Theoretically… what would happen if a caveman were to drink a Mountain Dew?

  1. similiar happend when I was young! in the early 90s at a german school, kids were like 7-8 years old and we had a new refugee girl from white russia, she couldnt speak any german, just 2-3 words, but she was sitting in class! in the first pause in the morning somebody pulled out some chupa chups lollipos, they are sweet as hell! he gave one to the russian girl, she liked it, but after 20 minutes or so she vomitted all over her table! until today I think it was because she wasnt used to our unhealthy and oversugared sweets

  2. The large amount of sugar will immediately go to his brain causing him to invent the wheel. Next he would design a skateboard and do a kickflip while saying "radical"! And then poop himself silly.

  3. Same theory of what would happen if they drank cows milk? We have strangly evolved to drink all sorts of weird things so much so that natural unsterilised water makes us sick now 😂🙈

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