Calling All Lawyers: the OSHA mandate for 100+ employers was just struck down by SCOTUS. Can businesses still legally enforce vaccine mandates?

  1. A business can define the requirements for a job so long as those requirements are not in violation of existing law. So technically a business can claim it is their policy to require the jabs because that is not violating any law.

  2. When it comes to medical though it’s different unless they are medical providers that go under certain governmental regulations .. They can mandate them but is it legal? I am pretty sure that it’s not it would just take huge legal battles. I may be wrong overall though.

  3. Yes, I believe they have a choice still. But, you also have a choice to submit a religious accommodation request and there’s a very good chance that would hold up in court. If you do not want the jabs, do not feel like you have to. Fight them every step of the way, and make them pay the legal fees. This stops when we make them stop.

  4. Courts and EEOC have ruled that religious accommodations can be denied if they cause an undue burden on the employer, which can include giving time to get tested, moving the employee to a different area, etc.

  5. Idk there is just also medical privacy laws too so you know this is why you don’t have to share medical information with an employer

  6. Yes if they do choose we are a capitalist society where corporations have the right to do what they want SCOTUS just struck down the government making them do it corporations count as ppl thanks to the republicans and moderate dems so it’s basically making the rules in the house

  7. I can’t articulate it much better than the main upvoted answer, but simply put, they can, and you can sue them if you have a reaction since it was a condition of employment. Also, it’s not a long term solution but a religious exemption will likely be accepted, but a medical one will not.

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