The united states are not as big as they claim, there are fake states to seem bigger

  1. I hate to ask but are you from the Balkans or the far East? I don't mean to be rude, but your cultural cues are too off to perform your duties.

  2. I want some of what you are taking. I went from Alabama to Missouri...then went west to California. All of the states in between are real.

  3. I am not taking anything. You may have driven through fake landmarks that have been placed there to make it seem as though the states are real, that or you have been paid or blackmailed into saying this.

  4. Umm... This is a strange conspiracy theory. I have lived in Maryland.. definitely a real state. I live in upstate NY now, and go to Vermont pretty regularly and it's a real place... I've vacationed in Delaware, to go to Ocean City Maryland, because hotels in Delaware are cheaper, very real place. I've moved people to Wyoming when I worked for a moving company and have been to all the lower 48 also working for a moving company, and they're all there.

  5. Well my aunt has lived in Delaware & I have a friend in Vermont so if they don’t exist I’m not sure where they lived. I live in one of those “not real” states. Am I imaging my existence?

  6. I’m high as shit and I live in MD…but this still geeked me out. Well thought out conspiracy. This is what the sub needs more of.

  7. Seriously? I've been to lots of the states and i did basic training for the army at Fort Knox, Kentucky

  8. Birds are real, I have had pet birds and handled dead ones, do you mean to tell the entirety of their anatomy is somehow manufactured by man?

  9. Have driven through just about every part of Arizona. Its all real. And have driven all over through most of lower new mexico, and unfortunately, it is also very real and not smaller that advertised.

  10. great troll post but I can attest that in Texas east to west takes about 11.5 hours to drive, and north to south takes about 12.5. My room mate at Texas Tech could not understand why we couldn't go to Padre for the weekend back when it was 55mph

  11. This is easy to verify. Get out of your moms basement and start driving. I have driven all over the country and been to most of the states, (43 to be exact). I can confirm they are as big as claimed and are real. Drove through 22 in the last year alone.

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