change.

  4. It's really the culmination of a ton of conspiracies into one giant event: NWO/Great Reset, population reduction, corrupt lying government, big pharma, surveillance/big brother, controlled fake media, etc. All of it rolled into this.

  5. You forgot to mention it all started when Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself and the pedo elite were about to be exposed

  6. If the vaccine is truly meant to be used as a tool for depopulation than it's too late. Over 9 billion shots have been given. So if that's the 2 jab combo you have 4.5 billion people "fully" vaxxed.

  7. Those on the left: why do you trust big pharma so much? Do you not know about the revolving door between the CDC and big pharma? The past indiscretions of entities like Pfizer?

  8. Yeah my thoughts exactly. We are all here to discuss conspiracies and nobody wants to talk about the biggest conspiracy of them all, that we are currently living in! I mean wtf

  9. It's everywhere. People are tired of seeing this shit. Propaganda vs propaganda on top of propaganda inside of a conspiracy that's inside of another conspiracy. Nothing makes sense anymore.

  10. Exactly. I think the powers that be are the biggest peddlers of those bullshit conspiracies. Ufos, Bigfoot, flat earth, moon landing... What have you. Typical conspiracy discussion.

  11. Tbf it is hardly a conspiracy at this point. Even my Mum knows the whole thing is bent as a nine bob note (FUBAR). She told me I was mental when I first showed her the WEF great reset vids…

  12. The US government is mostly run by Blackrock and Vanguard. And CitiGroup, but they are owned by the former. The big tech 5 also play a role, but are also owned by those two investment banks/ fonds managers. JPMorgan and Goldman of course also play a role, but again, partially owned by the former.

  13. All roads lead to Rome: Great Reset, transhumanist society and Social Credit System via vax passport, in other words, a population of slaves, and their Top 1% Masters.

  14. I try to explain this to people. I live in a good state where we don't have the crazy stuff happening directly, but I try so hard to get people to vocally oppose before it slowly spreads here. If we get a democrat for governor it could instantly change for the worse. Which pains me to say as someone that hated both parties equally my whole life. At this point there are way way more republicans that are against mandates and lockdowns.

  15. I absolutely agree! What is happening right now has never ever happened before. The sheer scale of it is enormous. And regardless of how this all ends, it will change everything or very close to everything. And yet, there are people out there who want to talk about bigfoot and ufos instead... Or, perhaps, they simply want to pretend that nothing is happening and bigfoot helps them escape the actual reality happening all around us.

  16. I agree and I would add, make sure to watch everything else that's going on. A lot can be accomplished when you have literally EVERYONE distracted. This tactic has been used many times but not on this scale, from what I can tell.

  17. Exactly.. I keep waiting for this sub to be gone and it will be that much harder to keep up with everything going on. Please, everyone look up Defeat the Mandates, a march in DC set for January 23rd.

  18. Because it's in a place were a lot of people talk about things that are batshit insane with 0 evidence of anything. Discreditation by association.

  19. I hate those ahhh I’m sick of covid talk...well guess what I was sick of the cabal 10 years ago and this is the closest we have seen behind the curtain in a long time. This is the most important thing at the moment anyone that wants off this ship leave now for idk if it’s gonna make it back

  20. Thank you for this. People are being seriously harmed by these BS mandates and covid restrictions, especially the poor and working class who don’t capitulate themselves to the elites and who stand up for themselves.

  21. Many of the Covid posts don’t actual talk about anything substantive. Also, we’ve all been living in a Covid everything world too long and it would be nice to have a variety.

  22. The people who complain about us discussing the pandemic are ridiculous. The pandemic, the virus, the vaccines, the lockdowns, the passports, etc are like a conspiracy theory buffet and its happening in real time. It wouldnt make sense for the pandemic to not be the main topic of a conspiracy forum

  23. Actual experts on covid who you should listen to, at least to consider their point and disproove it if they are wrong:

  24. Seriously, since I have lurked on this subreddit for more than a decade, there have been countless posts about NWO, government take overs, rise of authoritarianism, militarization of police, etc, depopulation through vaccines, micro chip implants, forced vaccinations, and here we are. They are all coming true.

  25. You forgot the biggest conspiracy of all, Communist China releasing a biochemical weapon on the world which started this all. They were getting their ass kicked by Trump and trade, other world leaders were getting on board with punishing Beijing for their practices, they had an aging population that was severely draining on the parties resources, and they knew about their underlying financial troubles with things like Evergreen. Only then the other power entities (big pharmaceutical, some governments, etc) used it to their advantage too. All govts and world leaders know it came from China on purpose yet no one is kicking their ass for it.

  26. Bingo! Tell this guy what he’s won Bob! Usually I’d say you just won a brand new car! But since it’s a pandemic, you just won a brand new booster shot that’s safe and effective for the Eugenicists-are-going-to-kill-your-family variant! Pfizerisnotliableforyourdeathormyocarditis

  27. When you have normies like me flocking to this sub, you know this is the mother of conspiracies! And I used to think you were all a bunch of kooks. Totally vindicated.

  28. Except its not a fucking conspiracy if its well known fact. Its just underground news or Counter Culture, not a conspiracy.

  29. Just a quick side note as well that the Great Awakening was all about the waking up the masses to this plandemic and the evil behind it

  30. Hell yeah plus here n washington state bout to send tax payers or unvaxed to concentration camps! Wtf? Wake up bots fake fuks and cattle brains

  31. Otherwise known as fascism. It sucks. Majority are oblivious and their egos prevent them from seeing the truth. It really is quite the paradox.

  32. If a movement as well armed as those who fight for truth in the JFK assassination we're available during the actual period Of time where the media was still giving attention to the event. Would it still be classified secret decades later? In the days and weeks after 9/11 there was many people speaking loudly but they weren't heard their voice was silenced. Catch phrases like what about the victims we're fed into the mines so no one would listen. Would they have gotten away with it if the voices were heard in Mass at that time and not just a couple random investigators discredited for their heresy.

  33. Outside of private business and government agencies that already have vaccine mandates, who's actually forcing you to get vaccinated.

  34. Everything about this post is on point. Especially the part about people being hypnotized/completely psychotic. My own parents yelled and threatened to disown me over this bullshit.

  35. Have you ever thought that with all the scientific proof, the fact that most countries, even though it's shown their ruling parties in a bad light (and the fact we have never had so many countries all agree on one thing and that being how bad covid is) that it's all doing two things. Firstly showing those people who don't believe in science and will, even with proof, still believe they know better and secondly maybe showing so much about covid is taking our minds of something else that is happening that we should be more worried about? Maybe the world government is showing us something bad which is covid but only so we don't notice the thing we really should have been worried about whatever it is

  36. I don't buy the complaints either. If youre a real conspiracy theorist, you've seen this coming for years. This is agenda 21 in action. It's the culmination of all conspiracies really.

  37. People willing to believe that Jesus was an alien but can't bring themselves to see all the evidence around the plandemic. Crazy

  38. The anti-vaxx stuff is a psyop, most likely by big pharma as part of a ploy to prevent herd immunity. Why sell your product just once when you can sell it every year?

  39. If we lose our bodily autonomy now, we'll never get it back. All future generations will be enslaved. Vax passports are the greatest threat that humanity has ever faced.

  40. Obviously Covid is the biggest conspiracy ever now. It just gets exhausting seeing the same shit everyday. Just my thoughts.

  41. The pandemic is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

  42. "The Rona" was the excuse to finally lock down not only America but the entire world under the excuse of safety!

  43. When are treatments going to make any news ? The vaccines don't prevent it so how do we treat it ???? As long as this is not talked about them yeah I'm on the bandwagon of thinking this is a big fucking conspiracy

  44. No, we're sick of the right winged Q-Anoners that have taken over this sub. The Trump Evangelicals and everyone else associated with that side of crazy. I would feel the same way about the label makers and the crazy side of the Left.

  45. But if they spend enough time here they'll know the two party system has become a mirage and a device used to divide and conquer in order to usher in the real agenda. This sub does a great service. And I've only been here for about a week

  46. The people who are complaining about covid posts are the ones who have taken the boosters and arent ready to admit they been conned. Because they think “its not a conspiracy”

  47. I just find the overlap between election conspiracy believers and covid conspiracy believers to be like in the high 90%s. Kind of a discredit to the entire movement when everyone is so bad at math/science as well.

  48. Honest question: what if none of this happens? What if everything turns out ok. That freedoms aren’t still here in 3 years, that vaccinated and unvaccinated are living just fine. COVID is endemic and like the flu and people choose to get a shot or not.

  49. You know what I just realised, I need to get a snapshot of this sub during 9/11. Was everyone saying they were tired of hearing it then?

  50. Noooo, I wanna talk about made up story involving underwater people and oceanic civilization that can be easily disregarded as bs!

  51. Please elaborate a bit on this “mother of all conspiracies” you’re referring to. Also, none of the commonly used covid vaccines are experimental

  52. Funny that this sub is tolerable until they start pointing the jenkiest public health crisis in living history. Hey, stick to Big Foot and UFOs!

  53. And we should all go together to the streets at the same time protesting to have our rights back.

  54. Let's pretend it is the biggest conspiracy, then why the hell do the same screenshot from Twitter get reposted daily?

  55. But it won’t, as much as they talk of the down vote bots and shills its always the Covid posts that make it to the top. It can be a screenshot of a tweet and boom, it’s hot.

  56. I know there are side effects to the vaccine but I don’t think that is the plan. Tbh, there are side effects to everything. If the same number of people that got vaccinated would have gotten an aspirin in the same timeframe, you would see the same number of adverse reactions. Just saying.

  57. I was surprised to find so much truth in this thread! Sure, I’ve been sifting through a lot of nonsense, but a lot of posts are legit & would be censored anywhere else

  58. Yep. This is a huge deal, and some people are refusing to acknowledge tpwhat is really happening here. Nothing in history has ever been tried like this, ever. It's so insane.

  59. So what is there to win with this conspiracy? Also, this is not gene therapy, no genes are altered. The complaining might be more about the misinformation that is being spread here on a daily basis without actual conspiracies laid out.

  60. Digital control of the populace. Also one of their goals is massive depopulation. Aaaaaand, we still don't know what is in those jabs and how they will affect us in the long run.

  61. i heard secret groups on flifle is secure too, they said they offered freedom of speech and exclusive priviliges but in closed groups environtments... but i never try to a members or create their secret groups...

  62. There will certainly be other conspiracies even bigger than this. For example the SCA requirement in the EU spreading all over the world. Surveillance of uploads to video platforms supposedly to protect copyright. Surveillance of all social media supposedly to protect the children from traffickers. All this coming from the EU.

  63. I think the problem is not that people are talking about whether there is a conspiracy about covid or not. The problem is that this sub has been completely politicized and is just spammed with news articles like "AOC has Covid" that have nothing to do with a possible conspiracy.

  64. I too think it’s interesting to see that people don’t see the connection. I’ve seen this coming for a long time too. It’s a trend. It’s connected. It’s something we should keep talking about. There is always some deadly virus. Always around an election year. Big pharma is always in on it. Wasn’t 1984 quoted on saying how television would be the biggest mind control? Moving screens would control us all? Soemthing along those lines. Flashing images all day long. Now we have social media in our faces all day long. Over and over and over. It affects us more than we realize. The images, the words. The things we see and hear are all controlled. The elites (some think it’s silly to say) own everything. The release of information and imagery we see, is what we are allowed to see and hear. Sometimes different countries and regions have different access to different imagery and information.

  65. Shame on people wanting to silence the talks about this. We need more people talking about this. This is a turning point in history! Be a part of something!!

  66. Soon you won’t be allowed to even discuss Bigfoot. Better use free speech while it’s still here and call out this FAKE PANDEMIC AUTHORITARIAN TAKEOVER

  67. Mrna technic is (or at least was) defined as gene therapy. But i agree with you that alone does not make it bad

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