Advice please?

  1. A lot of times its money. Something happening on the crypto world can often be an indicator of “another layer of control.” Stocks even.

  2. I say use one that is already known and accepted. Epstein has an island for underage sex and even royalty went there. What happened to him? I mean, no one is denying that and it is as wild as it gets. Why can’t other evil things happen particularly when $ is involved?

  3. Yes, I have, and it didn't work out. We're still friends, but he fully believes everything the MSM feeds him and the government tells him. Then I found someone who shares the same way of thinking and it was great for years. We had some wild conversations and he brought different perspectives to my theories.

  4. You have to make him question simple every day things first, like why am I working 40 h / week and feeling miserable? Then take it from there

  5. I've worked on my wife, it took years but I got there. I would just show her how they directly contradicted what they said only a few months earlier. That broke her trust with them and now shes started looking into stuff for herself.

  6. Yes, he bought into fear and tv propaganda, tried to force me get the vax, dumped me when I refused, called me racist for looking into some conspiracies. At least his love for you is stronger, he’s still around. A good tip I got after my situation was done is to ask them more questions instead of giving them the answers that they already rejected and antagonizing them even more and follow up wherever their thought wonders, deprogram with small logical steps, they’d have to make those themselves.

  7. Especially if you can ask them the questions BEFORE they've had a chance to get the answers from their media masters... Seriously, sometimes when I'm arguing with someone I'm hearing them say buzzwords and key phrases from the media... It's like these people don't have an original thought in their minds..

  8. Your ideas should flow naturally with each other. If someone closes themselves to new ideas then you're just on another frequency and you'll have a hard time engaging with each other without being condescending.

  9. Some people, most people, aren't going to be able to see the truth. Sorry. Even the ones who will listen to you just won't be able to comprehend. Any blatant, obvious proof will end up fading from their thoughts and they will continue to maintain their current world view. Your partner shouldn't be so dismissive of your beliefs or opinions. Shows a lack of respect for you and you feel it. Find a way to adjust and truly be okay with it or move on. Not saying leave but it will cause issues.

  10. Wow. I like this. He was explaining to me during our heated discussion he cannot focus on everything that is wrong with him because he’ll start to build a prison for himself. It wasn’t necessarily about the world, it was more so about him personally because he perceived what I was saying to him as focusing on all the things he does wrong. He then went on to say he can’t be paranoid and worry about everything wrong in society. I told him I just want him to be aware. I personally think there’s a difference between hyper focusing on things that are wrong vs just being aware of it so you can say no to those things and have a clear view of what you want to say yes to and move towards that. I just want things to click for him.

  11. Make a list of times that the people who are authorities that he listens to have lied and been caught lying in the past. Make sure he understands that where he gets his information from is a known lying entity.

  12. Whe I met my husband and early in our marriage, I thought he was a crazy conspiracy theorist...nowadays, I dig deeper into the rabbit holes and my tinfoil hat is bigger. I think I gave him

  13. Just talk with him. Tell him what you believe and be ready to back it up. Accept the fact that 2 people can love each other and hold different options. Don't try to change him. That never works. Better to part as friends. My 2 cents.

  14. From your edit, it kind of sounds like you're trying to make this work against all odds because you've finally got the attention of someone you've wanted for a long time.

  15. if he won’t even consider your opinions then it might not be able to work. to be fair brave new world is a fiction book, you should try showing him the World Economic Reform website, stuff like the great reset is very real and happening right now. if you don’t know about it i suggest you look it up for yourself.

  16. I just tell my significant other little things over the past 4 years and now they are awake. It takes time. Start with things that seem weird. You can’t go all in NWO you have to start with say the banking system. Or how everything is owned by 5 companies. Or maybe even “does the sky look weird” lol

  17. Exactly same here. My wife has listened to me blather on about conspiracy theories since we were in college and now that she has seen a lot of the things I talked about actually happened….she’s actually really interested in it now. She never shot me down though in the beginning she just listened and nodded her head and was always a good sport 😂. But sometimes when I get to talking…..and it’s quite a lot 😂

  18. “Different attempt to shake him out of his slumber” sorry shorty but that isn’t gonna happen. i seems to me that his mind has been made up. A lot of people will never accept the reality because it’s so ugly.

  19. He’s a fucking dumbass. And you can probably get a better looking man with your knowledge. Gtfo of there girl!

  20. I am in a relationship that is doomed for the same reason. My partner thinks I’ve gone off the deep end. I’m beginning to realize that he simply couldn’t even begin to mentally handle the sinister truth that we’ve been lied to about everything. He thinks I’m pathetic for thinking that I can see things 90% of people can’t.

  21. Me and my partner don't see eye to eye on anything too extreme ir against the narrative...she thinks am nuts and brainwashed. And in a cult lol we ofter speak about the clot shot...but it always ends in her telling me it's all I care about. And I should forget about it lol driving me fcking crazy...we had a healthy baby boy a few months back...he's keeping me together.

  22. Present your ideas with research, studies or other tangible evidence. Watch documentaries together. Just share your beliefs and don’t force them on him - people like to find their own way.

  23. You need to explain in a non biased way. And start him off with how Bernie Sanders was robbed by his own party. Twice. And how they shut down a very viable perfect candidate like Tulsi Gabbard. This will set the tone on how democrats will eat their own to excel. If he can't see that, then just agree to disagree and not talk about those subjects. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  24. He thinks Brave New World is Satire???? Brave New World is supposed to be a horrifying glimpse into a potential dystopian future, not a satire on our current reality. The fact someone could reach that conclusion just shows how close we are to living in a brave new world ourselves.

  25. Although commendable you are trying to open his eyes, my sense is that we are well past the stage of trying to "show folks the light", regardless of the status of the relationship.

  26. You need to guide him into asking the questions for himself, don't try and force the answers on him, the questions are the important part

  27. Would you ever stop trusting yourself and be spoon fed what to think? Is there anything he could say for you to forever see the world as he does?

  28. I'm sorry but as a woman who's been there and done that, it's impossible to be with someone with such a radically different world view. You will always be met with resistance unless he wakes up and he may never at all and honestly it isn't your job to awaken him in the first place. Sorry but that's the reality of the situation.

  29. Show him the evidence of all the shady conspiracies that have been proven, for example mk ultra, pizza gate and ask him to just try and be more open

  30. Long and short of it. You’ll be fine as long as he’s open minded. My wife was a good sport about it for many years now she actually sees things happen mainstream that I already told her was a conspiracy a long time ago. So now she understands. Don’t worry. Honestly if my wife believed in half of the things I believed in… we would both be living in a full tinfoil house 😂😂.

  31. You are letting a complete unprepared fool call you delusional because he doesn't have the mental capacity to understand the only reason he believes what he does stems from irrational preconceived biases. My advice is simple. Pick something out that is overwhelmingly obvious. Explain it in full detail. If he doesn't understand, you are dealing with an NPC or "blank" as I say. Best to cut your losses.

  32. You can't, I've lost family members because they can't see the truth even when its proven by facts. Some people can't be helped to see the truth, others see it right away. If you value your relationship just let them be who they are. Don't try to change their minds. If you want to talk turkey, that's why we are all here.

  33. I can't answer if the relationship is right for you, but I will say that being with someone who shares your same values/beliefs makes things a lot easier in the long run. I've been married 15 years, together for 18. I always knew the government sucked. We've both worked in/with the government for over a decade. The pandemic though took things to a whole new level. It helps to be on the same page when planning for the future.

  34. A suggestion I would make is to was Watch or discuss some Classics with him. There was a time where if you said the CIA is supplying weaponry and transportation to Nicaragua cocaine dealers. And littering our cities with crack to finance covert elitist agendas, you would probably be called crazy. But now it's common knowledge.

  35. Unfortunately most people who wake up, do it on their own. That doesn’t mean stop trying, but don’t push too hard. Maybe just briefly mention theory’s to him when you hear of them. Hopefully one will peak his curiosity and he’ll go digging. Nothing you say will convince him, he needs to find his own, wtf moment. All you can do is hint and be patient.

  36. Just tell him he's a normie And that's OK, you love him despite not being able to see what's coming next. And maybe point out how 6 media companies own all the news media he's probably consuming. If he trusts corporations, he should be thrilled to consume what he's spoon fed

  37. Stop starting with onions and give him an apple. Its easier to take historical context of past events than to extrapolate from events currently unfolding. And this means taking example from events that are prior to America. You could start with the catholic church and the suppression of Galileo. That's a good place to start.

  38. He needs to experience a conspiracy theory in action in order to believe. I read what others suggested (chemtrails, 9/11 documentaries, etc) all good. Does he like the stock market? Because I know there is heavy manipulation there but would be considered a “conspiracy” to the average folk. He could get dive down those rabbit holes and then one thing could lead to another with other conspiracy theories.

  39. Try shrooms? I was a sheep before. I was in the same situation as your boyfriend. It was really hard to comprehend that there was agenda going on and it sounds lunatic, like out of this world. I thought my partner went crazy from the things he was telling me. But after the shroom trip, I finally understood what he meant and felt bad to think he was crazy. I was the blind and ignorant one.

  40. Come at him with some real hard evidence, talk to him about the magic bullet theory, Epstein’s “suicide”, operation north woods, vids of firefighters/pedestrians on 9-11 reporting an explosion(or videos of molten lava or Larry Silverstein taking out an insurance policy that covers terrorism months before the attack, or the chemicals found in the air of ground zero that could only be produced by molten steel, their is so much on 9-11) MK Ultra, CIA fueling the crack epidemic in the 80s, operation paper clip, operation mockingbird, etc.

  41. Find zeitgeist documentaries on youtube and the world economic forum, young global leaders, operation paperclip KUNG FLU

  42. If one develops a relationship with someone they have opposing world views with, they have not been in a completely honest relationship.

  43. Some people just want to party and have the fun of this world, and lose their sould along the way. Some are scared to about admitting to themselves that this world is ruled by evil entities and that science alone isn't the whole picture of the universe. As Jordan Maxwell puts it "if you turn on the lights in a dark room where someone else was sleeping, they're going to be mad at you because they're were happily sleeping in the darkness and they don't like when you came in and woke them up, they rather go back to sleep 💤😴" if you don't have any compromises with them the easiest option is to just walk away and heal up before trying to find someone else who better understands you. I've heard and read before that in a healthy relationship you have to try to be with someone who shares similar values and principles, ideas, rules, behaviors that are important to you. Otherwise, you'll always be in conflict with that person, some things may be important but were able to ignore or not pay attention to but some thing's such as having different beliefs about how the world works are very hard to ignore and oversee on your partner.

  44. So, my husband was a “conspiracy theorist” to me for the first decade or so of our marriage. I was pretty dismissive of a lot of the things he talked about; quite frankly it was pretty obnoxious to me sometimes. In my defense, he spent a lot of time trying to convince me to move to the middle of nowhere and poop in an outhouse, and to a 19 year old that sounds pretty horrific…I regret not taking him up on it now 🤣 Anyway, most of our conversations about things ended with an agree to disagree scenario. Regardless, COVID was the thing that finally made me aware of all the bs, and now I’m a “crazy conspiracy theorist” too.

  45. No relationship is perfect. Focus on what you like about your partner, less on what you don't. Life is too short to go it alone. Trust me.

  46. I dont understand why folks come on here for relationship advise like this. If you have a fundamental difference in things this large, there is likely no future. And if there is a future, its full of compromise's by both individuals that are so great the resentment and such carries on.

  47. It’s not so much relationship advice I’m asking for as it is advice about how to healthily get someone you deeply care for to awaken to some of the fucked up shit that’s going on and not be so blind to it.

  48. Stop trying to convince them, but don’t hide your real opinions in discussions. Just be yourself and let them be themselves. Focus on the love. If you two can’t have conversations about topics you disagree on you should start there and work on that. Just be true to each other. You don’t need to convince people of stuff they can come to their own conclusions. If they want to debate or discuss that’s great but otherwise it’s just not worth anyone’s time imo. Just remember all a revolution is, is another turn of the wheel. Revolutions don’t heal the world, love does. Focus on that ❤️.

  49. Best I can do is tell you to break up. Seriously, the plan of trying to wake him up is hopeless. It's not a matter of love, it's a matter of do you really believe 5 years down the road you'll be happy with a man who thinks you're delusional? Do you think he'll stick around with someone he thinks is delusional?

  50. It’s ok for partners to have differing beliefs, and Brave New World is a science fiction book that was written purely for entertainment. The amount of discrimination in that book is insane and would not stand in modern day.

  51. I don't know that this is entirely true. Aldous Huxley came from a wealthy family, was a member of the inner circle, and his brother Julian was a creator of UNESCO, a UN precursor. Huxley shouldn't be viewed as "just" a science fiction author.

  52. It may be fiction and the discrimination extremely exaggerated but isn't that what the corporate media feeds us. Every bit of "news" is is their fictional version and if I believed the news then I would believe over half the world are hateful, angry, violent bigots.

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