The biggest conspiracy of them all that no-one ever talks about. You will not hear this anywhere

  1. Didn’t the engineers/staff perform some elaborate satanic-esque ritual some years ago celebrating the CERN tunnel completion? Spooky

  2. Yes. YouTube still has it. Search "CERN satanic ritual". It was performed Infront of the statue of Shiva the destroyer, which is in the CERN courtyard and only accessible by staff.

  3. Apparently it was confirmed that it wasn’t “satanic” it was an actual folklore pertaining to the location where the play was done. Some old story about a monster that came from the mountains/bridge.. it’s somewhere in the comments of that video

  4. People interested in the first part of the OP (about Saturn, the conjunction, electric universe theory - not the CERN part) should watch the documentary Symbols of an Alien Sky (all three parts). Honestly one of the most fascinating documentaries I've ever seen.

  5. Wow Saturn has been popping up on my feed ALOT lately. Starting to think I need to do some research.

  6. Interesting that it also resembles the Bifrost, the Norse god rainbow bridge. If something like this cosmic event happened more than once before, maybe it would explain many aspects of different cultures, like the 9 realms in Viking culture. Nine realms, nine planets (originally).

  7. As above so below, as outside so inside. Where is your Thor's hammer? Close to your Thor's axe LOL. This is your Thor's hammer.

  8. TLDR: the Large Hadron Collider is for making interdimensional portals, there used to be a portal on earth thousands of years ago due to planetary alignments, the elites want to access them and the symbology for them is everywhere...

  9. CERN is where the real interesting conspiracies come from. Such an insane powerful machine that we’ve just scratched the surface of.

  10. Not that I can tell. The closest it would get is this year but they aren't in exact conjunction all together. The next closest from what I can tell is in 2040 but also not an exact conjunction.

  11. I like to imagine the Saturn star gate was, in fact, a paradoxical time-travel event opened up by the large hadron collider itself, forcing us to eventually engineer the damn thing less we open up a black hole and destroy a large chunk of our galaxy

  12. Man this is the far out stuff I really like to get down and dirty with. Can’t talk about this with some family members. 👌🏼

  13. Very interesting. Also worth noting, in astrology, Saturn is related to control and domination so it would make since that they’d worship it

  14. Best believe that if they figure it out, God or Aliens or whatever your version is that you believe, will kick these humans right back to Earth where they belong. The shit that passes for humanity right now is exactly where it's supposed to be, trapped in the hell on Earth they've created for themselves.

  15. Why is it always circles and triangles that are said to be signs of something? Aren’t squares and rectangles being used more? Young kids are trained from the earliest days to draw houses using mainly squares and rectangles - when in reality, homes don’t really conform to these shapes. When I go to the tile shop, 99% of bathroom and kitchen tiles are rectangular. Name badges in work tend to be rectangular - a real attempt to quietly tell us we all have to conform, no matter who we work for or what our position is.

  16. was this the time when the earth had a different sun? ive read how there would have been a violet colored light and organisms may been silicone based instead of carbon based. and silicone based trees may have been miles tall.

  17. Regarding all of your pop culture references, those supposedly spooky connections don't mean anything whatsoever. Anybody can imagine and come up with this. It's kinda like saying any game or movie with a ritual must somehow be connected to a real life cult, or any game or movie with aliens is somehow connected to real aliens. It's silly and obviously immediately dismissable.

  18. Referencing Steins;Gate is like saying "This conspiracy has hidden messages everywhere, just look at this show called 'The X-Files', where they've got all sorts of hidden occult symbolism!". Like, yeah, no shit, the people writing TV shows have access to information about conspiracy theories too, and sometimes they like to joke about them or weave them into the plots of TV shows.

  19. The Reptiles and the Satanists and Satanists' worship of Saturn is nothing more than a misinterpretation by certain people who struggle to dominate their own negativity in their spiritual progress. Saturn's rings are a high traffic area for ET craft, because that is where the high council of our solar system is located. The high council in Saturn is governed by the council for this galactic quadrant, which is based in the Alcyone system. This knowledge isn't really part of the Earth social matrix, because humanity struggles with evil, from various groups, so this conspiracy takes shape out of their beliefs.

  20. Reminds me of the days I used to listen to Jordan Maxwell. No real synergy in his lectures, just starts pulling symbolism from anything and everything (“the crescent moon symbolizing the arms of Atlas”)

  21. Anything David Icke supports will be science-fiction which is his specialty as he exploits to the hilt his market of insatiable conspiracy addicts.

  22. David Icke is a gate keeper protecting the wealthy and powerful in England. He is a classic Antisemitic propaganda grifter, just putting up a smoke screen. This is all bullshit to keep you away from real policy and politics.

  23. Theosophy uses these symbols for a different meaning. Even though these look similar to the Saturn crown, it is the user’s meaning that defines these symbols.

  24. Check out this daily mail article from today about Bronze Age tombs in Saudi Arabia from 4500 years ago. In some of the pics you see the pillar and orb symbolism associated with the Saturn theory.

  25. I'm watching "the man in the high castle" (based on the novel by Philip k Dick) In the show, the Nazis created a machine inside a cave that was known to have electromagnetic anomalies that can open portals to other dimensions.

  26. Not exactly related, but I ran across a physicist at CERN’s TikTok profile. Interesting. Comments are interesting too.

  27. I'm not sure how the album Magnus plays into this theory, other than the names of the songs and the cover art, but I will say, that's an epic album to listen too if that kind of music is your thing.

  28. The oldest corporation in the Borderlands game is called Atlas. There's some comments under my videos which explain the symbolism used in the Borderlands games. See here:

  29. Thank you OP loved this post. anyone interested in learning more about this should read immanual velkovskys books, they are quite fascinating

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