The sky over Zhoushan in China turned a bright crimson red. People reported that they observed a strange light in the sky when the sky turned red on May 7, 2022.

  1. A few years ago a transformer exploded and turned the sky in New York / new jersey bright purple. This seems a bit like that.

  2. Lol they’ve got to say something even stupid like that, and no one can publicly disagree. God what a hellish place to exist.

  3. I lived in a place where there was an abundant number of fishing boats. It’s crazy that anyone would think that it was that.

  4. Used to work offshores and common to see green light like this due to fishing, but this is the first time I hear of red light

  5. Not to be rude but it doesn’t say reflecting off fishing boats, it’s light refracting off of the water. It seems like you maybe didn’t read what you copy and pasted..?

  6. Not discounting the total sketch factor here, but in regards to the "low visibility" yellow warning, I can tell you that I believe it. China has fucked the environment to the point where there's so much smog in the air I can understand weird diffusion of lights happening.

  7. That was actually 2 years ago 😭 unless there was another time I’m not familiar with. Time is weird

  8. Oh yeah? Link that. I've seen wildfires in Australia, California and Colorado. This isn't a glow from flames...Most importantly, THIS is not a damn wildfire.

  9. if I stop for a second and put myself in the situation of being locked down like that then seeing a red sky I’d be extremely anxious. Perhaps that’s the reason, to scare people more.

  10. Maybe the CCP wants them to think the government is all power by putting on this display. Like some kind of a heathen god who just became angry. Of course it’s near Shanghai. Hopefully the Shanghai people who see this don’t get discouraged and run back into their cages.

  11. You can rest assured that the crack team of (state owned) expert meteorologists from Zhoushan know exactly what caused this.

  12. Fishing boats seriously? It’s really really crazy when we live in a time where now these people who are in control are so brazen that they do something or test something or pull some false flag event off whatever it may be. Followed by the most ludicrous explanation on the planet just to see if they can fully get away with not only the event. Cause it’s very rare anyone is going to find out about the actual event. But the cover story. They want to see if the horrible cover story they put forth is going to work enough to where nothing else ever comes of it. In a few days everything will be normal again and nobody will be talking about it

  13. I believe you're right on the money. The most likely "cleanup" procedure is to hush up and buy off the investigators when possible, or else supersede their authority with federal officials on their team.

  14. I went down this rabbit hole a while back with all these insane murder/suicides and the wackiest of explanations for things. Remember that one man that worked for the CDC 2 years prior to Covid drowning himself in his backyard even though he told family and his neighbor shit was weird and to delete his phone number from their phones to be safe. Recently some doctor took the dog for a walk and hung himself…in a gimp outfit from a tree. They said erotic asphyxiation Gone wrong. It’s bad enough to be killed but then shaming your family and memory. The 80 mile wide ladybug swarm over San Diego that was picked up on radar it was so huge. Flying at 5,000 and 9,000 feet. If some bug enthusiast knows that can factually happen totally let me know and correct me but I scoffed at that explanation. Finally my favorite is the New Mexico Sun Spot Observatory that was suddenly evacuated by multiple unmarked vans filled with FBI, I mean the town was basically quarantined and the local sheriff’s office were not told what was going on. I believe a Blackhawk helicopter 🚁 was there. The reason was the janitor of the observatory was using wireless internet service to download and distribute child porn?!?!?!?! Arghhhhhh to everything.

  15. I actually had one the other week. In my dream the sky looked very similar to this but was also riddled with UFOs that were spinning in place. Not cartoon-y UFO’s either, these looked like dark flat spinning ovals that only added onto the eeriness. The most outstanding part was when I turned over to my friend witnessing the same thing and told him “see? i told you this would happen. i told you you would need a gun.”

  16. me too, and in my dream i was trying to save my close ones desperately but couldn't find them, it was really exasperating

  17. It's the pollution. The metals in the air refract light. But they won't say that so they blame it on fishing boats. It's not aliens ppl just a shitty country not wanting to admit the air their citizens breath is toxic as fuck.

  18. SS: The sky over Zhoushan in China turned a bright crimson red. People reported that they observed a strange light in the sky when the sky turned red on May 7, 2022.

  19. This happened to me when I was 17 in California in 2014 but I thought I was dreaming/hallucinating. No reports of anything from that time period either. To this day the weirdest thing I’ve experienced. It was 3am and I was so scared I just got under the covers and fell back asleep. I’ve never even been able to find a video like what I experienced until today.

  20. just the chinese flag reflecting into the sky from some fishing boats. nothing to see here, comrade. move along.

  21. Looks symbolic for all the innocent animals and pets they have murdered for “covid”, pieces of crap.

  22. We really really need a source or reference for this. I’ve had some patients with a mysterious fungus like Candida in nature, but incredibly resistant to oral and topical anti-fungals. Would love to see the original post or comment.

  23. Wait what? Sorry just high and somewhat forgot what I was following in the comments. This is in the China statement?

  24. Hey, friendly advice; if you want people to take you seriously drop the all cheesy lingo, like plandemic or "you're all NPCs!".

  25. There were red skies in England in 2018 that scared a lot of people. Hilariously, the pictures look like beautiful sunsets on California beaches.

  26. okay. one video? we live in a world where there is a camera in everyones pocket that is connected to the internet. i expect to seea couple of dozen more independant videos around the city of the same red sky. unitill you show me a few more different videos oh and throw a news article in there bc you know, this stuff isnt going to be ignored, then ill get my tin foil hat juices flowin

  27. Anyone thinking CERN related? Or perhaps testing hologram technology to eventually fool us with the False Flag alien 👽 invasion. Just spitballing.

  28. Is this false flag alien invasion thing postulated somewhere officially? I came to this thought independently and have seen a significant number of others talk/post about it, who also seem to have come to it independently. I feel like this level of parallel thinking gives some pretty strong credence to the idea that they're going to do this. They can't hold back the fact of ET existence and influence much longer, and they're going to have to be able to control the narrative; this is always when they false flag, to get ahead of the inevitable. I don't think this'll necessarily supported by all factions of ETs but I do think there are enough of them invested in our imprisonment and serfdom (as opposed to our liberation) for this false flag to be given the green light. I can't imagine they'd do this if they knew or even thought that it would be exposed by beings far more evolved than us who could easily demonstrate their superiority and squash the whole thing. But yeah, this false flag is coming. And it will 100% be done by humans, with human-crafted/reverse-engineered ET tech, and zero actual ET involvement aside from perhaps the planning by a select few. And if enough people believe it, they hold all the cards in literally the most major paradigm shift up to this point in human history, and we will be fucked. This idea needs to be spread and discussed with as many people as possible so that by the time it comes to fruition there's a massive portion of the population who will call bullshit, demand the truth, and settle for nothing less.

  29. China figured it might as well just go all the way and become actual hell on earth, it's been flirting with it for some time

  30. Large fires do cause the sky to turn red, although this video doesn't entirely align with how they look. And usually the sky is red directly over the fire not in some random place that looks to be more or less not on fire.

  31. they keep the people in turns red...what if the lockdowna r done to keep all indoors so they can release something in the air? just a thought...

  32. Welcome to the new world order. A thousand points of light.... They're doing some weird shit above our heads...

  33. I wonder how far this reached. Like do we have anyone who could communicate with people further northeast in Daishan, any surrounding island or even coastal Ningbo.

  34. Weird, because on May 7, 20222 I saw a star vanish from the sky here in Michigan. Three people saw it. We were all talking about this particularly bright star appearing near the moon in the pre-sunset sky. Then a few seconds later we noticed it was gone entirely. Not a single cloud in the sky in any direction. The Moon was still visible, but the star was completely gone and never came back.

  35. Green and red are colors that don’t mix well, if you wear red tinted glasses like 3d glasses and look at the color green, it will look dark red/black

  36. I mean they can get away with anything at this point literally pandemic was their own fault and whole world suffered for years

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