Waving a white flag and truly trying to understand without judgment

  1. To make it simple, the group is comprised of many sub-factions of beliefs. But all can agree that the information being provided is false and misleading. Ultimately the group(s) do not trust the government. This is why the problem is much bigger and the chaos seems so widespread. Once you take the time to research the information from a non biased stand point, it’s easy to understand the why, even if you disagree.

  2. I am a healthcare administrator at a hospital in CA. I understand the role that gov plays in a variety of things from the problematic nature of cancer treatment all the way to hospice and end of life care. And while I can be very open minded about how or where COVID started, I’m trying to full wrap my brain around the ideas that exist around what folks believe is occurring because the numbers don’t make sense to me. Also, since I literally work in a hospital and do compliance on death certificates and charting, the notion that every single hospital in this country is somehow literally making up their numbers - not to the tune of hundreds or thousands (which would still be very hard) - but to the tune of hundreds of thousands seems nearly impossible to me. So again, what I’m trying to learn and digest, while acknowledging my own bias, is WHAT are the actual alternative theories regarding COVID and it’s actually numbers? Also, thanks for taking the time to read this and respond above nicely

  3. You give the benefit of the doubt to some of the most dishonest, unethical corporations in modern history

  4. Say all of what they say is true. Why are they trying to have everybody vaccinated. Especially those who are young, healthy and at low risk of needing hospital treatment if they do catch the rona?

  5. Population control. Notice how right before covid it was all over the news that if we dont bring our emissions down there will be irreversible damage done to earth. Why did that stop being a big issue when Covid started?

  6. Read, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey. Very well written and ridiculously well sourced book. Then you'll truly understand.

  7. Thanks for the patronising intro but I don't need the benefit of the doubt xx I make My own decisions in accordance with common law and decency - don't like any thing else I do? - don't care xx

  8. Hospitals are paid more for each covid positive admission/death/intubation. It's been known for a long time. Their funding is also tied to whether or not they adhere to the "rules" laid down from upon high, buck the trend and no more medicare or medicaid funding for you. If you don't think that factors into all of the testing and refusals to treat with anything other than "approved" protocols, you aren't being honest with yourself.

  9. So, I fully respect you taking the time to write all of that. But as someone who works in a hospital I have one big question to ask. the thing with that is that when you say “hospitals” are getting money, it’s not like that’s one person. That would mean that the feds are like “hey hospital chief, we are gonna give you $5-10k per COVID death, now get to it.”

  10. Your data regarding the deaths with and from covid 19 is way off. The CDC has said that the number of deaths from covid is closer to 6% of the 836,000 people being counted as a covid death.

  11. I think you're mistaken. At the start it was Covid. But all these new variants they are coming up with is just flu. I mean do you truly believe that after having flu every half a year it just suddenly left Earth or something?

  12. so question 1, as they happening on purpose---well, is all about hospitals making money. Even the CDC director didn't deny this in a hearing.

  13. I have a question for you as a hospital admin. If we were to test everyone who went to the hospital in a normal year for the flu what would the numbers be? What I mean is how many more people would have "died from the flu" if we marked it down on their death certificate because they tested positive regardless if it played a part in the death.

  14. It's a significant difference, but it isn't 10's of millions. I looked up another year, and it showed around 50k.

  15. the one death I know of that was marked as covid was blatantly a heart attack (known issues with heart and was told not to exert himself and decided to play football) v's 6 who have died prematurely days after the shot ... never knew anyone personally who had died from blood clots prior to the last couple of months. add to that all the issues with athletes.... nah you can keep your shot and I'll risk the 0.01 chance I've got of dying from it. to put it in perspective the odds are higher I'll die in traffic accident (0.9%) than me dying from covid.

  16. Just answer how the vax hasn’t even put a dent in the number of infections, spread or ICU admissions. Not a dent.. it’s been over a year for you to produce valuable data showing efficacy. It’s lies, it’s capitalism run amuck much like smoking was safe, opioids are no longer addictive, prolly wanna start looking at the actors at this point woodcock was in on it for decades and we are supposed to be surprised Fauci hasn’t delivered us anything other than a debacle. You sir forget the changing of the definition to even be able to call this a vaccine. We can keep going just trying to judge your intellect atm.

  17. Here is a chart comparing excess deaths during C19, to the worst flu season since the '68 pandemic, and this is 'with' unprecedented global mitigation efforts.

  18. First, SARS-CoV-2 because of its animal origins, has a very high tolerance for heat. It's the proto-flu in that wild type SARS-CoV-2 would be more deadly, but as time and evolution passes by, it'll lose its heat tolerance for infectivity. A dead host suffering from systemic organ failure is useless.

  19. It doesn't matter what I believe. There were no autopsies done on any alleged COVID-19 victims, therefore the cause of death is unknown.

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