“Got all your “vaccines” and still caught covid? Oh don’t worry it’s perfectly normal, and it’s absolutely not because the “vaccines” don’t work…it’s because you’re mentally ill!”

  1. A hypochondriac society has been built--just look around at all the mask wearers outside in the fresh air distanced from each other.

  2. SS: new “Study” gaslights individuals who repeatedly get COVID after being vaccinated and blames their mental health rather than the ineffectiveness of the vaccine

  3. I like this post, and never forget that the ghouls who think they are running the show have no boundaries.

  4. This was my thought when I saw them kill many Americans on 9/11 as if it was no big deal, there's clearly no boundaries.

  5. So they surveyed the one group of people in society who are hugely disproportionately affected by mental illness....and the results then get interpreted by the press as revealing mental illness could make you more suseptible to Covid.

  6. Hmmm. I've been diagnosed with severe anxiety disorders for 15+ years, unvaccinated, and never been sick through this whole thing. I must be lucky! What a joke. How do they think articles like this are a good idea? What level of braindead NPC would believe this?

  7. Because firstly, your eveidence is anecdotal, and secondly because articles normally skim the surface without going in depth into the methodology or background of things. People with mental health disorders are disproportionately affected by a lot of physical health conditions for lots of reasons, including self-neglect and barriers to seeking medical health. That might not be the case with you but there is research that shows this at a population level

  8. It's your fault if you catch covid after being 4x vaxxed. Just get your mental illness in check with zero resources after they shutdown the economy 👍

  9. Vaccines arent forming a magic shield around you helping you not catch the virus, they help you make antibodies for when you catch the virus. Both pro and anti vaxxers need to understand it. The vaccines arent working because you constantly need "booster" shoots to "improve" the antibodies. I was double vaxxed and was feeling terrible with covid, ended up in hospital and had post covid symptoms for a month. Fuck this.

  10. They teach your body to recognise just one protein out of the 29 proteins the virus comprises of. That one protein (the spike protein) has vastly mutated since the wild-type protein the vaccines create. This is why we are seeing widescale immune escape with later variants like Omicron.

  11. 100% effective, you will not get or spread the virus, you're doing this for grandma. Don't you remember?

  12. It's almost like there's a whole bunch of variables that determine how weak or strong your immune system is (vitamin D sufficiency/deficiency, healthy weight/obese, nutrition intake etc) and that your immune system status itself vastly determines your outcome vis-a-vis contracting SARS-Cov-2...and yet, we've slavishly and obsessively hyper-focused on vaccines alone.

  13. Yeah, exactly. And almost like people with mental health problems aren't often on a cocktail of drugs (by prescription or self-medication) that might impair immune function.

  14. The data probably shows this trend because the only people still taking covid tests have something wrong with their noggins.

  15. It's also a known fact that fat people have a higher rate of mental health issues like depression and a higher rate of

  16. THIS will be how they disarm the population...people with "mental issues" can't own firearms...all they have to do is define mental issues (being a Trumper, pro life, anti Vax, etc)

  17. I’d read that more like, the medications that treat those conditions don’t do your immune system any favors.

  18. There may actually be some truth to this. Many of these mental illnesses result in a stronger engagement of the sympathetic nervous system. Engagement of your sympathetic nervous system means that your body is focused on "survival" (fight or flight- where chemicals such as adrenalin and cortisol are released- inhibiting the immune response). The general population are normally in the parasympathetic state which is conductive to healing, growth and immune health (possible in the parasympathetic state). The best way to rectify this is to this is to look after your nervous system through nutrition, exercise, and deep relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation and time outdoors as well as good sleep hygiene. There is a very strong connection between the brain and the body that is ignored in modern medicine. If this is of interest to you I suggest you look into the works of Dr Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza. Wim Hoff is also a good resource. The answer is lifestyle change and not pumping your body with chemicals though.

  19. I'm glad I never fell for taking the vaccine. Imagine getting gaslighted that you're mentally ill for catching the covid despite taking the vaccine like the good citizen.

  20. They got that one backwards. Anyone willing to continue to take a "vaccine" that is dangerous and ineffective is likely mentally ill in the first place.

  21. I've said this before but comorbidities spring into mind for me on this. Many psychiatric prescription drugs cause all sorts of health issues as side effects. Anti-psychotics in particular tend to cause very unhealthy weight gain while Lithium destroys the thyroid and kidneys.

  22. My local paper finally ran a story wondering why the fully vaxxed are leading the numbers of the new Covid cases, the hospitalized and the Covid deaths. Then later in the same paper they ran a story urging the elderly to get all their boosters. That's despite them complaining of reactions to them.

  23. Didn't some politician said that misinformation should be punishable by prison time? is the writer of that big fat lie, in his cell yet?

  24. Huh... I thought that the injuries caused by the Covid-19 injections were a result of the "Nocebo" effect, but now they're also saying it's due to mental health issues as well?

  25. I know a hell of a lot more people who didn't get vaccinated and didn't get covid than the other way around. Im just glad my like minded folk aren't going to get mutated by this shit. At least it's the worst people in society that got the shot lol

  26. What's so surprising about the report? When the first vaccines were available in my country, there were still prioritization rules about who could get vaccinations first. These were old people and people with certain pre-existing conditions.

  27. And that’s all the impetus needed to start rounding up the “mentally ill” and putting them in prisons asylums. For their own good, of course.

  28. Reminds me of how Purdue Pharma spent millions working with marketing firms and came up with "Breakthrough pain" as a way to tell people they weren't getting addicted to Oxycontin, they just needed a higher dose 🙄

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