Editors at DeadSpin have lost their grip on reality.

  1. Could also be: “Millionaires entertain mostly poor, working class people after the deadly shooting”

  2. Yeah the article’s author must be under the impression these dudes play for free. They are some of the most privileged people in our society.

  3. ..and also the phrase "entertained by" implies the black basketball players are akin to captured slaves pitted against each other (like Roman times), and not multi-millionaire-top-0.1%-rich-list-professional-sportsmen.

  4. Maybe we need to make non-colored folks sit in the back of the stadium and also on the back of the bus on the way there

  5. White people and every other race should stop watching these woke sports. I stopped watching NFL as soon as i saw Kapernick take a knee..

  6. In order to become part of the solution, white fans need to stop participating in systematically racist institutions. As most of these teams are owned by white mega rich owners and employee / oppress people of color, as fans our social responsibility is to stop contributing to the oppression of minorities by watching NBA games or any other sports both live and on TV. As fans, we also need to stop purchasing any brands that are exploiting athletes of color to sell their products.

  7. The real question we should be asking ourselves is why a disproportionate number of black men are in the NBA. Why is there not equal representation of all races and genders?

  8. I bet NBA players don’t share this opinion. Without the white audience/fan base their salaries would shrink by about 90%.

  9. Black fans were entertained by White athletes the day after a racist killed White people in Waukesha. This is what black supremacy looks like.

  10. Well the back to back mvp currently is white. Also Luka is taking the league by storm by eliminating the top conteder just a few days ago

  11. The last 2 mvps who had back to back mvp titles are born outside of America. Luka is close as well. The word wide game of basketball has never been this strong. It breeds better competition. Fragile people get butthurt when they are left out.

  12. Why? From a cultural standpoint, sports are often dominated by lower class people whos only potential pasttime is that sport. Basketball courts are abundant in inner cities (or driveways) and is a large reason why all the bball players are black. Until the US fixes its class structure, the nba will always be 95% black or whatever it is

  13. Black people, playing professional basketball, made more money in one single evening then 90% of the white people who paid watch them will in a single year.

  14. You can't fucking win, bro. POC clamber for white support, then white people try to show their support as allies and then get shredded because it's actually offensive somehow. POC clamber for equal representation in movies and ads, and then when they do, they're saying they're just the token black people and that it's disingenuous. White people are demonized for not speaking up in support of black people. But then white people are told they do not have the right to speak to, on, or about black issues. White people can't have BLM signs apparently. You should kneel in solidarity, wait, kneeling is racist. Somebody got attacked because she had a "choose kindness" sign in her yard. They made that racist and classist somehow. You literally can't win. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

  15. Because it is and always was just about the fact that they hate you from the very start. Thank your European ancestors for fighting and dying to build a life for their descendants who gave it all up because we are afraid to be labelled a racist. Most pathetic and first self-inflected genocide in the history of mankind - because these trends are exactly where this leads. It is math.

  16. Wonder what the world would look like if white people stopped working the following day each time a black person killed a white person. I don’t think white people would ever have to work again.

  17. SS: DeadSpin has seemingly lost the ability to make logical statements. This kind of statement is unnecessary and 100% inflammatory.

  18. 21 people were shot in Milwaukee right after the Bucks game, but since the perps were black, the media doesn't give a fuck, and instead focuses on bullshit like this.

  19. The NBA needs to change their logo, it's a white guy playing basketball. They either change the image to multicolored, or get rid of it altogether. Do I need to emphasize the sarcasm here or is that understood?

  20. "People of ALL races were entertained by athletes of ALL races (majority was black) and ALL of the athletes are rich. Rich and not rich is what makes us different in their eyes. Not our melanin".

  21. Yes please. White people. Stop making black people wealthy. Your whit privilege isn't fair. No go check yourself. Your season tickets at the door to someone else. Don't buy anymore. Cancel ESPN and do anything you can to eliminate giving them money. You're a disgrace. Also, get some white guilt, will you?

  22. Let’s face it guys we should just let our wives fuck black guys we become gay and our kids become transgender.. maybe we get a Nintendo switch out of it

  23. Sad bc I used to check it daily….then it was dead literally for a long time forgot why exactly….and now it’s a liberal take on anything but sports

  24. Does anyone even watch the NBA anymore? I thought I read something awhile back that there was a big decline, I can't recall if it was covid related though.

  25. These platforms are not designed to make money but, like modern art, to launder--in this case to launder under the banner of liberalism the plutocracy's perpetual psyop and gaslighting of the 99% by any and all self-contradicting means possible. It's like surrealist theatre: bombard them with extreme absurdist statements simultaneously from left and right and the plebs will never know what hit them: they'll mistake the artificial war of absurdist contradictions for some sort of genuine societal argument, to which they must likewise partisanly subscribe. Meanwhile the bankocracy coupled with the energy cabals are deciding every actual significant aspect of their lives.

  26. This is why I don't watch most sports, as tragic as it was why not other tragic events. It just becomes a political performative action, no longer entertaining.

  27. how about all the other mass killings that go unreported. talk about cherry picking the data to brow beat a certain demographic and remove all their rights.

  28. Weird how they care about the slavery from 300 years ago but not the modern slavery in China. Shoot I have my sympathy for the Irish and Sri Lankans and actual modern day slaves way more than I do people who are manipulated by the same intelligence agencies that have done nothing but destroy their communities and families since the Civil War ended, while pointing too the other side screaming they're the dangerous racists.

  29. Yea I would say that the outlet is mostly reaching on this one. That said, in most societies of the past, the lower ones were always the ones in combat sporting, not the wealthy. Sure you can bring up the Aztecs and other warrior cultures but they still weren’t consider the high class. Also, was just thinking about this, anyone ever seen a Rockafeller or Rothschild in a professional combat sport?

  30. Disgusting. I’m tired of this narrative that all whites are evil and racist, I’m a white guy and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been cussed out and almost jumped in bars and clubs just for being white… because apparently being white nowadays means your evil. its fucked up.

  31. How come when they found out the black guy in sub away shooting was a racist they stopped reporting the story. Actually as soon as they found out he was black it was off the news. Same as the black guy that ran through the parade to kill white people or the black guy that shot a kid in the head

  32. Race politics is the worst. As a non American, it’s gets on my tits. I can’t imagine how annoying it must be to actually live there and have this shit all the time.

  33. I feel like as nut jobs as conspiracy theorists are, they at least know that this racial crap is to keep us entertained. It's not even about black lives matter. It's rich vs poor don't you forget. Blm is just a media movement.

  34. When one black kid got killed by police man the nba world went into shock now a whole grocery store gets shot up aint heard Shannon Sharpe mouth or Stevie na Smith on the topic what's the problem

  35. No doubt, but in actuality, we’ve lost %60 of the First Worlds population. Another %20-30 will follow the bigger tribe (survival?), which leaves us with %10-20 of the population. I like to think I’ll be part of the %10. At the very least I know I’m not with the 60. Who knows, time will tell. Either way, nobody will remember my name. See you at the barricades bitches.

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