Just a multitude of coincidences?

  1. I work in automation. Fires at manufacturing facilities are pretty common. Hydraulic power is utilized in almost every manufacturing facility no matter what they make. Poor maintenance or equipment failure can result in hydraulic fluid reaching its flash point and most commonly a motor or pump with burn up at the same time igniting the fluid.

  2. I used to work for a company that does fire/explosion prevention work and while organic dusts are highly combustible this many major incidents in such a short time is not normal.

  3. Wait until avian bird flu hits the news. I know two people who had their poultry farms shut down over false positives. These are organic free range small farms? It’s weird

  4. Yeah, this might cause some unfortunate local shortages of a handful of products but the overwhelming majority of grocery stores won't even feel an impact from 18 factories being out of commission. There's going to be like 5 different factories just for the bread aisle.

  5. A customer of mine made fruit chips and fillings on one side of a building and had a race fuel business out of the other side. Oops.

  6. I live in Saskatchewan... There are 2 huge potash mines half an hour from my front step... There is no shortage of fertilizer.. Manmade bullshit lies. Controlling the flow. Starvation as a weapon.

  7. — "operate 11 mines in the province: eight are underground and three are solution operations. Saskatchewan has the largest and richest potash resources on the globe, and could supply the needs of farmers worldwide for several hundred years" a quote from the mining industry in sask.

  8. And the price hasn't increased at all? You might want to look up which two countries are among the biggest global exporters. Hint: they're both at war with each other right now.

  9. Potash is only one of three fertilizers, not discounting your point. In the US railroads are more to blame for fertilizer shortages, which are caused by backups at the ports throughout the pandemic. Union Pacific is reducing shipping for their customers until they deal with the backlog at the ports.

  10. Appreciate what you're trying to say (or rather what Twitter screenshot you posted is trying to say) but it's meaningless without you showing how many burned down in a similar period in 2020 or 2019.

  11. That's what happens when you have an administration that does everything it can for 4 years to cut regulations, safety inspections, and workers safety protections.

  12. so im wondering about the chip factory in orgon because 80% sure my best friend was there taking photos. oil line in floor busted from pressure. fire and oil are quite the combo.

  13. How about the fact that many food processing plants got hacked last month and were rendered mostly non operational and yet there is not much in the news about it? (Hood, Kraft, chobani, some others)

  14. I heard something about China stopping, or something to that effect, the production/export of fertilizer. Or they did so one or two years ago. At the time I was told we’d see the effect of that about now and yeah.. then I thought ”sure we will”. Now, well here we are.

  15. Does anyone know if these food processing plants are directly linked to the food supply for retail stores OR are these plants the supply chain for fast food joints?

  16. Industrial sabotage is real. Not sure if that is the cause for the food processing plants but it does happen and is sanctioned by governments. CIA attacked all industry in Latin America that aligned with communist ideology during the 60s, 70’s and 80’s.

  17. What’s clear is they are setting up something with a clear intent of getting a specific response. I pray we surprise these psychos

  18. yeah it sounds suspect as fuck. but it means nothing unless we have the data on how frequent this is over n number of six month periods

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