I think I have figured out The Great Reset at a moderate level, and how it ties into Covid, vaccines, Trump, Health institutions, and elected politicians globally. Hear me out conspiracy family

  1. No Pay February. Cancel all subscriptions and cost of living bills until we get the world we want.

  2. Lol but if Trump and Biden and every other leader on the planet is pro-vaccine, then who is supposed to lead this "global government"? Joe Rogan?

  3. Have you ever seen how certain rich celebs own islands and the only time they leave THEIR island is to go to some other rich dude's island. I bet they're doing the same with their bunkers, underground tunnels between them and shit.

  4. very good post, mind expanding on the connection between the progressive government of New Zealand and their strict lockdowns and the bunkers being built there? I don't immediately get it.

  5. The New Zealand bunkers are on Sentinel Island. Look into it. There's an underground microcontinent with 1/3 the surface area of Australia that is accessed through Sentinel Island.

  6. i like "neo-feudal" the feudal lords wish they had the "science" we do. If only they knew what the witches they burned knew, they might still be around. Neo-neo-neo-fascism also comes to mind! cheers

  7. The system is broken by design. Not much is left to chance in todays socialy engineered world.

  8. When you said “we are the great reset” it reminded me of the book and movie “the fifth wave” where they thought it was a alien invasion taking over the world, but in reality it was the government who faked it all, so the people would kill each other. It’s how I see it all going down

  9. Once they establish the narrative that world governments can't be trusted, I feel like they'll use aliens as our savior. They can create a one-world party that is "intellectually and technologically advanced".

  10. For muslims, it's not really the "12th imam" or anything like that (not even sure this 12th imam thing exists, given that there were millions of them throughout history) but it's the Imam el Mahdi (The Gifted), who will lead the fight against the Anti-Christ (Dajjal) and will help Jesus defeating him when he returns.

  11. Very intriguing. The chaos is constantly churning. Within 24 hours I read where on one hand a CEO of a large group life insurance company was talking about a 40% rise in deaths among people aged 18-64 (working age). It wasn't because of covid 19 and the same thing is happening across the board with other insurance companies. The CEO Scott Davidson I believe is his name, stated 10% would be high, 40% is unheard of and is the highest since the company OneAmerica was founded in 1877. The 40% death rate has continued quarter to quarter. Makes one pause. Then I read an article where an insurance company in France denied an insurance pay out to a vaccinated man because the vaccine adverse reactions are published and he took it voluntarily. Both articles were found on Citizen Free Press.

  12. https://arkmedic.substack.com/p/how-to-blast-your-way-to-the-truth?fbclid=IwAR2djKQ9zxDZ2mEKAxnLI3pzU7n4494MiZTKW46AImdk6O_vTMJGPhaFaNw

  13. So, as everything crumbles into total chaos, a charismatic “world leader” arises, and has (almost) all of us spellbound with his supposed compassion and goodness—that’s when the real trouble begins, if we let it?

  14. Any world leader that's put in the position of a "savior" should be greatly suspect at this point. If Trump does somehow come back into power I will be very guarded for instance.

  15. I used to be a staunch atheist, but what really changed my mind was learning about this fact 1 fact. Alien abductions stop at the mere mention of Jesus. Buckle up cus we're in for a bumpy ride (Read the Book of Revelation to get an idea or where we're heading)

  16. As a Christian, I can say we are living in the end times because of the resurrection of Israel as a nation state in 1948. The generation that was alive before then will see the return of Jesus Christ in their lifetime (an estimated 120 years). That’s according to one interpretation of Scripture.

  17. You've right about us killing ourselves. You've basically just described two of the four horsemen of the apocalypse prophesied in the Bible's book of Revelation.

  18. Hong Kong, France and Italy and others, Britain brexit just before the pandemic were rising up. It wasn't really america first with the weirdness. Loads of shit was happening worldwide.

  19. I do remember the Hong Kong issues and the tension with Taiwan. I’m not privy to France and Italy’s situation, what we’re they up in arms about? Serious question.

  20. Don't forget Chile, who were in a major nationwide uprising. The government just changed the argument for the curfew already in place!

  21. "A quick summary is that the NHS doctor instructs the caller to abandon all shots and boosters due to new emerging data, claims all of them will be pulled."

  22. Couldn't have written it better myself. It's the Rug Pull theory and The Great Reset tied up nicely into one horrible package.

  23. Think about movies like Idiocracy, God Bless America, and Don’t Look Up. They paint a picture of a broken society full of disposable mouth breathing imbeciles. Useless eaters. We tell ourselves its just satire, and things really aren’t that bad. But when you look around with a critical eye, you see the filth everywhere.

  24. I agree. Our society just isn't sustaintable or useful anymore, and I can't think of a peaceful way out of this model simply because most people don't want to change or wake up

  25. Wooooooooow. I keep asking myself how they all thought they could get away with this because it didn’t make sense. Now it does.

  26. “All the vaccinated won’t die leaving us with a non-compliant populace” wise words. It doesn’t make sense to kill off all the people willing to listen to to government and be left with those who are disobedient, I’ve never thought of it like this before but you make some striking arguments Op!

  27. This is the real gem. It doesn't make sense to reduce your compliant population. Anti-vaxers missed the point on this one. The misinformation is directly targeting those who are susceptible to anti-compliant behavior.

  28. I’ve seen theories that at some point over the last 3 decades they realized that all possibilities merged into one timeline at some point. They freaked out and set in motion this last ditch effort to fuck us all. Idk if there’s any truth in it, but we’ll see

  29. Oh man, I heard about this 2 years ago and completely forgot about it ever since. I watched an old interview video about the subject. I’m not sure if I believe it, but it’s fun to entertain the thought!

  30. If this isn’t exactly what happens it’s going to be super close. When folk say that the writing is on the wall, this is the writing.

  31. Thank you for posting this. Lots for people to reflect on. It's better to be mentally prepared now than to get slapped in the face later when it's too late.

  32. The only way we can bring about change is to hit them where they will feel it and notice it. The good ole money. We all need to come together and stop shopping at big stores and completely stop paying taxes. We all need to find local mom and pop stores and buy only what we need to get by. This has to be done in every major country so we can let these broken systems collapse.

  33. My father received a paper from the company that makes his CPAP about a recall on some products saying that chemicals can leech into the apparatus and cause toxicity. But when I looked over the papers to see if his machine was on it, all I found as facility use ventilators on recall. Some even without a lot number and simply stating that it was emergency use authorization. I dont know what to make of it but it's curious.

  34. That is very interesting. A friend of mine uses one. I hadn’t heard of this but I’d like to take a closer look. Medical errors are one of the leading causes of death, after all.

  35. This gave me a good laugh! Stay strong though. It wasn’t intentional in the post, he’s just one of the leaders that pops into my mind when I think of authoritarian Covid regimes.

  36. It’s strange because this whole pandemic, from my view, has empowered everyday workers in ways I could have never dreamed of. Work from home, more job opportunities, many employers finally raising wages after years of stagnancy, more respect for people’s health wellbeing (more leeway for sick time and PTO). I think a lot of people in this sub are looking at this all in the wrong way. Is it possible that it’s The People’s great reset and that the mandates are one final and doomed attempt to hold onto control? That’s what I think personally.

  37. Most of what you say simply isn't true for a large part of the population. Not everyone can work from home, not everyone has "more job opportunities" -- in fact the opposite: many people were forced to close their small businesses, or to succumb to bankruptcy. I would argue that for all your points, there is a far greater negative impact in each case.

  38. I think it's quite possible that there is no grand overarching plan and that what we're seeing is a mixture of greed, incompetence, and the perils of big government doing what it does best--attempting to grow as large as possible and gain as much power as possible.

  39. I want you to be wrong, I want to be wrong about being skeptical about all of this, but I fear you are very close to nailing things.

  40. I unironically use /pol/ as a news source, it started as a joke/dare, i stayed for the memes and how good it was to post without any care in the world about downvotes/upvotes or any kind of social validation.

  41. There seems to be some credence to this, I myself wonder this too because it's like they're seemingly trying to collapse the economic systems to usher in that one world dollar. My one counter would be this - with a one-world government comes delegates to manage or despot on behalf. Now, this will always breed chance or tendency for the representative rulers to act on their own accord. The one world government couldn't be established overnight, as you said it's gradual, but the logistics of such a transformation would take a long time to carry out, all while instability would becoming more rampant. I guess what I'm trying to say is, it would be much easier to throw the captain overboard and resume with one in his stead, the avenues of government remaining intact. Again, if people are distrustful of their government, I don't think they would relinquish that for a one-world government. Unless, we are all united against a foreign enemy. Blue beam anyone? Idk, maybe we are the catalyst. Good post though.

  42. Another user on this post actually just pointed that out to me. I didn’t even consider this when writing the post, but it does have some parallels to scripture for sure. I try to keep religion and spirituality out of comments/posts because it’s a deeply sensitive topic. Much harder to convey sufficient thoughts on the matter through a phone app than respectfully in person.

  43. Think your missing something. Almost our whole military took the vaccine, not sure if it's smart for that to happen if they knew there would be casualties in mass. Also, your premise is that people will revolt against the leadership for promoting the vaccine but end with, people looking to someone to lead them. I don't think that's makes sense. If people think the governments for the world and every agency that pushed it lied to them, they wouldn't trust someone else to come along to lead them.

  44. Have to think bigger. There is no standing US Army at the end of this. There is no US. It has to be a complete dismantling of the system. This is why I say at our current stage it can’t happen. People have too much love and pride for their own country. This has to be eliminated and wiped clean. It has to cripple nations socially, physically, and fiscally.

  45. masses will trust someone who has been speaking out publicly like Joe Rogan, R.Malone, .. they have their puppets in place already. controlled opposition.

  46. I think what OP meant was that people would revolt against and take down the current leadership that is pushing for mandates and lockdowns. This leadership class would be scapegoated by the higher leadership class (the actual globalists) who would swoop in and provide for the people after society has crumbled at this point.

  47. Holy shit Guy I was just chillin here at 330 am getting hella high and reading this post and when I read I think we kill ourselves it fucking punched me in the gut and I realized it was true. They are trying to get us to physically destroy ourselves and one another

  48. Please, please, get to know your neighbor. Foster community. We are not alone, we are the majority. People hold the power. I'm sorry for those who are vaccinated, I'm sorry we've all been lied to. We need to move forward together for the sake of our world, for the sake of our children.

  49. This is creepy. It also changed my whole perspective on this thing. I’ve been wondering what the endgame was but this really might be it.

  50. I think you're looking too deeply at this. Consider that the world economic system has been rather fucked for the past 25 years, and most major events revolve around this.

  51. Outstanding post. Thanks for writing and sharing this.. I have so many thoughts too many to even put down. I like most here have followed this daily.

  52. The real governors of our collective 'Reality' are merely setting the stage to finally make themselves known. Our compliance is far too great for us to do anything other than obey, really... "We all think we'd run in to the burning building, but we won't ever truly know until we feel the heat"

  53. Imo they're representing the indiviguals that hold no opinions out of respect for truth and all. Wait until friends and family that bonded over kicking out their "unjabbed" friends and family, blame each other for pressuring them into it.

  54. Hegalian dialect: Problem, reaction, solution. They planned this from start to finish. Not sure how we escape it

  55. I remember a post about a month or two ago where someone was saying they knew some kind of high up successful billionaire guy (from Australia if memory serves) who essentially divulged secrets about how the aforementioned outline is basically what is planned. The populace will turn against people like Fauci, Gates, etc. and the media and major institutions will collapse. Very very similar to what you expressed here.

  56. You underestimate how badly they broke people So do they. If every media Corp came out and said stop taking shots immediately. It would do the reverse for half the vaccinated. They would start jabbing as much as possible. I believe people have not knowingly developed compulsive disorder regarding them. I work with multiple people that say they would take a shot every 2 months if that's what the "experts" tell them.

  57. Only way this will end if people stop complying. I made the mistake of complying with the mandate so I can go to college, against my own gut feeling. I will not do that again. I've felt like shit since I got the thing. I have reason to believe this vaccine takes pre existing conditions you have and make them much worse. I have some sort of undiagnosed autoimmune condition, not 100% sure what it is but long story short, before I got the vax my condition was mild I just had some slight stiffness in my hands, after getting the first shot about 2 days later the stiffness I used to only have in hands spread to every other joint and got more severe. A couple of months later I started getting pretty frequent hot flashes. Now almost a year later and I still feel this way. I have also seen many people all over the internet talk about how it has taken their conditions that were either in remission or mild and made them get much worse and badly affect them. Why is this not being addressed? Why are so little people waking up to this bs? I'm in NY and there is now a booster mandate for all of the schools, I will NOT be taking it. No more of these useless and dangerous jabs for me. I tried applying for an exemption and if it's denied, I'll be dropping out. Not worth risking my health. This whole thing is madness. I do not recommend anyone get the jab unless they are 100% guaranteed to die if they get covid or something. If you're healthy, please, don't buy into the shit, don't even get it if it's mandated for job or school, just find a way around it. It sucks but we can't stand up to the tyranny anymore. We just can't.

  58. Well said and agreed. Also, made me consider, for the first time, that what if people realized that vax-induced myocarditis puts a cap on the lifespan to 5 yrs or so? And how that would affect behavior. Like, how would you live life if you knew, no matter what, there was an 80% chance you're dead in the next 5 yrs. How would you change living your life?

  59. That’s an excellent point. Further backing the hypothesis that once people start getting fear of “what if I die? What if I am one of the unlucky ones?” It helps create fear, anxiety, anger, mistrust, and above all, a mentality of they have nothing left to lose.

  60. I've been browsing /pol/ for over a decade, started in highschool 2010. I'd always jump between /pol/ and GLP to doom scroll for info on the coming collapse. Even ten years ago it was full of racist nonsense just as much as GLP is full of crazy nonsense, but after years of lurking it's become easier and easier for me to navigate and seek out the information I want, and I feel like there are tons of people out there just like me and OP who use it as a hub to find legitimately good information. Hell thanks to /pol/ I was posting on my facebook about covid19 in January of 2020. There was even a dude who messaged me on Facebook angry as hell calling me a fear monger and that covid would never leave China only to apologize a year later after his mother died of it. The only people who browse that side of 4chan and get pulled into the racist antisemitic stuff were losers who already thought like that to begin with.

  61. So before religion human found peace in spirituality. Once emperor and rulers started enslaving humanity religion was founded and people started “bending the knee” and finding peace that something good will save you. This brings me to a quote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” philosopher John Stuart Mill. Then you start to deep dive into stories of ancient Egypt and the Gods that people worshiped. Matching up biblical dates and names to those gods. (See RING OF POWER , Empire of City :chapter 4) Were biblical made to mimic the Egyptian emperors and stories changed to stop good men from doing anything? Fast forward to now and we have many Christian that follow Trump saying “trust the plan” is this not what evil wants? I also think that if 70% of people are vaccinated that maybe 30-40% of them are the true radicals that think unvaccinated people should be abolished. The noise is just louder when it comes from radical with major media influence. So to get back to what you were saying I don’t think there will be a massive civil war (even though the division does seem to far to close the gap) I think as censored as the internet is I don’t think Evil truly understood the power of the internet. People are getting red polled daily (this Epstein and maxwell shit was a major eye opener) This is the one thing they didn’t take into account. The power of the internet. It is my belief that left/right are both controlled and voting is a means to entertain and then the Illusion that people are in control. In conclusion I believe things will get darker before getting better. Speaking out and becoming more vocal about these occult groups can only help our army grow. In the end United people will win. Divided and controlled we lose. I appreciate your outlook and your critical though processes. Be well my friend

  62. The whole plan was created 35 years ago by MKUltra (CIA experiments who had their brain enhanced using mind altering substances)

  63. Yes, the fact all the presstitutes started 'walking it all back' in unison, Lockstep, just as their announcement of this phantom should be a clue. However, I don't believe they're going to march in on white horses to pretend to 'save us'. People have proven themselves capable of the most utter stupidity, but rats will be smelled.

  64. Well yes. I agree and though of it to some extent, curious how the stock market will pay cuz the gme saga is not dine, what will happend with crypto and how Russia and China will play but most likely playing along? One world government or few continent goverment ?

  65. The "accident" at BSL4 Wuhan Institute of Virology could have been triggered even from outside via wifi or bluetooth command or a programmed switch on some HVAC or sewage valves. But the PLA had their own bioweapon research programme mastered by the Command Institute of Nanjing and they had a "coronavirus outbreak drill" on Sept 18th 2019 ... so it's really impossible to figure out what happened.

  66. Another apocalyptic future will be a world where there's so 'many virus' that we'll need to stay stuck at home living in metaverse. People will be so injured with heart conditions that metaverse will be the only place where they can do things.

  67. I'm beginning to think that the reason they don't mind hurting their chances in future elections is that they won't be any, well, at least not for so-called anti-vaxers. Listening to macron (well, I don't speak French but you know what I mean), it doesn't seem that much of a stretch for them to argue that if those "anti-vaxers" don't want to do their bit for society and trust the officials that the people have elected then they shouldn't have the right to vote.

  68. All of this allows the ushering in of the Antichrist. One person who will unite the world and bring peace for a short time... And then bring hell to earth.

  69. I think this is a decent theory however I think you are overestimating the idea that people will stand up and defend their constitutional rights and liberty. We are a distracted and tired society. There are some that would absolutely give all to uphold their freedoms, but that’s no where near the majority - really, just a very small fraction. Most of us talk about this, but most of us are also so overwhelmed and tired and distracted to actually do anything, and everyday it gets worse. I’m afraid they already have us by the balls. This isn’t even a barrier anymore. We are closer than we think.

  70. I legit believe all our "goverments" aren't in the official buildings anymore. They're probably in their underground cities. Why else has Biden been using that wierd Whitehouse set? Like wtf else are we supposed to believe? Is the oval office not safe anymore?

  71. Makes me wanna move off grid to mountain foothills and hide .... create a self sufficient homestead/ commune lol

  72. I'd have to dig a little further and I'm sure I could find it, but I remember this post where some guy was hanging out with a high up elite rich person and they told him about this very plan. Basically there is an elitist class above what we know about and the people this true ruling class put in power will be the sacrificial lambs. Society collapses and then the real new world order comes in with all the answers.

  73. So I'm confused alittle with trump. He seems to be calling out both sides of the isle( democrats alittle more ) but does call out the rinos. Do you think he is part of a rich elite trying to save the free world? I didnt see you say anything about him and I'm just looking for your stance. Also what is your opinion on Qanon and how does this tie in ?

  74. Why would people get angry at their government but not the globalists, e.g., Gates and Schwab? Gates, Schwab, and Biden are all on the same side in their mind. Biden is already a globalist. Everyone knows that. If they blame Biden, they'll blame Schwab, too.

  75. Good luck trying to explain this to the normies, all they care about is getting the jab so they can go back to watching ball sports, stuffing junk food in their mouth, taking more poison from big pharma, ruining their body with alcohol and their mind with porn, pretending they are informed by consuming the 'news' whenever they get "free time". Just don't question anything, just do what you're told and you can go back to 'normal'.

  76. My standard response: Why the fuck would the new world order want to be left with a bunch of Don’t Tread on Me Rabble Rousers to run the planet under their control afterwards? Right…maybe the plan is the other way around.

  77. To summarize, because I think something very similar, The Great Reset was designed to fail to lead towards The Great Awakening.

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