45% of democrats support concentration camps for the unvaccinated

  1. "How far are Democrats willing to go in punishing the unvaccinated? Twenty-nine percent (29%) of Democratic voters would support temporarily removing parents’ custody of their children if parents refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine. That’s much more than twice the level of support in the rest of the electorate – seven percent (7%) of Republicans and 11% of unaffiliated voters – for such a policy."

  2. Ohhh..I would love to see the reaction if the shoe were on the other foot. Can you imagine the outrage if those same people refused to take some injection they were skeptical of and CPS started knocking on their doors. Makes me think those guys have zero emotional intelligence or ability to empathize. Shits indeed very disturbing.

  3. Good thing that every day that goes by there are less and less Democrats. My guess is that they have lost at least half their voter base, they will be decimated in 2022 and 2024 will be a bloodbath.

  4. As a Californian who is severely disturbed by the fearful fervor I see all around me - and the eagerness to condemn others to death should they not conform… I’m not at all surprised by this

  5. SS: From the article: "Forty-five percent (45%) of Democrats would favor governments requiring citizens to temporarily live in designated facilities or locations if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine."

  6. If you doubt liberals feel this way, try acting like you are now pro-vax and you’ll immediately see their blood lust, desire for segregation and passion for people losing jobs and rights. It’s shocking and upsetting, but I guarantee that you’ll see the “Herman Cain Awards” radiate from them immediately if you give them a safe space to show you how they really feel. Remember our liberal president wishes unvaxxed a “winter of death”… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  7. They say that the 2nd amendment is for when the 1st amendment fails. Who knew it was for when society has mass formation psychosis as well!

  8. This seems like something this sub should be weary of. How do you know this is even true and not designed to divide us? I have never met a person who supports this. In fact most of my democrat friends don't support a vaccine mandate.

  9. These people will never learn. Back in the day they have taught us to be very, very careful what you wish for. Not that I wish anyone harm but this is going to backfire, no question about it.

  10. I have a good mix of friends, coworkers and family both right and left and can’t imagine any of them being ok with this. However I don’t doubt there are some crazy frothing people out there.

  11. Sadly, these people don't come out and say it to your face but they believe this stuff in private. Basically had a good friend come out in support of everything, he'd totally support this shit too. It's extremely sad and makes me think our friendship isn't long for this world.

  12. So, this is my personal tipping point. I read this and something flipped in my mind. I no longer see them as people I even want to try and reason with.

  13. I don't even wanna read it, but are you sure this is representative data? This just reeks of propaganda to just divide the peopleeven more.

  14. These aren’t liberals. They’re authoritarians who’ve been brainwashed to believe they’re on a moral high ground, yet everything they stand for is hypocritical and applied arbitrarily.

  15. Can you imagine if trump had still been present and he had even whispered the word ‘vaccine mandate’. It would have been ‘FACISM!!, NOT TAKING THE TRUMP DRUGS!, MY BODY MY RIGHTS, NO TO REPUBLICANS AND THE PHARMACUTICAL BUISNESSSES!’

  16. I believe this is a left vs right issue. There are more unvaccinated in the centre/right when compared to the left. Just mob mentality us vs them bullshit that is currently tearing America and the western world apart.

  17. I do not believe those stats are accurate. I don't believe they accuratly reflect what Americans actually think. Just because they tell us our fellow americans would imprison us does not mean its true.

  18. We've been waiting on those FEMA camps right after they take our GUNS away. . . . Democrats never keep their campaign promise of a communist revolution...

  19. They don't do surveys like this for no reason. It's a popularity contest to take societal temperatures. When the concept becomes popular enough, then they will enforce it. They'll keep up the psyops and keep testing the waters until a mob mentality ensues.

  20. their statistics are bogus. i know people from ALL SIDES of the political spectrum, and the amount of people who want the unvaccinated dead (impressive how much they dehumanized us already) are few.

  21. Shit like this is designed to start a war. I'm liberal/democrat and I don't think vaccine mandates are necessary in a lot of cases. I don't hate conservatives/republicans and I have a feeling a lot of other liberals don't hate conservatives. Because of social media, we only get a very small part of the truth. We see a video of a liberal or a conservative acting crazy and maybe even being violent and we assume all of them are like that. It's not true. The biggest threat to this society and country is social media and all heavily political news; conservative and liberal. We assume too much about people and communities at first glance nowadays. We need to analyze things for ourselves. A lot of liberals think they're independent because they're go against "social norms" and are super-inclusive, even though a lot of other liberals are doing that, too and somehow being inclusive doesn't apply when people have different political views from you. A lot of conservatives think they're independent because they're not wearing a mask or getting a vaccine, when that whole resistance was formed from weak theories and a lot of other conservatives are doing the same thing. If you think you're independent or special or rare, you're probably not. Social media and where you live, who your friends are, just make you think that. Liberals are wrong for strongly enforcing vaccine mandates. I think everybody should be vaccinated in an ideal world, but I don't think it should at all be forced on somebody. In some ways it's right for conservatives to refuse vaccines; they are making a point. Conservatives are wrong for refusing to wear a mask in certain areas. We need to learn to live amongst each other and respect each other.

  22. I'm going to disagree with the majority here and say this: No they don't. Polls are more often used to influence public opinion than measure it. Media companies have been trying hard to convince you since the beginning that a large number of people support totalitarian measures. There are a lot of crazies, but most liberals are reasonable people. If you talk to people in real life, you'll realize that most people are pretty moderate in their beliefs.

  23. Yea right who did they even ask. I can poll every democrat I know and they would be against this. This headline is meant to trigger you. And y’all are all falling for it.

  24. Course they do, they are just as nazi as their great grandparents were. Bunch of racist, American hating, commie bastards!

  25. Good, always look at it from the bright side. The news always shows us the bad side but the bright side, that is what’s important

  26. I am a Democrat and I am against punishing anyone for not getting a vaccine. I don’t know anyone that is for punishing people for not getting a vaccine

  27. Not picking on you. But as a simple political science exercise, name one incumbent or challenger running Dem openly against fascist vaccine passport / mandate? Nationwide.

  28. Phew, so glad you've found the answers here man, we thought we were up against the elites, the corporatacracy, the military industrial complex, but no, it's the liberals who are the true enemy! Glad you cleared that up... Jesus Christ I have no hope for humanity with the people who are supposed to be exposing the corrupt are too busy blaming the other side of the isle. You stupid mother fuckers.

  29. Bro, near half of democrats support concentration camps for the unvaxxed. The Democrats are the problem right now. I'm baffled as to what you're saying.

  30. It says 48% are in favor of Joe bidets mandate then literally says right after it that 48% oppose and 40% strongly opposed the mandated vaccinations,while only 30% are in favor. Did I read it funny or does that make no sense? It then goes on to say that this is a "divided" concensus... umm.. that's like 88% against 30%... not sure how we have 118% either...idk I'm confused.

  31. Polls do phrase it this way for a reason. Think if it like there are 5 positions. Strongly in Favor, in Favor, Neutral, in Opposition, and Strongly in Opposition. Within the position of in Favor you have those who are strongly and those who more moderately favor it. While both Strongly in Favor and in Favor support the same position they differ in intensity. In polling it is important to see note the passion or intensity people have for a position.

  32. Shocking. So inclusive. So caring. Don’t believe your lying eyes.. they love everyone. Freedom and equality for all. Except for you lesser than unvaccinated that are slandered anti science because you disagree. You go get in the camp.

  33. Ah yes, because everything we read on the internet is true. You all really need to learn what to believe and what not to. There’s no way that almost half of democrats support concentration camps. Whatever “studies” they did were definitely skewed.

  34. How many blue supporters are there now though? It could be 10-30 million. 45% of that number. How many red supporters are there now? A lot of blue supporters jumped to the other side.

  35. I wonder what percentage of that 55% who do not support them only don't because they have an unvaccinated loved one.

  36. "The survey of 1,016 U.S. Likely Voters was conducted on January 5, 2022 by the Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports.",

  37. 1000 people were surveyed. If there are 50,000,000 democrats in the US, this survey represents 0.0002% of them. Can you extrapolate a finding to the entire group based on this few people?

  38. This is bullshit that is spread to divide the American people further, nobody supports anyone being thrown into camps. This idea of democrat vs republican bs is the very divisive narrative they want you to fall for, stop giving in

  39. Idk why people are in the comments calling the poll numbers fake, they would probably be even higher on a college campus. Anyone who lives in a super liberal area knows it is not surprising whatsoever they would put you in a concentration camp for being unvaxxed if they could.

  40. Well FEMA keeps building am I guess we're going to have to use them for something. I mean using them to shelter the homeless would be a total waste. We should just throw innocent people in there. so that the whole facility isn't a waste of money

  41. The trauma of being separated from a parent would far outdo any position a parent takes. I wouldn't even condone separating a child from a parent that rejects life saving surgery for their child on religious grounds, precisely because of the regulatory significance of the attachment relationship. So how much more so would it apply here. Insane that anyone could support something like this.

  42. I am calling BULLSHIT on these numbers about concentration camps. Non-vaxxed here surrounded by vaxxed people (in education) and none of them think that way. They think i am mental for being unvaxxed but believe its my choice to die to which I laugh at them as they are all getting sick and lining up for booster 3. Also who the fuck stays on the phone when people say they are calling to poll?

  43. I’m starting to think you people would believe anything you can find on the internet. Put the fucking phone down and use your own brain.

  44. Get outta here with this divisive bullshit. They want us as separated as possible and you’re just helping spread a controlled narrative. Wake up or shut up

  45. Here’s where I’m at…is division and separation what “they” want? Definitely…but that’s the reality of where we’re at. Millions of people hate me and don’t give a shit if I die. Many of them actively wish for it. So fuck it…I’m not going to be extending any olive branches.

  46. 70% of Democrats think the odds of being hospitalized from Covid is 50%. They watch the legacy news. Fear porn works. I used to be left leaning. Anymore - fuck 'em all.

  47. Another democrat/republican bs post about this issue. It’s not a republican /democrat issue at all. I know this American will make sure to resist with force, wether it’s a democrat, republican, or independent. It’s an Issue of the American people.

  48. It is at least some what a partisan issue. The reality is that Democrats support these measures much more than Republicans. I understand that many Democrats don't support this, and I commend that, but we can't deny reality.

  49. I support concentration camps for the Kool-aid drinkers. It's all good. Just imagine one day when the liberals try to force the conservatives into camps in the US. Who do u think would win that war? 😂 😂 I can see it now.... A crew of blue haired male feminist anti gun activists show up at my house. It wouldn't even be fair. 😂😂

  50. Man I can't wait for the truth about vaids to come out... I wish it wasn't true... but hopefully it will silence these scumbags

  51. People who follow a 2-party system to such an 3xtrwnw that they identify themselves as that party they have chosen will always have authoritarian tendencies.

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