I got the vaccine. Am I screwed?

  1. At least she woke up after the second shot, why does everyone have to hammer her for a mistake? None of you ran a red light by going through a yellow before?

  2. Supposedly everyone who took the double jab will perish within 5 years. For Christ sake, some diagnostic specialists are saying it is turning off the genes that are responsible for your immune response, some reverse HIV shit. It sucks but that has been my overall take away from everything I’ve seen, and there is plenty of data at this point to know something very wrong is occurring.

  3. when Rogan interviwed Dr Peter McCullough he said that it would take probably a year to 15 months for a persons body to shed all the stuff in a vaccine injection,

  4. What exactly is shedding from a vaccine? What specific parts of the vaccine is exiting a human's body and going out into the open air?

  5. I'm not sure if still the case but there's a good chance at least last year or towards the begining of this. That either a majority were saline or had very reduced amounts in them. When you run an experiment there is always a placebo group. Not to mention that report of the nurse giving thousands of patients saline. This is one big experiment. So they could still be doing that but it's really hard to know for sure on any of this. I get a strong sense the main purpose of the vaccine is to divide us. Keep each other fighting, because what if both are wrong? Whatever if there is a middle ground for this but we've only be taught to think so black and white. Red vs blue etc. Also feels like this vaccine is a precursor to the real danger coming.

  6. I kind of thought this too. Maybe the vaccine was a blank and wanted us to put our tin foil hats on for the vaccine and distract us from other things

  7. Hard to say, the hypothesis currently is that there are different batches, from seemingly harmless substance like saline, to the mRNA death poison.

  8. I would like to believe that none of us are screwed; vaccinated, or otherwise. But, what I personally believe is that we're ALL screwed.

  9. In time we may find a linguistic change with the word ‘jabbed’ becoming where you are gas-lit and coerced into a bad decision. Seems likely in fact.

  10. Just think of it in terms of what it is...poison. Each time you inject it, you're putting more in your body and increasing both damage and risk. If 1 or 2 shots didn't fuck you up too bad, count your blessings and call it a day. Don't push your luck with more shots. Everyone is different and each person reacts in their own way to both the vax and the virus. Focus on your health and immune system.

  11. This whole thread shows the shitshow status of American science education, we need to focus more on teaching people how to understand science instead of fear mongering and creating fascistic “patriotic” school curriculum.

  12. We honestly don't know, the vaccines seem to be an assortment, meaning some doses cause blood clots, others weaken the immune system, some are saline etc, some cause neurological issues, etc

  13. How can we know for sure? That’s just being dishonest. There’s definitely a chance OP will die from the vaccine.

  14. If I were you, I wouldn't take advice from a group of people that doesn't seem to know very simple basics of human anatomy and biology.

  15. You don’t need an immersive experience in anatomy or biology to know that it’s reckless to inject people with brand new technology lacking in any long term safety studies- for a virus with a very high survival rate.

  16. Yea. Big Knobber has done all the research. You're good. Lol. How do people not see that it's just as ridiculous to say nothing will happen as it is to guarantee death. NO ONE KNOWS! Even the people who made it. That's why they were sure to get immunity from any responsibility. How about assesing your own risk and deciding what makes the most sense for you and your family. Pretty much how we treated every other medical situation until a couple years ago.

  17. There's no way to know for sure. These vaccines have not been tested for long-term effects. You could feel fine now, but develop adverse effects weeks, months and maybe even years from now.

  18. Like most drugs on the market, even ones that are part of criminal lawsuits like vioxx. Statistically, you will most likely be fine and most people do not suffer from adverse effects.

  19. I don't know why people who are willing to submit to endless boosters aren't clamoring for a better vaccine. Imagine getting three four or five flu shots in the same year!

  20. My parents called me last night asking the same bc they're triple jabbers and have been sicker than ever the past 2 months, along with all their jabbed friends. I'm healthy asf and all my unjabbed friends are feeling great. I honestly don't know at this point but all the underground type stuff I see says the jabs are designed to destroy your immune system. If I were you, I'd be researching how to detox the spike protein and alternative ways to build immunity. It's essentially the same thing as giving 80% of the planet AIDS.

  21. You should treat these people with love. When the shoe is on the other foot, I sure wish the unvaxed were being treated with love. Treat ppl how you want to be treated. It’s pretty fuckin hard.

  22. It’s this simple, it was a pop quiz. A quiz won’t “fail you” so to speak. Should wake your ass up though. Life NOW, ain’t nothing but a hustle. They don’t let the felons vote for this very reason, “takes a crook, to spot a crook”

  23. And yet here you are on a conspiracy subreddit. Why are you here if you think we drink urine or whatever? Maybe it’s because deep down you’re worried about the decision you made to get vaxxed. Can’t undo the vaccine now, sheepie. Your fate is sealed

  24. Im 3x vaccinated and got the first 2 around the very beginning due to a weak immune system. Had covid(Delta) last year and so far haven’t had any long covid effects. It was pretty mild for me, light fever, headache and no smell.

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