Do you want to know why everyone must be vaccinated?

  1. 38% of Americans still didn't take a single shot. That is a hundred million people. And they are much less likely to take it after being infected with omicron.

  2. I am proud to be part of that minority group. I was resolved early on that I would never get it. My sentiments were only reinforced when the government, big tech, MSM, celebrities, etc went to Defcon 5 in their push to get everyone vaccinated.

  3. This figure is likely even higher. They want to give the impression that EVERYBODY has been jabbed, so that you think you're missing out, the only one who didn't, and that you'll go out and get it. It's closer still to 50-50.

  4. But they don't want to understand that millions of people won't get vaccinated. And they never will

  5. You don't need a vaccine passport and a pandemic to impose a social credit system tbh. There is more to it, it's a depopulation going on. If it was only about a social credit system, they would have added it incognito, like in china. No one would have opposed it, beside alex jones.

  6. I was thinking about it earlier and I think it’s so everyone’s immune system is trash and they have to rely on boosters the rest of their lives

  7. Which is why I fear for our safety and for the future. If they really ARE committing genocide, they need to scapegoat us, round us up, and either vaccinate us or murder us before the decade is done.

  8. There's no way they planned and banked on 100% total human population vaccination. That's just impossible.

  9. I would argue that most of us that thought the world we live in today would have been impossible 3 years ago.

  10. Don’t need everyone - but if you look at vaccination penetration rates by country, you kinda see a pattern emerge - impoverished around the world will suffer mightily if the excess wealth of the highly vaccinated suddenly stops trickling down to them. Mass starvation sure to ensue. So if the plan is depopulation, they get twice the impact with half the effort. Simple.

  11. They want to get as close as possible to 100% in the western populations. I am more and more considering that it is indeed the elimination of the control group that is driving this. If you have a very small amount of unvaccinated it becomes very hard to prove there is a problem. Doesn`t have to be zero, just small enough so you can lie more easily with statistics.

  12. I wonder “if” the Crimes Against Humanity Juges are familiar with this ruling, with regards to people who agreed to be vaccinated : mRNA vaccinated people worldwide are products, patented goods, according to US law, “no longer human”.Esme Coetzee 10 Dec 2021 at 4:55 PM #63403 GMO HUMANS

  13. Well, agreed in the fact that they want to eliminate the illusion of a control group, however, they still maintain the control groups by regulating which batches go to which geographical areas and from there they can measure any medical incidence rates. The geocide will be gradual, and we won't see the fruition for another 5-10 years, more than enough time to pass for people to become completely ignorant to any vaccine correlation.

  14. I was reading that the reason anti parasitic medicines were helping covid patients was because covid may actually be a parasite... but I've also read the vaxx too, may itself contain some silent parasite in it...

  15. I've commented this before, but I have Lyme disease. I got Covid last year and initially thought I was having a Lyme flare up, because it felt 100% exactly like it... But the pain and other symptoms just kept increasing to levels I've never experienced them before, save for right after I got infected with Lyme. Then the coughing started.

  16. Theres actually a book out there with a theory that parasites actually rule the world(in different ways than you may think...) Theres actually a parasite out there, that will make mice not fear cats and it leads to the cats eating these mice then becoming infected with these parasites. In fact. Mood changes can be a result of parasites. Its really intense how deep it goes

  17. There's something about Hydra, something, something. Apparently big companies like HP have been funneling millions of dollars into some kind of research on how this parasite can attach itself to neurons.

  18. The spike proteins in lab animals were found to latch and attack major organs, respritory, cardiovascular systems without the covid strain present...

  19. That might be the best analogy I’ve ever heard so far! It’s so crazy but also makes perfect sense! 👏 bravo

  20. They need to eliminate the control group so that they cannot be blamed for the inbound medical problems that will result from this mass experiment.

  21. This is how Dr. Fraudci has done with every trial of drugs he's ever burdened the world with when trying to get mass acceptance. Poison the control group. Straight from the historical playbook he's been using since ascending to power.

  22. there is an app that you can download that will notify you if you have had potential contact with someone who has not seen Matrix 4. cmon people ... do you part.

  23. You should read the page better, it doesn't say anything about people who shouldn't get it, it actually states that the people on the list can STILL get the vaccine, despite suffering from severe conditions.

  24. Given you spelled genocide wrong, you also used it wrong by definition. So what particular group or ethic nation are they removing with covid?

  25. Covid is a nothing burger. But the experimental gene therapy that is actually altering dna and causing reproductive problems and heart conditions IS killing people. Forcing it on everyone covers their tracks. The unvaxxed group, represents a control group that will not be effected by the vax and will therefore be a living record exposing the mass genocide.

  26. Corrected spelling and if you prefer democide then feel free to use your preferred -cide. But I noticed that you didn't argue the point, so until you have something to say...

  27. It has been proven that the virus targets those of darker skin colors and non Caucasian traits. Even msm ran that story. I believe it's the only common ground msm and theorists agree on.

  28. Actually it's express stocks and trades deflection onto the average tax dollar due to outsourcing, sweat shops and illegal immigration for less than reputable purposes obviously.

  29. by genocide you mean a natural virus that just randomly came about without being planned and scripts followed ignoring factual evidence by demonic pedo leaders ? Sounds like denier talk to me .

  30. Because on the network of connected and identified citizens you can't have anyone wandering around anonymously

  31. Either that or they believe China will soon release a genuinely deadly bio weapon on the rest of the world.

  32. I have not taking the vaccine I actually was not able to attend my family’s thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years but I understand my cousin has 2 babies and she’s paranoid but it’s okay I was working those days anyways but ppl are paranoid they don’t know better and are not open minded they think everything is just so easy you need to do your do diligence and take care of yourself cus the virus is man made and real but they just over playing it while digital currency is rolling in meta verse fixing climate change w depopulation , releasing info on ufos a lot is about to happen

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