Something bad is heading our way

  1. Perfect answer. The central planners indeed belong to an obscurantist tradition that is obsessed with an eschatological promise that their angry and jealous deity allegedly made them a long time ago.

  2. Something big is coming , financial collapse or shortage of resources may cause mass panic , riots cause a lot of trouble imagine a bunch of hungry Americans.

  3. Sri Lanka just ran completely out of Petrol today, and their people are already burning their politicians homes and are beating cops / politicos in the streets.

  4. Slow torture and gas lighting. Maybe there will be a big moment. Or maybe it will be slow and constant. Putting all the people who were actually at risk from covid together with covid positive patients (nursing homes) through the beginning of the pandemic- nothing to see, everything's fine here. Lying about the efficacy and safety of vaccines, while requiring them to maintain employment (livelihood)- nothing to see, everything's fine here. Working on stripping abortion access, while there is no baby formula available- nothing to see, everything's fine here.

  5. Hope so, things are boring and predictable. Many people are being the worst versions of themselves or showing little to no compassion. Asteroids take too long.

  6. I just hope it kills me but it’s probably some dystopian shit where they make us into more of slaves than we already are

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